Friday, October 28, 2011


The trend for colored hair has been gathering so much momentum season after season, each time the latest fad has upped the ante. From the hauter then haute ombre, candy streaked - somewhere over the rainbow hues  or that Golden Girls esque gray craze -  the masses have tousled over a plethora of choices to reinvent one's look. Well mon petites,  the purveyor of all things mane - REDKEN has a coloring system that not only enhances your look but will leave your tresses stronger then ever. What is this magical system you ask? It's Shades EQ Cream and Cover Plus,  a no-ammonia formula that will leave you with long-lasting, shiny, smooth and conditioned colored hair. Once I discovered this must have treatment I hightailed it to the immaculate Angelo David Salon where I was given the 5 star treatment by the colorist of all colorist David Stanko & co 

Angelo David Salon  
In light of our Shades EQ discovery we spoke to Monsieur Stanko, who has been at the forefront of the color trends . Who better, then, to explain how to color your hair for next season, the color mistakes you should never make and how to adapt the runway trends for real life. Mon petites trust us here at LPB - once you read about this treatment, the stellar salon and tips from the maestro himself you will surely see how  colored hair will be bigger than ever for the seasons ahead.

Landing a spot in top hair colorist David Stanko's chair (he's renowned in his field and collaborates with REDKEN) requires booking your appointment in advance (he's a traveling man!) , traveling to New York City (if you are an out of towner - the trip is worth it), and shelling out wallet friendly prices for A-list treatments. The decadent experience is well worth it! David and his absolutely marvelous assistant Mariano Cuevas are experts in their field and their service truly exemplifies that. Going to a salon can  sometimes be intimidating especially if you are going to a man who works with a leading hair brand such as REDKEN. David and Mariano (along with the entire staff at Angelo David Salon) creates an experience where people can indulge and get beautiful - stress free. More importantly it's a place where you can ask all the questions that you're sometimes too afraid to ask once you're sitting in the chair. With such a relaxing atmosphere I got down to business with David and here are his color trend tips. 

  •  Do research your salon and colorist, make sure they're experienced at what you want. Need help finding a salon?  To locate a Redken salon please log on to
  • Do use leave-in treatments to blow dry your hair, it will protect and moisturize your mane. 
  • As we head into the Autumn/Winter season it's time to enrich your hues with shades in reds, auburns and rich shades that flatter your complexion. 
  • Eyeing a runway look? Do bring in visual references it will help with your consultation. 
  • We know you loved your summer lovin' sunny streaks or bright color that turned heads in July but that same shade can drain color from your skin when you're naturally a bit paler - you are not married to your  hair color switch it up for the seasons! 
  • Don't be cheap, a DIY color job is expensive and uber hard to fix.
  • Don't follow the trends without fully thinking about it - do you really want the ombre look or pink hair? Be sure before you commit - your hair will thank you. 
  • Don't be afraid to explore your options when it comes to hair color be vocal and listen to the professional! 


Once David schooled me on the do's and don'ts of color we had our consultation. He suggested I go red for the autumn/winter season which I agreed.  The color's rich, warm and perfect for the upcoming holidays. For the process David used the following products:

From Left to Right: Shades EQ Cream and Cover Plus (not shown), Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner, Redken Blown Away 09, Redken Wax Blast 10 
From Left to Right: Redken Chemistry Shot Phase, Redken Chemistry Shot Phix 
My red tinted mane courtesy of David Stanko, Redken & the Angelo David Salon

David was determined to rekindle the flame (with my hair color), explaining that natural-looking hair color doesn't have to mean boring. He along with Mariano began with the Shades EQ Cream Clear + 10 vol Pro-oxide Cream Developer  a rich red base to heat things up per se and then painted wisp-thin ribbons of the shade around the crown using the Balayage Shades EQ Cream 07RR + 1 - vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer. The Shades EQ Cream system is a demi-permanent conditioning cream hair color formula with pomegranate oil, rice protein and conditioning polymer offers excellent moisturizing benefits. 

 That was followed by an amazing wash using Pureology's Hydrate Shampoo with the Redken Chemistry Color Protect Shot + Real Control Shot + 3.4 pHix pHase the treatment caters to my hair needs with the sulfate free shampoo hydrating my color-treated hair and the Redken Chemistry Shots + pHix pHase repairing  environmental or mechanical abuse - every time I have this in-salon treatment I instantly see a difference! Mariano used Pureology's Hydrate Conditioner and we were off to get my blow out done. 

What I love at the Angelo David Salon  -  is while you are there to indulge you are given tips on top of tips that you can use when styling your hair at home. Mariano used Redken's Blow Away 09  to blowdry my tresses and followed up with a quick flat iron to straighten my locks, a even quicker curling session and ta da: my hair had swing, it had verve, and the curls were stellar. Last but not least he lightly misted my mane with Redken's Wax Blast 10 - a product I love as it works wonders on my natural hair. 

 The Bombshell Pink BCA 1" Clipless Curling Iron Rod by SULTRA 

When  I left the salon my curls were entact (pictured above) Mariano suggested I let it fall naturally - a suggestion that was truly appreciated. Once I got home I touch it up with  The Bombshell Pink BCA 1" Clipless Curling Iron Rod by SULTRA  brushed it out and transformed to a Veronica Lake - esque haute tamale!

My coiffure once I touched up the curls, brushed them out and spritz a bit of Wax Blast 10 - Can you notice the red sheen... the color is sleek and so pretty for Fall. 

The Shades EQ Cream Color Treatment won't fade fast like other demi-permenent dyes. My color lasted well over 20 washes. David told me I was going to paint the town red this fall and I certainly did - actually it only just begun!  I would like to thank David, Mariano and the entire staff at Angelo David Salon it was a pleasure~

To learn more about the Shades EQ Cream and Color Plus treatment log onto to find salons offering the service. For more information about the Redken products mentioned visit, Become a Redken Facebook Fan or follow Redken on twitter @Redken5thAve

To learn more about the Pureology products mentioned or to find salons selling the items please visit 

To learn more about David Stanko log onto or follow David on twitter @DavidStanko

To book an appointment with David Stanko or to learn about the other services offered at the Angelo David Salon check out or follow the salon on twitter @AD_salon 


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