Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Haute Stock

Emilio Cavallini
Edited by Benedetta Barzini

As a fashion stylist there are some items that are essential for me on nearly every project - topstick, safety pins, my favorite driver (I loathe schlepping!) and hoisery by the legendary Emilio Cavallini. For decades the brand has revolutionized the concept of haute hoisery and literally every season I am awestruck by the new and innovative way hoisery is produced (I'm still verklempted over the houndstooth long sleeve dress/stocking combo!). EMILIO CAVALLINI (Skira) is the first book that documents decades of ground-breaking fashion, art and history by the renowned Italian designer Mr. Cavallini, including the work of his private design studio;  extensive creative innovations, and large scale art works. Among the many features of this unprecedented book with its immense images featuring Mr. Cavallini's genius at work, stills taken from his artwork documenting the craftsmanship and images of the unique fashion that encompasses the brand. Barzini does an exceptional job at engaging the readers in an in-depth overview of Mr. Cavallini's  rich history, the most influential pieces of work , photographs of the final products , celebrated designs this rich book is a must for enthusiasts of all things Cavallini
Red Suspension
Fashion designer Emilio Cavallini launched his eponymous company in 1980, and with his family built it into one of the world's leading and innovative fashion and design companies in it's genre. 

Orange Abstract Diagram
160 × 160 cm

Mr. Cavallini brings to his work a deep commitment to the visual and arts, and an openness to new materials and ideas.  The monograph both chronicles and epitomizes the achievements of one of the world's most influential and enlightened fashion and design companies.
Yellow Spiral Structural Bifurcation
180 × 180 cm
The fusion between fashion, technology, design and art is more dynamic than ever before and this monograph featuring the genius Emilio Cavallini exemplifies this. What's truly fascinating is his approach to textile and hoisery and how his ideas and concepts come to fruition - sheer brilliance! 
Emilio Cavallini
Edited by Benedetta Barzini

Featuring the work of one of the most innovative fashion designer, EMILIO CAVALLINI (Skira) is essential for all those who want to stay in the 'know" on how luminaries like Cavallini merges fashion, technology, developments in textiles and art into the magnum opus that is his legacy - a true testament to his profound body of work. The book is an investment for all design lovers. 

Available at Rizzilo New York


Tereza Anton said...

This is really cool.

LORENA said...

how cool and interesting! thanks for this bit of info.. I lvoe discovering new artists, books, etc.


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