Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bye Bye Belly Bye Bye

Saying Goodbye To That Muffin Top Will Put A Smile On Anyone's Face!
Photo courtesy of Getty Images 
Convet an uber flat mid section? Who doesn't - even if you don't have the 'great abs gene' you can still look & feel stunning in whatever you wear! 

Consider this mon petits: stomach flab is easier to lose than padding on your butt and thighs; commit to shedding a few pounds and the ones around your waist disappear first. Once they're gone a judicious mix of ab moves (thanks to Denise Austin, Patricia Friberg,  Craig and Matt Lewandowski,and Amy Bento & Co.  - respectfully) you can carve out smooth, visible muscle overtime ! Here we put together the best way to get a flatter stomach - involving a few clever changes to your lifestyle & 4 uber luxe work out DVDs sure to have your waist lean & svelte !


Without the right diet, even the most rigorous cardio regimen is useless. Do the following and be amazed at your ever shrinking waist: 
  • Cut Calories - unless you train like Michael Phelps there's no need to consume over 1,200 - 1,500 calories per day! 
  • Drink Coffee - while I do not drink cafe, coffee can be a part of a weight loss diet - it can trim the stomach slightly, and the caffeine may speed up the metabolism.
  • Add Dairy - getting 3 daily servings of dairy can help build bone density and Ladies it's never to early to start! 
  • Avoid the following: Calorie filled cocktails, white - starchy carbohydrates like white bread, pasta and potatoes and high sugar treats.....

Denise Austin: Shrink Your Flat Zones Pilates 
 You will be motivated by the legendary Denise Austin with this low impact/ high energy - core focused Pilates workout. The 46 minute workout is carefully structured to burn calories as you tighten every abdominal muscle possible from your obliques, abs and waist line all the while engaging your core to a fabulously sculpted mid section!

10 Minute Solutions: Best Belly Blasters

This well-cued, well-sequenced 10 minute workouts lead by some of the famed 10 Minute Solution alums  will tone your core to maximize results! There's never a wasted moment - Amy Bento, Suxanne Bowen, Jennifer Galardi, Lara Hudson, and Jessica Smith are ab-busting pros; each dame has carefully designed the various programs to maximize efficiency. You will trim your waist while learning some belly blasting moves.  Do the dvd 3 to 4 times a week and be amazed!

Flabs2Abs: 30 Day Body Transformation 

Craig and Matt Lewandowski - Fitness Extraordinaries have created an astounding abs work out with FLAB2ABS.  A solid 30  day workout taught by the brothers Lewandowski's precise cuing and well-designed structure makes it easy to master. The dvd not only covers fitness routines but also nutritional aspects one should incorporate to fully benefit from the program. The brothers starts with some classic moves and finally introduces a huge variety of combos and leads you in more challenging and waist slimming techniques. 

Patricia Friberg Volume 2:  Postnatal Fitness and Busy Mom Workout
Haute Moms did you think we forgot about you? We know you are short on time so we have the perfect fitness find that will trim your waist and having you looking better then ever! With Patricia Friberg's Belly Beautiful Workout this haute mama uses precise, sculpting abdominal and butt exercises designed to work deep into the core and lift the rear. Friberg's method will help you to create flat abdominals and get rid of the dreaded muffin top and have you ready to feel your best self possible and shower your baby with love!