Monday, June 20, 2011


Lara Stone, the Dutch bombshell is famous for three things: her figure (a “gorgeous woman’s body,” according to Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel), her gap-toothed smile, and lips so full that the photographer Steven Klein described them as “X-rated.” I just happen to love the fact that while she started her career at 16 she truly came into her own well into her twenties. At 27 she has overcome addiction, got married and is on her way to building a body of work Linda, Kate and Giselle can admire... 


Alexander Wang is the designer de jour for hipsters, uptown femmes and just about anyone with a penchant for sexy, tough, cool-girl attitude he's built his brand on.  With his heightened sense of luxury - it makes perfect sense his home reflects the aesthtic so many lust after season after season. With his decorator,Ryan Korban - Wang transformed his Tribeca apartment into a sleek oasis any Wang-ette would love... 

Photographs by Maciek Kobielski

Photographs by Maciek Kobielski

Photographs by Maciek Kobielski

White, Black and Chrome take up the space - the sleek design resonates what I love about the designer- no nonsense sexiness at it's best. No frills - it's straight forward and reads Wang ... 

Photographs by Maciek Kobielski

Photographs by Maciek Kobielski

Photographs by Maciek Kobielski

Featured in the May 2011 Issue of W

Friday, June 17, 2011

Entre Nous: A Recipe For Happiness!

Most women would agree that those Frenchies have something going on. Coco Chanel, La Femme Nikita, Catherine Deneuve, Joan of Arc and just about every french fame gal- all possess a certain je ne sais quoi. It's not just the glamour these other-worldly females' possess - it's their view on life that most women outside of France long for.  In this all-time must have,  pick-me-up of a book - Bonjour, Happiness! (Citidel Press)  the effervescant Jamie Cat Callan - insists that you, too, can be glamorous, mythic and mysterious; a star in the pantheon of feminine beauty and strength all the while keeping a smile on that face! How you ask? Callan lays down the law, interspersing her must-dos with such heartfelt   Peut-être you will feel renewed and unbelievably chic!

Callan explores the American notion of 'Bigger, Better, Faster' and demystifies what it truly means to live a life of happiness on your own terms. Callan's overall advice-seek beauty everywhere; accept character flaws; don't rush to define a romantic relationship (or any relationship for that matter) - tips that goes far beyond the realm of France and its women, and is evident in smart women the world over. Merci Madame Callan - Merci! 

Bonjour, Happiness!

Citadel Press
Available at AMAZON, Barnes&Noble 

Be sure to check out Jamie's Blog Bonjour, Happiness!