Friday, December 2, 2011

Marni at H&M for Spring, Oh My!

Consuelo Castiglioni, Founder & Creative Director of MARNI

In 1994 Consuelo Castiglioni wanted a side project to her husband's fur business, so she started turning out unconventional coats that treated fur in a contemporary way, as a fabric: dyeing it, doing it without a lining, with just a little bit of string to close it - pieces that reinvented the way one wore furs. As it happens Castiglioni needed clothes to show beneath said furs—and lucky for us she embarked on producing gorgeous prints in clashing colors, comfortable but odd-fitting shapes, billowy tunics, sport leggings with clunky shoes. Pieces that are so personalized you would think it's made especially for you - needless to say Marni is the standard for all things artsy and Italian, an eclectic vision of bohemian chic that just works!   Few labels have as clearly defined an image as Marni - so it's no suprised the brand has teamed up with Fashion house H&M to produce a soon to be iconic designer collaboration for Spring.  Available from March 8,  2012  Marni for H&M, will be up for grabs (literally) in over 250 stores worldwide and online, the collection features both clothing and accessories, all at H&M’s prices. 

H&M is synonymous with affordable as well as up-to-date and high quality fashion so it makes sense that for their latest designer collaboration they joined forces with Marni - a brand that is not only trendy, it has evolved into a major trendsetter, spawning an endless number of imitators looking to copy its magical hodgepodge - thanks to H&M you won't have to break the bank to own a piece from the luxurios line. 

The H&M + Marni hybrid—athletics and luxury, in this case—is just want our wardrobes need. The finely honed expression of the Marni signature at H&M prices has added new meaning to the notion of fast fashion - you won't have to sacrifice on the luxe while indulging in the lates mode. 

For both the mens and womenswear collection expect polarizing print and color combinations, surreal silhouettes, rich fabrics and everything else that will make that will make this collaboration the perfect willful, eccentric spirit to your spring wardrobe. 

With legions of faithful Marni acolytes from celebrities, artists to haute dolls and gents in the know the collaboration with H&M  will surely be paragon for spring - the absolutely perfect way to blossom (at wallet friendly prices) for the new season. Let the countdown begin.

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