Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Haute Off The Presses: LPB Detox Challenge

Have you ever feel the need for a change? Recently change has been on my mind as I newly 30, lost 30lbs and working tenaciously on my career but for some reason it wasn't enough. I began to search for something that will not only bring change into my everyday life but enhance it as well and mon petits I found it in Karyn Calabrese (the dashing diva to the left).

Karyn, the Holistic Health expert who for over a decade has changed legions of lives the world over (literally) with her vegan/raw food approach to life. Karyn' s 4 Week Detox Program was just what the doctor ordered! Some of you might read this and roll your eyes at the word detox - instantly thinking it's a glorified starvation diet—far from healthy, let alone safe. But Karyn's detox program not only cleanses but energizes, slim downs, and for those who completed the process relatively satisfying—as well as hugely fashionable (detox is the new black darlings)! Not only does she introduce you to the raw food diet - her program has been credited with improving one's health and lifestyle tenfold. After doing research, talking to past participants and Karyn's lovely assistant Jamie McKeown I've decided to do the program as well.

For the curious below you will find a weekly synopsis on how the 4 week detox will play out. Karyn & Co. facilitate this detox 6 times a year from her Chicago headquarters but fear not the program can be done anywhere. The program with it's instructional DVDs, literature and products can be shipped worldwide.
Being a fashion stylist I will be on the road for the next month so my official start will be December 1st - Jamie has assured me that while I will not be detoxing for another few weeks I can start by eliminating white sugar and flour from my diet which has been a challenge within itself but one I am looking forward to and will be chronicling on LPB for you all to share this journey with me. Each week I will be sharing my experience with you all from the products, literature and tips Karyn has formulated into this program and how I integrate it into my hustle & bustle NYC life. I will blog and tweet about it so I would love love love to hear from you too! Tweet us (@LaPETITEBlog) with the hash tag #KDPRAW or if you are up for the challenge do the detox with me (be sure to consult your physician beforehand)!

To learn more about Karyn and her various products check out www.karynraw.com or like her on facebook and for sure follow her on twitter! Wish me luck


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