Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Dance Off The Inches: Country Line Dance Party
By Amy Blackburn
Black Swan, Footloose, Dancing With The Stars, So You Thing You Can Dance, that new Jennifer Lopez commercial, Glee… dance and movement is still firmly on the agenda. However, for us non dancers/fame hopefuls - our big payoff isn't a leading role but a   fine tuned haute body! What's amazing about dancing is that it comes in a plethora of genres blended with  exercise to keep our interest piqued. Added bonus: dancing engages the mind as much as it does the body: The process of learning new steps involves parts of the brain that control imitation, empathy, quick decision-making, coordination, spatial judgment, and rhythm, sparking the production of fresh connections between nerve cells. And not only does this improve memory and mental agility, but a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that people who dance frequently also reduce their risk of developing dementia by 76 percent (doing weekly crosswords will only get you 47 percent). Add this to the fact that dancing, like any aerobic exercise, unleashes a flood of feel-good endorphins and can burn just as many calories as jogging or swimming, and you’ve got a pretty compelling argument to get out there and bust a move. I mean, if something can make me happier, skinnier, and smarter, why wouldn’t you want to try it?

We have two ultra fun, high energy dance dvds that will have you on your feet, busting a move getting the body you want. So mon petites, forget the treadmill—dance and  shape up!
Tribal Energy Cardio
by Suzanne Forbes-Vierbling PH.D

These DVDs made the final cut. See how well they perform

Hot-stepping Amy Blackburn offers easy-to follow, step-by-step instructions that will boost energy and shrink hips.
WHY PUSH PLAY: Even the rhythm-impaired will find themselves shuffling off to the down home tunes. Plus, intricate footwork promises shapely calves and long, defined stems. 
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Immerse your mind, body and spirit with this lively workout featuring traditional West African moves and live drums that will  light up your soul like no other! 
WHY PUSH PLAY: Young, old, black or white -  this workout does not discriminate. There's an alchemy you experience when doing the dvd and you can not help but smile the entire time. Dr. Forbes-Vierbling does a stellar job introducing this indigenous form of dance to the masses - bravo! 
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