Monday, December 20, 2010

It's official: we here at LPB are fromage obsessed! Cheese's rich, melty goodness elevates eating to decadent heights and the masters of gourmet at Artisanal Premium Cheese knows this and has revealed the scrumptious world of cheese to the masses to be discovered and savored by every and anyone who loves to eat - myself included. The amazing team at Artisanal Premium Cheese passion for fromage shines in it's enticing cheeses, collections, events, education (the classes are a must!) and tomes. Mon Petites, Artisanal Cheese is much more than just a website: it's an informative lifestyle guide that details the history of cheese, provides nutritional information, and offers tips on how to buy, store, and serve cheese. For the truly ambitious, Artisanal Cheese offers private classes on becoming a true connoisseur .
Reader beware: the photographs of the Artisanal Cheese decadent cheeses are so gorgeous, you might be tempted to eat this post

Now if becoming a savant on all things cheese is on your menu - the ingenious CheeseClock™ Collection devised by the undisputed US Fromage Connoisseur Max McCalman is the introduction tool to an amazing cheese plate. The CheeseClock™ Collection (pictured above) takes the mystery out of finding just the right match of cheese with various libations (wines, beers, champagne- etc.) and the indispensable chart expertly guide those interested in substituting or experimenting with more unusual cheese pairing. For any cheese lover or novice, this practical and wonderfully entertaining guide is a truly comprehensive resource.

Artisanal CheeseClock™ Collection, $50 - features the best in Mild, Medium, Bold and Strong cheeses... perfect gift for the holidays and new year!

For those of you looking to expand your cheese repertoire, Artisanal Premium Cheese is the one stop mecca to indulge and educate oneself on the yummy goodness of cheese...

To learn more about the Artisanal CheeseClock™ Collection, Max McCalman and the other products and services offered by Artisanal Premium Cheese check out

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