Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LPB Detox Challenge Update: Bursting My Bubble

So mon petites, some of you may remember a few weeks ago I mentioned my desire for change and my decision to start the Karyn Calabrese's much acclaimed 4 Week Detox Program in which I will purify myself and live on a raw food vegan diet. Well dolls - I haven't started the detox yet... Before you all read me the rights - I'm no charlatan - due to my stylist commitments (mama does have to make $) I decided to do a pretox detox before I commit to the program full throttle. With the help of Karyn's team I was advised to cut out white sugar from my diet as well as meats which was not a problem for me - every year during Lent I refrain from animal protein for 40 days but I must admit the sugar was a bit of a challenge. During my pretox period I realized how often I consume food without thinking. I would be on set - near craft services and mindlessly I would pick up a cookie or request hot chocolate then suddenly stopping myself remembering that I am 'pre-toxicing' and need to control myself. While it did make me realize a habit I have for mindless consumption it also made me fear the detox - not the change in the diet but the commitment it takes to see the program to fruition (let's not mention sharing my journey with you all ...) . Literally on set during my shoot - my bubble burst and I realized that not only will these next four weeks will be a lifestyle change but I would have to be firm and honest with myself as well as you all. I must admit to you all what gave me solace when I realized my own 'sugar' shortcomings was the materials Karyn gave to educate oneself with the detox. Her words of encouragement gave me inspiration to move forward with this and for that I am grateful... I hope you all are ready for this ride...

Without being said I would like to thank all the emails and tweets I have received regarding this detox program. Tweet me (@LaPETITEBlog) with the hash tag #KDPRAW or if you are up for the challenge do the detox with me (be sure to consult your physician beforehand)!

To learn more about Karyn and her various products check out www.karynraw.com or like her on facebook and for sure follow her on twitter! Wish me luck

Later on today I will share with you all my pretox period as well as the products used during the period...


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Anonymous said...

La Petite Blogger

I understand where you are coming from for years I would attempt doing fasts the master cleanse, the carrot diet all these things in search for a difference and I was never able to see it to the end. I think it's great you realize where your shortcomings are and you are working on getting yourself prepared to do this detox in a positive and healthy way. YOU GO GIRL

Will be following your journey

mona lisa said...

I went vegan 13 years ago no animal products protein nada and my friend it's a revelation you will feel great and you should consider going vegan after the process wishing you much success on this detox