Friday, July 22, 2011

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS
Fearless, exuberant, decadent, spell-bounding and glamorous are but a mere few adjectives that can be used when referring to the interior design tour de force otherwise known as Kelly Wearstler. From her highly sought after Los Angeles - based eponymous architectural interior design firm to her mouth watering products she creates perfection with each endeavor and her must have tome HUE (Ammo Books) is no exception. 

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS
Page after page you will be enthralled by KW's sophisticated aesthetic and her take on color and design. The tome showcases Wearstler's elegant eclecticism, dazzling color pallette versatility and genius design tenets will truly inspire readers (myself included) to create one's own luxurious spaces (albeit homes, offices - anywhere!). 

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS

Design Dame Wearstler views luxury and glamour as essential to every life well-lived, a way of appreciating and sharing our divine joy in existence, not the exclusive purview of the few (Amen to that - but who doesn't love luxe?!). From what I took away from the book - the designer encourages the reader to seek, aspire, and revel in luxury at home, work -every space you so happen to occupy in this lifetime however simple, adorned or out of this world. Embrace design, embrace color,  embrace your space with a joie de vie and all will be well - and not to mention a feast for the senses!

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS
Each project showcased evokes the many qualities of a distinctively Kelly Wearstler-esque Luxury practically expressed and fully enjoyed in each space (from work to home- I'm in love with the KWID offices!). Within these, the reader gleans insight from Wearstler’s superlative style and learns that luxury and use of color in design is about cultivating a state of mind as much as it is about the objects with which we surround ourselves. 

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS

Wearstler's attention to detail seamlessly blends high style, mid-century,  modernism, and classic Wearstlerism styles mesh together so seamlessly each space she creates is instantly timeless and classic. Her trademark use of electrifying color combinations, and mixing antiques, modern furniture, and abstract paintings/accoutrements are beyond genius and this tome is a testament to her work and legacy.  

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS

Exquisitely photographed, this vivid book is a must for anyone who loves sophisticated, ravishing interiors. The tome comes in both Hardcover and Limited Edition volumes - each a visual masterpiece to have for years to come!  

by Kelly Wearstler , Steve Crist (Editor)
Available at: AMMO BOOKSAmazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders 


aida said...

I cried when I read this post. KW is an inspiration she is everything that I want to be and you are right her legacy is a testament to what any woman can achieve if she invests in herself and herself worth. I have been through a lot and have had so many setbacks and I am in the process of starting my career over and reestablishing myself and this post really spoke to me. I am not from an affluent family or have certain things that omeone like KW has but you know what I respect her for working and building herself up to be what she is... One day I will have a monograph of my work too. Thank you for this I just brought this on Border's it's on sale!

Villa Bisono said...

KW is my favorite designer of all time and everything she does touches into Gold. I love love her work and love her passion for fashion, interiors, art and furniture! I had the pleasure in meeting her numerous times and every time I am star struck....thanks for following me too! You are very sweet and I am def. following you as well.


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