Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Type Of Sexy Are You?

Being a stylist my usual conversation with clients revolve around the look they currently have, the look the truly want and how we can bring that vision to fruition. One of the questions I usually ask is "So, what type of Sexy are you?" which for the most part is followed by blank stares, utter silence and sometimes even tears. So my dear, sweet mon petites we have put together a list of 'sexy' for you to decipher and identify with because lovelies no matter the size, complexion or bank account we are all sexy creatures of perfection (cue the violins)...

The Ethereal Goddess

Lisa Bonet

Fresh face, otherworldly creatures whom appear before mere mortals as if they sprouted from the ocean pretty much sums up the haute Ethereal Goddesses that roam the earth. These woman are no fuss get up & go savants who throw on 'looks' so amazing it's second nature to them to look impeccably beautiful.

To be an Ethereal Goddess one does not have to limit their wardrobe to birkenstocks nor earth tone hues. EG's are more organic when it comes to dressing and their looks are usually effortless. Trends aren't for this crowd and it's ok they have their timeless look down and you can too - stock up on some amazing scarfs, easy breezy tunics and kaftans and killer accessories to bring your other-worldly chicness to the streets!

The Girl Next Door
Lucy Liu

With their clean, shiny hair, clear skin, and soft lips, these women have a friendly, familiar appeal. And the same thing goes with the wardrobe - the 'girl next door' is a mixture of sweetness with a dash of sex- she looks amazing schlepping as she does on a haute night out.

We all know a 'girl next door' she always looks amazing at the gym, grocery store, taking the trash out , catching the 6 train...yes we just love her! Jokes aside these dames can work their paramour's button down shirt or a uber haute Alexander Wang mini and still look camera ready - it's a gift for these dames and we say if it ain't broke don't try to fix it! Embrace your 'girl next door' essence and work your denim pants, vintage tees or haute gingham dress'll turn heads!



Everything about her look—the bold lips, the sharp brows, the androgynous hairstyle—is potent and threatening. These women do not play games - they dress to kill! (Women after my own heart...)
With Femme Fatals it's more then just being sexy - it's knowing, accepting, and having the confidence to ooze all of one's womanliness with no apologies. These women challenge the notion of 'sexy' - and if you fall into this category honey be the bold vixen you were put here on earth to be knock em dead!
P.S. if you are a shy FF (yes it's a rare breed) start slowly and acclimate yourself with yourself - get to know your body - what works for your frame and mon petite in no time you will have the streets on fire with your haute-ness!


Deborah Harry

This woman's sensuality is a mix of heavy eye makeup, mussed-up hair, and a defiant attitude..... all things little girls are made of!

Darling Lovelies, I think all females have a bit of Rocker Chick in them! Sometimes we just want to throw on our tightest pant, sparkly top, tease the locks, smear on some haute lipstick and take on the world. These rock & roll gals know how to make a scene and you can too if that's your thing! From razor sharp accessories to legendary frocks these gals know how to give us a one woman show with each look day after day! Think more is more and you are destined for fame!

The Sex Kitten
Brigitte Bardot

The phrase was coined in 1958 to describe a sultry new French actress named Brigitte Bardot. These lush beauties share her tousled hair, plump lips, and long lashes...perrrrfection!

Sex kittens aren't walking around naked (although most of the population probably wishes they were) these woman strut their stuff much like a femme fatale but there's something a bit more sensual to this breed - a softer FF one might suggest. She's the type to wear a form fitting dress with the perfect pair of nude 6' inch pumps, loose hair and soft pouty pink lips and steal everyone's hearts with her intoxicating laughter. If you are a sex kitten - #1 we applaud you and know that you don't have to bare it all to be sexy!

So... What Type Of Sexy Are You?