Monday, November 15, 2010

Trick On This Treat!

Halloween and it's overflow of delicious , decadent treats may be long over but we just had to share with you these delicious treats we have been snacking on overtime - NESTLÉ® Cherry RAISINETS® , the dried cherries covered in dark chocolate confections of goodness are a must have for chocophiles like moi! Our newest obsession - the uber yummy Cherry RAISINETS® made with tart cherries and smooth dark chocolate the superjuicy, superfruit treat provides ½ serving of real fruit in every ¼ cup and has 30% less fat so you won't compromise your waistline while you indulge! Since we've discovered the treats we literally take it with us everywhere, which may sound strange but they are so bizarrely delish-ish (yes it warrants an additional ish!) we just can't get enough of them and equally felt we couldn't keep our discovery to ourselves. Oh, and did we mention they are meant to be good for you too, as it's a natural source of antioxidants? Enough said!

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