Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's All Get Stress...FREE!

When it comes to looking good and staying fit, we're always hunting for great new talent. Meet the expert soon to be on your speed dial.
Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner, M.A.,  can cure gym junkies, couch potatoes and the most tragic of procrastinators from various set backs - including self doubt with her ingenious yoga  regime —and that’s just the beginning. Her heart felt workshops, yoga sessions, book and DVDs starts with life changing affirmations and heart-pumping blend of Yoga moves lunges, and strength training. Part of the fun is rising to the challenge with Ashley as she instructs you on movements, breath, mantra, chants , form and realizing your self-worth - her services, workshops & dvds are worth every penny! There’s no shortage of inspiration with Ashley at the helm giving you reassurance and life altering direction to reshape your mind, body and soul to perfection. 

Endlessly moving and always flowing, ELEMENT: YOGA FOR STRESS RELIEF + FLEXIBILITY (Anchor Bay Entertainment) is an exceptionally graceful approach to a yoga session of exceptionally well-sequenced set of varied body-sculpting exercises that only Ashley can deliver. Comprised of two sessions (one to reduce stress and the latter to improve flexibility) the moves are very well transitioned with no wasted, between-move downtime. Ashley’s cuing is very hands-on; she’s both commandeering and supportive - she pushes you to the max and the results will be astounding! Pair this DVD with her amazing with her book and other dvds for heart-pumping, gratifying routine that will leave you revitalize and ready to face the world! 

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