Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Haute Stepper: Get Ready for the Sky High Heel

Alejandro Ingelmo 7' Heel... Care For A Stroll? 

Angie Miller, Jill Miller (wonder if they are related?), and Jari Love have the kind of figures women dream of and men dream about. More importantly they know that a well toned physique is detrimental when strutting your stuff in 6' heels!  Learn how this fitness Goddesses reveals the secrets to whipping yourself into a catwalk worthy shape and better yet how to walk in those runway shoes...

Angie Miller's Crave Results , $19.95 
WHY PRESS PLAY   Angie Miller has created  a body sculpting routine that provides a full-body workout using a combination of cardio and toning to get the maximum result in no time flat. 
WALK THIS WAY As the market crashes the height of heels have sky rocketed to epic proportions! The dvd teaches the foundation to  strengthening your entire body building up your endurance which can be applied to walking in high heels. The fast paced DVD gives solid tips and exercises on the proper way to get into shape and more importantly strut your stuff - enough to make Kate and Naomi jealous!

Yoga Tune Up 
Quickfix Rx Kneehab with Jill Miller
, $19.95 
WHY PRESS PLAY Whether or not you wear heels the health and well-being of your knees is truly important for your overall health in general. The DVD targets those who are recovering from injuries, improve mobility and improve knee strength. 
WALK THIS WAY Jill Miller has tapped into an untouched area for women. While heels have been around for ages there isn't anything to really prepare you for what walking in 6' stunners will entail!
BUY IT $19.95 - 

Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped!
Revved To The Max, $14.99 

WHY PRESS PLAY Jari Love, the renowned trainer is committed to getting big results - fast. As your own personal trainer, Jari will guide you through her exclusive Interval System that combines strength, cardio and abs to blast through calories for a dramatic workout regime. The program includes two complete 30-minute workouts which progress by level of intensity. Start this program and in no time you'll achieve a lean, ripped body.
WALK THIS WAY  With all the squats, lunges and kicks Mrs.Love will have your legs ready to walk the walk in the highest heels ever! 
BUY IT $14.99 -  

So there you have it! The upcoming season (according to the runways) is all about celebrating endless legs, so it’s not altogether surprising that high heels have reached previously unimagined, skyscraping heights. So while stepping into a pair of vertigo-inducing heels might seem unavoidable this fall, you can at least minimize the damage those Balenciaga fur boots inflict on your body, particularly the lower half, by being physically prepared. Thank us later ...