Thursday, September 2, 2010

Say farewell to Bush! Dolls and Gents it's all about the brazilian bikini wax and thanks to the mecca of beauty Dublin's own Urbana looking sleek (and hairless) is just an appointment away! Here are some foolproof tips from the Urbana to get you looking like you just left Rio!

· Book it right. Schedule all the services you want when you make the appointment. Women often book a bikini wax and then ask for a leg and eyebrow wax later, which can double the allotted time, and different areas may require different technicians. Have your game plan dolls!

· Let it grow. The hair on the legs and bikini area should be a quarter-inch long if it's fine and a half-inch long if it's coarse. That means you'll need to wax every two to four weeks.

· Prepare yourself. If you're waxing anywhere on your face, don't use retinol products, Accutane, or some antibiotics for the week beforehand. The morning before your appointment, exfoliate but skip the lotion.

· Check the wax. There are two basic waxes: Strip wax is removed with a piece of fabric; hard wax goes on thicker and can be peeled off. Both are effective, though many people find hard wax, which is usually used for the bikini area, less painful and request it. Lucky for you all Urbana offers an amazing Pain Free Waxing by Lycon which is a must for gals and guys who can't tolerate a bit of pain!

· Manage the pain. Take two Advil an hour before your appointment. If it still hurts, ask the technician to apply strips to smaller areas at a time. After a wax, apply an aloe lotion or use a hydrocortisone cream if you get any red bumps.

So Dolls (and Gents) when it's time to book your appointment check out Urbana - trust us you won't be disappointed!

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