Monday, November 15, 2010

DENISE AUSTIN'S famous haute physique does not come without effort - and like no one else, she knows what to do to get the body you want! As a trainer to millions of devout DA acolytes for years, it's Denise's job to tend to bodies— and with her countless dvds, fitness shows and various appearance the fit Goddess knows how to sculpt the body Denise molds you to perfection with her metabolism inducing, fat burning workouts! All of the Denise Austin's reflect the ideology of the fitness goddess, haute mom and all round supernova, DA, believes the body's potential is an unrealized resource. The fitness,wellness, and lifestyle series she conceived, combines the excitement of authentic haute body moves combined with cardio and strength training with the fun of participating in the group fitness experience. Her highly entertaining workouts were designed to push everyday men and women past their comfort zone, tapping into their own strength and ability to face the daily challenges of their lives - she truly teaches you how to invest in yourself! Denise's physical presence and spirit will capture not only your heart but will inspire to challenge yourself to be the best you possibly can be! Ladies and Gentleman once you begin your DA regime you will become a devoted Austin acolyte (your butt will thank you for it! With the impending holidays we've taken our fave DA DVDs that will ensure you won't turn your fab bikini body to flab!

DENISE AUSTIN: 3-Week Boot Camp
$14.98 each


Monday & Saturday: Use the sweat inducing, heart racing DENISE AUSTIN: 3-Week Boot Camp - the 46 minute work out will increase metabolism and burn more calories than any other workout on the scene! Combining strength training and cardio techniques, DENISE AUSTIN: 3-Week Boot Camp incorporates challenging muscle isolation exercises, explosive reflex training and high-speed movements with light weights to increase muscle definition, boost strength and burn optimum fat.

Tuesday & Thursday: Pop the DENISE AUSTIN: Best Buns & Leg Shapers and have Denise lead you in blazing bun & leg sculpting combinations in rapid-fire sequences combined with intervals of Pilates drills, lunges and squats. Every muscle in the body battles against gravity in this workout designed to enhance endurance, speed, stamina, power, coordination, tone and muscle strength all while toning your derriere to perfection!

Wednesday & Friday: Alternate between the DENISE AUSTIN: Body Makeover Mix & DENISE AUSTIN: 3-Week Boot Camp - whatever your personal goals, Denise Austin's DVD will help you reach your potential - we've noticed a huge difference after doing these programs for a month (we're getting haute-r by the minute!).. and trust - you will too.

Sunday: Rest - a week of Denise Austin calls for some R&R!

Options: Alternate between the DENISE AUSTIN: Body Makeover Mix & DENISE AUSTIN: 3-Week Boot Camp or Denise's other DVDs so you won't get bored with the routine.. You'll be svelte in no time!

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