Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Given the temperature and upcoming holidays, one may go to sleep and dream of Halloween candy, those petite baked by melissa cupcakes or red velvet party dresses, but when we close our eyes, visions of Sonia Rykiel knits, frocks and the occasional fur dance in our heads. We’ve spent the past few hours scouring images of models from the past and present seasons donned in stripes, ruffles, stacked heels, ohh la la lingerie inspired dresses and stellar sunglasses despite the impending trick or treat holiday we’re desperate for a dose of a Rkyiel...
Now we won't be caught head to toe in just one designer but our lovely Madame Rykiel is the inspiration for our daytime look - perfect for a stylist out schlepping (i.e. me!) . Her bold and graphic knits are legendary: the pieces glide on the body, last for ages and can truly last the test of time (and trends)... what's not to love?

Besides her knits Rkyiel is also known for her shocking red mane - while we have to seriously consider going from brunette to rouge we would totally don the beret + big hair + sunglasses look seen here at her Spring 2009 RTW collection(one of our all time favorite hair looks to be exact)... The look is a nod to the past yet it's so now that it can be worn by just about anyone who dares to make a scene!

Mon petites, we can not resist a good head piece and this one screams pure unadulterated drama ... perfection to us!
It's well known French women bring it! when it comes to effortless chic and you can not go wrong with a LBD by the Rkyiel clan (daughter Nathalie is the creative director) it's a well spent investment!!!

Sonia Rykiel, a fixture of Paris fashion for over 40 years is a legend in her right and has set the fashion world on fire and kids we are so haute for frocks we might just be on fire!