Friday, October 1, 2010

There comes a time in every woman’s life, especially when she blogs about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle that she sets her attention on bikini waxes. I know, been there done that, ouch! But bear (bare) with me for a bit and let me indulge my own thoughts about this process.

I'm a bikini wax convert, and go for everything off once every 3 to 4 weeks, and I've been doing that for about close to ten years now. What I'm wondering is, should I take the plunge and get everything taken off — permanently? I'm talking about laser hair removal, and I'm kicking around the idea. The trouble is, permanency scares me (who knows when bush will be back in style... you never know!), not to mention the fact that it's not exactly cheap (even though the salon appointments are also pricey). So, what do you all think? Have you done it? Do you know people who have? Then I found the solution -- the beauty mecca of laser hair removal : Urbana of Dublin. With it's state of the art facilities and it's wallet friendly treatment packages I can finally upgrade from waxes to laser without breaking the bank! With it's intimate reception, and elegant, decorated rooms, Urbana manages to convey high-end beauty treatments minus the rococo fanfare (or price point) for it's services.

Urbana's team of beauty experts perform quick, expert, and as painless as possible laser treatments to remove unwanted hair from (practically) anywhere. Urbana’s signature permanent hair removal treatments have been devised to address clients’ increasing desire for simple, effective, authentic and wallet friendly experiences without sacrificing the luxury - and mon petites do they deliver! With the various ranges of skin-friendly, effective, and toxic free wax and laser treatments, you can have your unwanted hair removed with minimal irritation, leaving your skin silky and smooth and your bank account intact -- I for am sold!

Of course, I could go au naturel, but at this point, that just wouldn't feel like me - and with Urbana's great prices I shouldn't have to! I'll be bikini ready all year round!


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