Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pure At It's Best...

It may be human nature to resist change, but Mother Nature doesn't really have time for such nonsense! I don't know about you but here in the City (hey Whitney) the weather shifts from mild to Arctic and as the temperature cools (and warms up - global warning people!) , our skin, hair, and make up regimens must change too. Since we want a one-way ticket to Heaven we're offering you all our foul-proof strategies to ensure you don't get left out in the cold. Thanks to Bioelements NPA Sealed All Things Pure Skincare Line and a few beauty regime adjustments you will be able to keep your skin healthy in the colder, drier climate - so take note mon petites!

Snakeskin is stylish on bags & shoes, but on your face? Not so much dolls! Here's how to keep your skin soft and scale-free all season long, no matter how dry the air gets. Bioelements ALLTHINGS PURE line is a luxurious system of natural and organic skin care that treats your skin so pure that only mother nature could (hence the NPA seal!) . Our complexion can reveal a multitude of sins (too much sunbathing, not enough sleep)—but these cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers allow you to repent. Hallelujah!
All Things Pure
Clay-Based Deep Pore Face Wash


The Cleanser with it's clay base feels so rich on the skin, it's like a spa treatment; it also happens to be a workhorse that eliminates even the worst case of city schlepping grit. Win-win.

LPB Seasonal Tip: When using the cleanser use luke warm water - hot water will dry you out!

All Things Pure
Facial Exfoliator with Melting Herbal Grains

This outstanding Scrub has microscopic buffers and melting herbal enzymes that refine without friction. Meaning: no raw skin - cool factor: you feel the grains melt away as you wash your face... very very cool.

LPB Seasonal Tip: Exfoliate twice a week.

Allergies, dehydration, and late-night Facebook sessions are powerless against ALL THINGS PURE Eye Oil—it's more effective than eye cream we've used and petites we used a lot!

LPB Seasonal Tip: Use daily!!!!

All Things Pure
Hydrating Creme with Emollient Shea Butter


The ultra rich Moisturizer delivers on its name—the all natural soufflé wears well under makeup and diminishes shine throughout the day.

LPB Seasonal Tip: Buy this in bulk as it's amazing dolls! Amazing!!!! Seriously use this daily and for added measure mix it with your SPF and you are set lovelies.

To purchase and learn more about ALL THINGS PURE and Bioelements other products check out bioelements.com

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