Saturday, January 1, 2011

It seems like everywhere I look dolls and gents are unabashedly hitting the bottle - no not that bottle but the David Kirsch 48HR Super Charge Cleanse. Cleanses and fasts  were once nothing more than glorified starvation diets—nowhere near  healthy, let alone safe. Thanks to David Kirsch and his ingenious 48HR Super Charge Cleanse  the fitness guru has  cleanse enthusiasts,  DK afficiandos and haute bodies across the globe getting slimmer, healthier, and re-energized —one sip at a time.


Renewed vitality and better health in 48 hours? With the all liquid cleanse the answer is an astounding YES! The delicious 48HR Super Charge Cleanse replaces all meals and like DK says “If you’re chewing, you’re cheating!”.  Packed with top colon, liver, and kidney cleansing antioxidants- including acai berry, milk thistle, and cranberry extract- in addition to digestive-supporting Fibersol-2®, appetite-suppressing Chromium Picolinate, and energy-boosting Vitamin B-12 the drink will satisfy you and rid your body of the toxins you've indulged in for so long.

Here's how it works:

  •  Boost your immune system and improve your digestive health by taking one capsule of David’s Probiotic Balance™ daily and staying away from foods you’ve found addictive in the past. Follow David’s Five-Meal-A-Day plan. Eat lean proteins such as skinless grilled fish or chicken, and fiber-rich veggies, such as quinoa, lentils or beans.
We here at LPB did the challenge before the holidays and it was an amazing experience - actually a revelation. We have a busy and very social lifestyle and during my 48HR cleanse I attended two parties, a sports game and dinner out with friends. Not once did I cheat now did I feel deprived. With the cleanse  you will trigger your internal alchemy and feel instantly better. Once the cleanse is over simply take the Probiotic Balance™ for the next 30 days and you will be renewed and feel accomplished (we did!).
From the most austere of raw food acolytes to burger and red wine crowd looking to cleanse their palate the cleanse regime is truly for everyone!


David Kirsch - the man responsible for some of the most hautest bodies in the world was so gracious to give us mere mortals tips on the cleanse, staying fit through the seasons and win the battle of temptation....take notes!
LPB: How often should one do the 48HR Super Charge Cleanse?
DK: I recommend doing it once a month while in weight-loss mode or once every 2-3 months. Do it anytime you need to flush out toxins, rest your digestive tract or to kick-start clean eating. The cleansing experience will help strengthen your mind-body connection and raise awareness of what you are putting in your mouth.

LPB: Once you complete the cleanse what is the ideal meal you suggest one should eat?
DK: Post-cleanse, stay away from those foods that you’ve found addictive in the past! Start fresh, with a “lean, clean and green” diet full of green veggies and lean proteins such as skinless grilled fish or chicken and fiber-rich quinoa, lentils or beans. I recommend eating five times a day. Be sure to take a probiotic capsule, such as my Probiotic Balance™. From fighting the flu to combating the stresses of the season, these disease-fighting probiotics will equip your body with “friendly” bacteria to defend overall health.

LPB: With the holiday season over and bikini season upon us -  what are your 5 rules on staying fit?
1. Whenever possible, keep it lean, clean and green -- your food, that is! Stick to premium fuel like lean proteins and green fiber-rich veggies.
2. For every holiday dinner and cup of eggnog give me 25 push-ups and 15 lunges.
3. Keep your cheer clear – if you have to drink, stick to white wine or plain vodka soda.
4. Schedule your workout -- even if it’s just 10 minutes in your day. A simple cardio-sculpting plan of crunches, sumo lunges, plie squats and push-ups for example, will give you “No Excuse” to miss this important date.
5. Get your cardio fix wherever you can. Jog the stairs. Shake your booty at the holiday soiree. There’s nothing like a spin on the dance floor to lift that butt.
6. Stay calm. Anytime you feel frenzied or find yourself craving candy, stop what you’re doing and take three deep breaths. Live in this moment.

Kirsch acolytyes who commit and complete the 48HR Super Charge Cleanse  will take away with them three things: mindful  eating habits, stronger sense of overall well-being and the undeniable urge to GET KIRSCHED

To learn more about David Kirsch and his products check out his site, twitter, facebook and youtube.

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