Thursday, September 1, 2011

Roberto Capucci : The Designer’s Designer

Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion
 (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Dilys E. Blum
 Yale University Press
Italian couturier Roberto Capucci is one of the most revered names in fashion, the archetype of the Italian couture house. Famous for creating technical masterpieces  Capucci’s landmark designs marked a sea change in fashion design, Capucci is known today for his exquisite couture line of dramatic dresses.  Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion (Yale University Press) comprises a portfolio of portraits of incredible gowns from the entire era of Capucci's vast career. 

 Dubbed the 'wonder boy' of fashion ever since his collections were first shown in 1951, Roberto Capucci, whose ingenious and bold fashions very early on reflected his mastery of form and function, is one of the leading designers' designer.  Published by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Yale Press in conjunction with the awe-inspiring retrospective on Capucci, this stunning hardcover book explores the ties between the designer and art, form, and design, and sheds light on his sources of inspiration, which are as exquisite as they are ravishing.  

The tome sheds light on Capucci's use of brocade, ornamentation, structure and a great deal of innovation. His signature use of folds much like origami aer truly like sculptures - with fine fabrics as the tool - his creations are truly classic and with the vivid photos you will instantly fall in love with the world of Roberto CapucciThis book illustrates the original creativity, the great versatility and the absolute contemporaneity of the Capucci universe, the only fashion designer invited to exhibit clothes that have become part of the history of international art in the world's leading museums.

This monograph includes beautiful photographs of his creations amust have for fashion lovers and design affianados. 

Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion 
 (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Dilys E. Blum 
Yale University Press

Available : Yale , Barnes & Noble, Amazon 


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