Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time To Say "Good Buy!'

In last week's NYT Fashion & Style section it was all about looking like a Snow Bunny that's great and all but some of us could care less about following the pack and trekking one's own style (although a haute Fair Isle jumper is always a plus!). During the cold winter months it's all about showcasing your own uniqueness as well as substance with the right outerwear - here are some of our fave pieces from the haute site SSENSE.COM

For us our daytime looks are crucial - from schlepping around the city to all day appointments we want to convey our utmost best and why not kick it up a notch with some haute daytime outwear numbers?

1. DSQUARED2 + Simple Double Breasted Pea Coat, $1340
2. THEORY + SEYMORE Jacket, $1525


For us on the east coast our winters can be brutal so it's imperative to bundle up when the temperture drops so low we dream about tropical getaways...

3. MACKAGE + VICKIE Jacket, $575

For us on the weekend we want to indulge and why not dress the part in some effortlessly chic attire ?

1. THEORY + ELISTON Leather Jacket, $1150

3. BIRD BY JUICY COUTURE + Merriman Parka, $695


Make no mistake - the winter months gives us all a reason to 'show & prove' and when stepping out at night we should go full throttle - the bigger the better! Pair all these looks with a haute pair of opera length gloves and my friends you have a look!


All these HAUTE Pieces Are Available On www.ssense.com

Images courtesy of SSENSE.COM

LPB Detox Challenge Update: Bursting My Bubble

So mon petites, some of you may remember a few weeks ago I mentioned my desire for change and my decision to start the Karyn Calabrese's much acclaimed 4 Week Detox Program in which I will purify myself and live on a raw food vegan diet. Well dolls - I haven't started the detox yet... Before you all read me the rights - I'm no charlatan - due to my stylist commitments (mama does have to make $) I decided to do a pretox detox before I commit to the program full throttle. With the help of Karyn's team I was advised to cut out white sugar from my diet as well as meats which was not a problem for me - every year during Lent I refrain from animal protein for 40 days but I must admit the sugar was a bit of a challenge. During my pretox period I realized how often I consume food without thinking. I would be on set - near craft services and mindlessly I would pick up a cookie or request hot chocolate then suddenly stopping myself remembering that I am 'pre-toxicing' and need to control myself. While it did make me realize a habit I have for mindless consumption it also made me fear the detox - not the change in the diet but the commitment it takes to see the program to fruition (let's not mention sharing my journey with you all ...) . Literally on set during my shoot - my bubble burst and I realized that not only will these next four weeks will be a lifestyle change but I would have to be firm and honest with myself as well as you all. I must admit to you all what gave me solace when I realized my own 'sugar' shortcomings was the materials Karyn gave to educate oneself with the detox. Her words of encouragement gave me inspiration to move forward with this and for that I am grateful... I hope you all are ready for this ride...

Without being said I would like to thank all the emails and tweets I have received regarding this detox program. Tweet me (@LaPETITEBlog) with the hash tag #KDPRAW or if you are up for the challenge do the detox with me (be sure to consult your physician beforehand)!

To learn more about Karyn and her various products check out www.karynraw.com or like her on facebook and for sure follow her on twitter! Wish me luck

Later on today I will share with you all my pretox period as well as the products used during the period...


Image courtesy of Getty Images

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the season to $pend and here's another reason why! Celebrity Stylist, Style Savant and All Round Accessories Goddess - Sharrell Williams of FLOURISH Accessories haute holiday pop up shop is the go to place to round out your holiday shopping! From one of a kind purses to jewelry that will make you the talk of the town this sale is the perfect way to end 2010 in high style...
On your way to St. Barts? Don't frete - you can order your haute accessories online and FLOURISH in style for the new year!

It's official: we here at LPB are fromage obsessed! Cheese's rich, melty goodness elevates eating to decadent heights and the masters of gourmet at Artisanal Premium Cheese knows this and has revealed the scrumptious world of cheese to the masses to be discovered and savored by every and anyone who loves to eat - myself included. The amazing team at Artisanal Premium Cheese passion for fromage shines in it's enticing cheeses, collections, events, education (the classes are a must!) and tomes. Mon Petites, Artisanal Cheese is much more than just a website: it's an informative lifestyle guide that details the history of cheese, provides nutritional information, and offers tips on how to buy, store, and serve cheese. For the truly ambitious, Artisanal Cheese offers private classes on becoming a true connoisseur .
Reader beware: the photographs of the Artisanal Cheese decadent cheeses are so gorgeous, you might be tempted to eat this post

Now if becoming a savant on all things cheese is on your menu - the ingenious CheeseClock™ Collection devised by the undisputed US Fromage Connoisseur Max McCalman is the introduction tool to an amazing cheese plate. The CheeseClock™ Collection (pictured above) takes the mystery out of finding just the right match of cheese with various libations (wines, beers, champagne- etc.) and the indispensable chart expertly guide those interested in substituting or experimenting with more unusual cheese pairing. For any cheese lover or novice, this practical and wonderfully entertaining guide is a truly comprehensive resource.

Artisanal CheeseClock™ Collection, $50 - features the best in Mild, Medium, Bold and Strong cheeses... perfect gift for the holidays and new year!

For those of you looking to expand your cheese repertoire, Artisanal Premium Cheese is the one stop mecca to indulge and educate oneself on the yummy goodness of cheese...

To learn more about the Artisanal CheeseClock™ Collection, Max McCalman and the other products and services offered by Artisanal Premium Cheese check out artisanalcheese.com

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's no secret that for years Haitians, along with the Gay community at large has had to fight the stigma and ignorance of various outlets claiming that the diseases HIV and AIDS originated from each group - diseases that claim lives on a daily basis and doesn't discriminate base on race, ethnicity or bank account. Claims that have been proven to be unfounded and untrue. Claims that had millions of people from the Haitian and Gay communities protesting - something my entire family protested and marched over 20 years ago (I'm Haitian). Today on a NYC radio station WQHT one of it's hosts claimed he was 'HIV Negative because he does not date Haitian Girls' not only did he showcased his ignorance and stupidity he offended millions of Haitian women and people who are living with the disease. HIV and AIDS is not a laughing matter nor is a a topic one should use to discriminate an ethnic group. Shame on you and the next time you want to make a disparaging remark on Haitian WOMEN (who no doubt would NEVER want to date you - myself included) take a moment a think about the consequences.

WQHT should take swift action and removed all parties involved in this incident why promote ignorance?

Haute Body Of Evidence!

Celebrites, Models in fashion ads and that girl we all just can't stop staring at always look so amazingly otherworldly. (If you need a visual cue, think Jennifer Lopez, Tracy Anderson, Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lea Michele, Brooklyn Decker -Er, scratch that, think about any haute girl on the scene....) Some of these girls just happen to look like that normally - ok, wink wink, —but for the most part, they look so unbelievably haute because of a secret weapon: PRTTY PEAUSHUN. This shiny stuff can give you dewy-looking , illuminating skin transforming you from a lackluster diva wanna be to a full on out of this galaxy Goddess (Score!) .
The Skin Tight Body Lotion is a perfect balance of smooth, supple, and glossy—think satin making one feel instantly like a pretty haute thing (hence the name). This product really does replicate incandescent light - no matter the complexion (I'm dark skinned Haitian American and it gives my epidermis an insane high octane shine!). Made with a slew of all natural raw ingredients PRTTY PEAUSHUN absorbs faster than any other lotion I've tried in ages, its scent is light and airy, and it leaves your skin feeling absolutely unreal.

Celebrity make-up artist Bethany Karlyn , creator of PRTTY PEAUSHUN

Karlyn, a makeup artist and founder of PRTTY PEAUSHUN Cosmetics, works with Tracy Anderson and some of the hottest names in LA. Bethany's ingenious creation of a low-maintenance body lotion for high-maintenance types is truly a must have! And what better way to spend the holidays and start the new year looking haute! We here at LPB highly suggest you get your well manicured hands on PRTTY PEAUSHUN now ... thank us later!

To learn more about Bethany Karlyn & PRTTY PEAUSHUN check out prttypeaushun.com

Also keep up with Bethany on Twitter, Facebook and her entertaining blog!


If you loathe the treadmill, despise the elliptical machine and wouldn't be caught in a spin class, there's one women whose calorie-burning workout that might be up your alley: MANDY INGBER and her yoga-hybrid series YOGALOSOPHY. Mandy’s method ( Mandy is an influential fitness professional in the industry and a LA institution with her A-List clientele and massive following) has become famous not just for trimming bodies but also for transforming lives. Like a sculptor who can envision the finished piece underneath all that clay Mandy molds you to perfection with her metabolism inducing, fat burning workout! The fitness goddess and wellness advisor on ThatsFit.com - Mandy Ingber, believes the body's potential is an unrealized resource. The YOGALOSOPHY Series she conceived, combines the excitement of authentic yoga moves with strength, agility, and core training along with motivational phrases . Her highly entertaining workouts were designed to push everyday men and women past their comfort zone, tapping into their own strength and ability to face the daily challenges of their lives - all while busting a move (and loving your ass!). Mandy's physical presence and spirit will capture not only your heart but will inspire to challenge yourself to be the best you possibly can be! Ladies and Gentleman once you begin your MI regime you will become a devoted YOGALOSOPLY acolyte!
Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout DVD $29.95
Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout mp4 Download $27.95
Available at mandyingber.com

Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout introduces a new yoga workout unlike any other. Combining hard-core yoga power poses with her dynamic training techniques, Mandy will get you real weight-loss results fast (perfect for the impending bikini season). YOGALOSOPHY includes two versions of a 30-Minute Routine and a Fully-Loaded - 55-Minute Challenge that will leave you tone in no time! Mon Petites, we highly suggest you begin with one of the 30-Minute workout which focuses on quickly flowing yoga sequences to burn mega calories and learn the moves (Mandy's hilarious commentary will have you in stitches - you won't realize the burn at all!) Then progress to the 55-minute challenge which adds twists and balance poses for an even greater burn. This work out is a must!

Check out a clip from her amazing DVD that we do on a daily basis... enjoy

To learn more about Mandy Ingber and her products check out MandyIngber.com.

Be sure to connect with Mandy on twitter, facebook, and youtube too!


Here's a petite treat from Justin Wu in collaboration with Jak & Jil .... enjoy!

'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!'
In collaboration with Jak & Jil Blog
Directed by Justin Wu
Website: www.jwuvideo.com
Daily Blog: jwuphoto.tumblr.com
Twitter: @jwuphoto

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What do you get when an uber fab gal has too much style on her hands? She opens up an online mecca of haute vintage & new finds for you to indulge yourself in! Samantha Brown of THE MISSING PIECE holds a series of insanely chic clothing parties and private sales appointment but for those not in NYC her online boutique is the next best thing! From vintage Chanel, YSL and new finds like the haute Bounkit necklace below (one of my faves) you will lose yourself in her treasure trove!
Bounkit Citrine Necklace, $790

Here's where it gets good! Use the discount code 'La Petite Gals' and receive a 10% discount on all purchases. With the holidays just around the corner it's the perfect time to gift yourself!

Tis The Season For La Mode!

AS 2010 draws to a close, the legendary fashion powerhouse Charlotte Seeling along with the geniuses at Ullmann-Publishing present us mere mortals with the must have tome of the season: FASHION: 150 Years Couturiers, Designers, Labels. Mon petites, it's time to reflect on the past 150 years and the style moments that have defined over a century of FASHION.
Images courtesy of Ullmann-Publishing
Source: 60 Cycle Media

FASHION is in the details - and Seeling knows this! From luxurious textiles, exacting tailoring, and lush trimmings abound in this glorious volume that celebrates the evolution of dress through nearly two centuries. Drawing on the past, present and future masters of la mode, this gorgeous book tells the story-in words and beautiful pictures-of fashion's aesthetic and technical development from the Age of Enlightenment to present day.
Images courtesy of Ullmann-Publishing
Source: 60 Cycle Media

This breathtaking overview of 150 years of dress is a lively history of fashion that stands as a soon to be classic in its field. With an astounding 1000 illustrations, the book is a visual delight that draws on the rich history of la mode. From Vivienne Westwood’s contemporary Pirates Collection, to pieces by leading designers such as Poiret, Tom Ford, Charles James, and John Galliano, this book is an outstanding resource that also features a wide range of designer bios and an insightful look on the evolution of Fashion with the imergence of the internet, style bloggers and the ever present contemporary designer. It features sumptuous details on 19th-century fashion from the House of Worth, exquisite works by the great 20th-century French couturiers, iconic Surrealist-based designs of Elsa Schiaparelli, sportswear classics from pioneer American women designers, and the incomparable draped and tailored creations of designers of today. Seeling gives it all in this book - an investment to all fashionistas!

Images courtesy of Ullmann-Publishing
Source: 60 Cycle Media

An invaluable resource for anyone interested in the evolution of fashion, this generously illustrated book provides a rich visual history of the changes that occurred in fashionable dress spanning a period of of a hundred and fifty years. A absolute must for fashion savants and enthusiasts!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haute Topic of The Day: RIHANNA

If the internet killed the music star, Robyn RIHANNA Fenty is the smoking gun. Bursting upon the pop scene at the demise of the music industry, RIHANNA helped define and revive the medium with such delicious eye candy as "Umbrella" and "Rude Boy." Mixing dance beats and infectious hooks with Rihanna's unique taste for the provocative, morphing her persona in a manner that has become her career M.O. - she has both delighted and intrigued the masses with her stunning beauty and out of the world style.
In the Haute tome courtesy of Rizzoli New York Creative director Simon Henwood captures the one name wonder as she catapults her career to worldwide super-stardom in stunning photographs that track her monumental influence on culture today—from Paris Fashion Week, the Ellen von Unwerth album cover shoot in Berlin, to her appearance at the American Music Awards, and her “The Last Girl on Earth” tour performances in cutting-edge couture. Giving us all an inside look at the making of the supernova...
RIHANNA is a richly illustrated, chronological guide a monumental album and tour that marked Rihanna's presence as a musical/fashion force to be reckoned with. It covers the key collaborators, the countless controversies, the ever—changing fashions, and everything in between, with pullout for each phase of her career thus far.
RIHANNA - Island Girl, international sexpot, superstar, singer , fashion enthusiast since she emerged she has defied categorization keeping her fans and the masses alike intrigued by her ever-changing style and in the tome Henwood intimately shares with us the whirlwind journey he and Rihanna take on bring their haute couture fantasy to fruition for her audience to enjoy!
From Alexandre Vaultier to the Igor Chapin body suit Rihanna pushes all boundaries with her fashion choices along with Henwood's words you will literally be engulfed in her haute couture world seeing why she is the the reigning style icon of the moment. The book is must have for music fans & Fashion enthusiasts alike...
Like the ever-changing siren the tome is available in 3 Editions:
* Paperback : $29.95
* Hardcover Limited Edition: $50.00
* Deluxe Limited Edition: $250.00 US

What happens when you mesh art & haute cuisine? Mon petites you get the beautifully crafted tome The Geometry of Pasta (Quirk Books). One part history course, one part kitchen reference, and one part art monograph, The Geometry of Pasta tells the story of flour and water like no other book on the market. Extensively covering the history and basics of pasta, this thoroughly researched and decadent guide is dedicated to the pasta savant & novice who needs practical advice on everything from penne to strozzapreti.
The Geometry of Pasta celebrates Italy's most authentic food, a millennia-old favorite rich in history, flavor, nutrition, diversity and with more then 300 variations this tome delves deep into all things pasta - making it a culinary tour de force! Chef Jacob Kenedy (along with the illustrations of Caz Hildebrand) present his knowledge and techniques in a hands-on way so that each and every step of the cooking pasta can be understood and easily executed. Kenedy leaves room for interpretation and taste, of course, but you will not walk away from this book without knowing which olive oil to buy, why egg pastas tend to complement cream sauces, or how to differentiate between sauces.

From gnocchi, corzetti to a delicious caramelle the variety of pasta in the book is an endless source of inspiration in the kitchen and a pleasure at the table. The tome offers not only the rich history of pasta but mouth watering recipes, including both classic, traditional favorites and fresh new ideas. In these pages, you'll find inspiring pasta dishes designed to suit any occasion — or palate. With it's expertly bold artwork, brilliant recipe collection, appealing to both novice and experienced cooks, it will become an essential addition to your kitchen bookshelf (it has in ours!).
A treasury of the brazen history of Pasta along with recipes and striking artwork this tome is the perfect gift for the season to pasta aficionados and food enthusiasts alike.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Before Anna Dello Russo, L'Wren Scott, Rachel Zoe , Andrea Lieberman, Katie Grand, Kate Lanpear, Susie Bubble, and even the petite Tavi made names for themselves as stylists (or style bloggers) and turned into mega brands there was the iconoclast Isabella Blow. The enigma perched behind her trademark chapeau, smeared lipstick and out of this world ensembles- she was the original uber stylist.
While those in the fashion world or the few 'in the know' knew Issie (as she was affectionately known) as a true style savant . A legend in her own time the outside world at large only knew of her for discovering talents such as Alexander McQueen, Sophie Dahl, and Hussein Chalayan, as well as serving as muse to the renowned milliner Philip Treacy there was more to this woman. And in the endearing tome, Blow by Blow (It Books) by her husband Detmar Blow along with Tom Sykes gives us mere fashion mortals the inside glispe of who she really was.
A young Isabella in her Nuthurst school uniform.

In the book we get an intimate look at the making of Isabella Blow, one of the most pivotal central figures in the contemporary fashion world. From her early days on the English country side, tragic death of her brother, her complex relationship with her parents to her failed attempts to become a mother - Isabella paved a way for herself that few would not even begin to fathom. She was a tour de force in the fashion world yet she never achieved the success she longed for and sadly saw her discoveries become supernovas while she was left on the sidelines longing for her time to come when she would herself become the brand - the next grand 'discovery' in fashion - and in many ways discover herself alas that never happen as her obsession with death and suicide plagued her and ultimately took her life in 2007 leaving behind a legacy of a woman who's potential would never be realized. The duo behind the book spared no expense delving into the life of a woman who saw the beauty in the obtuse and who paved the way for legions of fashion luminaries today.
Isabella in a Bill Blast suit before attending the memorial service of Andy Warhol in NYC

From a personal standpoint this book truly resonated with me being that I too am a stylist and can relate to her aggravations and frustrations regarding work and building her career/brand. She was ahead of her time and while her story ended early there are legions of stylists who now are reaping the rewards she gave her life for. This book is a must for fashion enthusiasts to aspiring stylists/designers and the like...