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Hello Gorgeous! Its been  a while since I've updated you all on my Karyn' 4 Week Detox Program : Nature's Healing System and mon petites it's been a world-wind here at LPB! 
I booked two jobs out of the country, had a death in the family and  on top of that had to abruptly leave town for a few days all while in Week 2 of my detox.  The old me would have put an immediate stop to the detox with a million excuses but the new me - the one that puts myself first (Thanks Karyn!) stayed focused and I'm going to blog all about it! 

Feeling energized and accomplished that I completed my first week 100% raw I planned my second week to a fault and then life intervened. First the job in Europe then the job in South America luckily I don't have to travel for a few weeks but prepping for 2 entirely different jobs takes time and energy. As soon as I received my Week 2 protocol and products there's news of a death in the family which meant I had to leave town and attend the services.  If you've been following my LPB Detox Challenge Series you know this isn't just a detox to fit into some jeans by Friday (although that is a bonus!) - this is a time for me to fully invest in myself and I refuse to sell myself short! With the help of Karyn, Jamie and my Detox Alum  my second week (and third...more on that later) was a complete success!

So what kept me on track thus far? Tips from Karyn's Detox Book: Volume I which I want to share with you all. If you're not detoxing and just want to improve your overall lifestyle or just want to stay focus on a goal these tips can be applied and trust success will be on it's way!

  1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the duration of this lifetime.
  2. You enrolled in a full-time informal school called Life. You will learn lessons. Each day in this school you have the opportunity to learn them. You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant and stupid.
  3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error experimentation. The "failed" experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately "works". 
  4. A lesson is repeated until it is learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the next one. 
  5. Learning lessons does not end. There is no part of life that does not contain lessons. If you are alive, there are lessons to to be learned. 
  6. "There" is no better then "here". When "there" has become here" you simply obtain another "there" that will again look better than "here". 
  7. Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself. 
  8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours. 
  9. Your answers lye inside of you. The answers to life's questions lye inside of you. All you need to do is look, listen, and trust. 
  10. You will forget all this... over and over again!
Karyn Calabrese, Raw Foodist & Holistic Heath Educator 
 There's more! Karyn knows that with any process - mistakes happen and to guide you to your optimal health and success she shares her tips on what not to do... 


We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are more serious than others. Some mistakes are more obvious than others. We all make little misses in our lives. The following are some of the most common mistakes... 

1. Failure To Set Goals
    This is the first mistake. When you have no specific idea, model, or goal, then you can't achieve it. Failing to set a definite and specific goal is a decision to fail. 

2. Believing That Your Life Is Controlled By Outside Forces
    This force can be astrology, numerology, birth trauma, birth order, or an unhappy childhood. This is a mistake. You are in charge of your life now. It's a mistake to shift responsibility. 

3. Confusing The Trivial With The Tragic 
    It's possible to feel that long hard winters are a tragic event or traffic shouldn't make you wait everyday. Some people get really crazed by late planes, broken buttons, schedule changes. It's a mistake. Tragedy is when you die after leading a wasted life. A child leaving dirty dishes after he said hes does them isn't.

4. Thinking That Things Will Stay The Same
    Everything changes. We all know that when love is in our life we think it ought to stay. When we're down and depressed, we think it's here to stay. I'll never laugh again. It's a mistake to think anything will last. Tom Robbin's novel Still Life With A Woodpecker (Bantam)  is about the question, ''How to make love stay?'' It wont. It goes, it grows, and it flows. Its never the same. Neither are sadness, grief, and depression.

5. Letting The One Bad Thing In Your Life Outweigh The Good 
    ''If only I could lose five pounds, then my life would be okay." You give the five pounds a lot of power. You let it spoil all the good in your life. The five pounds outweighs all the good. It's a mistake.

6. Thinking "Don't Make Mistakes" 
     There's no way a person can live a rich life without taking risks and making mistakes. Being too "security-conscious" is a definite set-up for failure and self-defeat. It's the nature of the human being to make mistakes. Insight and quick recovery is what you want to strive for when a mistake is made. 

7. Other People Are Happy
    This is a very common belief. "Other people can and should be happy because they don't have my problems. I am the only unhappy person on my block, at school and on the job." When we know the problems of others we usually decide to keep our own. 

8. Seeing Everything As "Either/Or"
   Hardly anything in life has just two solutions. We think, "I either keep this job or I starve." "I either stay in this relationship or be unhappy the rest of my life." "I either go to Jamaica or I won't have a vacation." "Either you get this or you're stupid, or, you need to read this again or you have a better idea, or you need to think about it some more... 

9. If You Ignore Or Avoid Problems They'll Go Away
    Will They? Over and over again people find they've got real health problems because they ignored until it's divorce time. A child's sullenness is ignored until the school counselor is calling. A daughter grows up and we ignore the need for sex education. It's a mistake to think problems will go away.

Doesn't Miss Karyn just make it all seem like anything is possible? And being 100% vegan + raw for weeks now I'm a believer too! Take away what resonates to you but know being healthy and true to yourself is possible! 

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It's Never Too Late For A Thigh High Boot!

 Powerful, sexy, high and slightly hard-core -  thigh high boots make a fierce and unexpected statement for any season. This bondag-esque trend debuted—ever so briefly though unforgettably—on nearly every runway and has since made an appearance in almost every show. I've fallen in love with rock-star-worthy boots paired with a crisp white shirtdress and a trim black blazer, creating the ideal balance of polished cool and edgy sex appeal. Worn with skinny jeans and a shrunken jacket, the look becomes more daytime than dominatrix—giving you even more bang for your buck. Here's my fave pair Fairfax 3 by Report Signature - these boots my darlings are a must have in your wardrobe arsenal!

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Live & Raw: Karyn's Tips On Staying Focused While Detoxing...


Karyn Calabrese, Raw Foodist & Holistic Heath Educator

It's week 2 of my LPB Detox Challenge and mon petites I have not gone to bed hungry nor spent my days starving and salivating while others eat their non-vegan meals. It's no surprise since Karyn our Detox Goddess is the owner of Karyn's Fresh Corner - the longest standing raw foods restaurant in the United States!  Along with the 4 week protocol and DVDs Karyn shares her amazing recipes with us to indulge in.  The vegan fare is flavorful, fulfilling and  as decadent as any meat + dairy laden meal! From shakes, juices to scrumptious manna bread sandwiches you are not deprived - even on a detox!
I for one was surprised that I enjoyed raw food vegan fare as much as I have and definitely plan on continuing dining at raw food restaurants and trying my hands at extremely easy to-do raw food recipes. It's pretty genius how fast you can prepare the meals and truly be satisfied. Here are just a few of my utmost favorite fasting fast food you must try- trust me you will be hooked after the first bite! And don't fret - if you are not the type to get in the kitchen and cook (not over 118 degrees please!) Karyn offers her meals in sealed packages that can be delivered to you on a weekly basis- it's a win win! Now just remember to chew all your food thoroughly and you're golden....

Karyn's Almond Pâté
Makes 8 servings
Pâté is a versatile staple of the raw diet. Change the veggies and
seasonings to vary the taste and create different ethnic recipes.

2 cups almonds
4 cups purified water
1 beefsteak or other tomato
1/4 small white onion
3 to 4 tablespoons Bragg Liquid Aminos
2 cloves garlic
1/4 teaspoon cayenne

Soak the almonds in the water for 8 to 12 hours.
Drain and rinse the almonds. Transfer the almonds to a food
processor and pulse a few times, just until coarsely chopped. Add the
tomato, onion, Bragg Liquid Aminos, garlic, and cayenne. Process until the
desired consistency is achieved. Stored in a glass container in the
refrigerator, Almond Pâté will keep for about 7-10 days. If you don¹t finish
your pate in that time, spread it on dehydrator trays and dehydrate it into
crackers that will keep indefinitely.

Tip: For a creamier pâté, add a small amount of avocado.

Mock Tuna Salad: Add dulse flakes and chopped celery to taste.

Karyn's Green Meal Shake
Makes 1 serving (2 cups)
This delicious shake makes a satisfying raw breakfast or snack that will
keep you feeling full and balanced for hours. It is rich in calcium,
essential fatty acids, fiber, minerals, protein, and vitamins. And people
say vegans are deprived?

1 3/4 cups organic apple juice or Rejuvelac
1 frozen banana (peel before freezing)
2 tablespoons lecithin granules
2 tablespoons Karyn¹s Kare Green Meal Powder
2 tablespoons flaxseed oil or coconut oil

Combine the juice and banana in a blender and process until smooth. Add the
lecithin and process briefly. Add the Green Meal Powder and oil and process
on low to medium speed until well combined. Pour and enjoy!

 High-quality organic apple juice should appear cloudy. Clear apple juice
has been filtered to extend its shelf life, and this process greatly reduces
the amount of healthful polyphenols and antioxidants in the juice.
Use more apple juice for a sweeter shake.

Nut Milk
Makes 3 cups
Soaked nuts and seeds can be used to make tasty alternatives to dairy milk
and cheeses. Nut Milk is a common ingredient in many raw recipes.

1 cup raw almonds or other raw nuts or seeds
6 cups purified water
1 to 2 tablespoons agave nectar or other sweetener
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Soak the almonds in 3 cups of the water for 8 to 12 hours.
Drain and rinse the almonds. Transfer the almonds to a blender
and add the remaining 3 cups of water. Process on high speed for 30 seconds,
or until the liquid is smooth. Strain into a clean glass jar through a
nut-milk bag, a sieve lined with cheesecloth, or a clean knee-high stocking.
Whisk in the agave nectar and vanilla extract. Stored in a sealed glass jar
in the refrigerator, Nut Milk will keep for 5 to 7 days.

If you have a twin-gear juicer, run the blended mixture through the juicer
using the vegetable screen; this will provide the smoothest Nut Milk
possible. Save the pulp to add to other recipes. 
If you are diabetic or watching your sugar intake, stevia is a good
alternative to agave nectar or other sweeteners. Stevia is very sweet, so
only a small amount is needed. Follow the directions on the stevia package
and sweeten to taste.

Now mon petites, don't over indulge! We would love to hear how you like the recipes so  tweet us (@LaPETITEBlog) with the hash tag #KDPRAW or if you are up for the challenge do the detox with me (be sure to consult your physician beforehand)!

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The Booty Barre: Total New Body, $19.95

To get a leaner, stronger haute body,  The Booty Bare: Total New Body, $19.95 by the fitness Goddess Tracey Mallett  is the quintessential workout DVD that will transform your body to the object of utter perfection! Watch those flabby inner thighs tighten in a way you never thought possible. This 60 minute workout fuses techniques from Pilates, Dance, Calisthenics and Yoga that will streamline your physique just in time for bikini season (it's just around the corner ladies!) Watch as your upper body and core molds itself into a sleek build as your outer thighs, knees and calves will take on a shape that will having you shopping for the skinniest pair of jeans in no time...

The Booty Barre, $19.95 is available at



A Treat For The Eyes...

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Week 1 of our LPB Detox Challenge is nearly over and you ask what's on the menu? Here you have the full lowdown on Week 1 Protocol and what we really think about it.


Clockwise From Left to Right: Arise & Shine Bentonite, Arise & Shine Mix Cup, Karyn's Lemon DressingDulse Flakes, Manna Bread, Karyn's Flax Oil, Lecithin, Rejuvelac, Fenugreek Seed Capsules, Karyn's Kare Kamut, Karyn's Kare Green Meal, Karyn's Kare Enzyme, Psyllium

Before officially starting my detox I received a box filled with the yummy vegan goodness you see above. Along with the parcel was Karyn's Detox Book Volume 1 which included Week 1 Protocol Sheets and the DVD package. Karyn&Co. gives a full detail description of each item, it's benefit and when it should be consume so you are not left wondering or confused. The whole process truly is a piece of cake (no pun intended) as long as you take the time to invest in yourself (rule #3).  For the most part I eat fairly healthy (my love of brie and cupcakes notwithstanding) so adjusting my lifestyle has been (so far) easy  but I did worry about not liking the food and boy was I wrong!  Being a raw food vegan isn't as difficult as it sounds. Karen recommends before heading out to eat beforehand and when meeting with friends suggest doing activities other then drinks or dining (my favorite option - pottery painting).  What I've taken away from my 1st week is that being healthy takes time, effort and truly being mindful about what you consume.

Karyn's Kare Green Meal, from $33.95

Benefits: Raw Superfood - it improves the metabolism and the absorption of calcium
Detox Time: Usually 1st meal of the day but can be consumed anytime
LPB Notes: LOVE IT! Combined with the Flax Oil and Lecithin this meal is the perfect breakfast (in my book & on my blog-- I said it!). As a shake it's rich, filling and sweet -  I wish I discovered it years ago. It will become a mainstay in my diet.
* Karyn Tip* : If you have to shake & go it's best to use a glass bottle - the chemicals from plastic bottles compromise the nutrients and we don't want that do we?  

Karyn's Kare Flax Oil, $16.91

Benefits: The Flax Oil is filled with omega 3 & 6 along with fatty acids - essentials nutrients for a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Detox Time: Use the Flax Oil with the Green Meal for the delicious Green Meal Shake.
LPB Notes: Flax Oil helps lower cholesterol, prevents heart disease, and a slew of other health problems - the oil does not compromise the shake - has no bad aftertaste and is good for you ... case close!

Karyn's Kare Enzyme, from $23.95

Benefits: Raw Superfood - it improves the metabolism and the absorption of calcium
Detox Time: Usually 1st meal of the day but can be consumed anytime
LPB Notes: LOVE IT! Combined with the Flax Oil and Lecithin this meal is the perfect breakfast (in my book & on my blog-- I said it!). As a shake it's rich, filling and sweet -  I wish I discovered it years ago. It will become a mainstay in my diet.
* Karyn Tip* : If you have to shake & go it's best to use a glass bottle - the chemicals from plastic bottles compromise the nutrients and we don't want that do we?  

Karyn's Kare Fenugreek Seed Capsules, $8.95
Product: Karyn's Kare Fenugreek Seed Capsules
BenefitsFenegreek loosen and expels mucous, dead waste matter and toxins through lymphatic systems. It also balances the blood sugar levels.
Detox Time: Take 3 capsules 2 times a day. Karyn recommends taking it morning and early evening.
LPB Notes: The capsules are easy to swallow the benefits along make it a keeper. Just remember to take them!

Karyn's Kare Organic Kamut, $36.95
  Product: Karyn's Kare Organic Kamut
Benefits: The Karyn's Kare Organic Kamut draws out poisons, building up the blood by repairing the white blood cells. It also stimulates energy.
Detox Time:  Take throughout the day.
LPB Notes: I prefer to mix the drink (2 tbsp of Kamut with 32oz. of H2O) in the blender as Karyn suggested. I do feel l more energized throughout the day. It's become my go to drink after my daily meditation sessions - there's something soothing about this detoxifying drink.  The taste isn't bitter and can travel well (in a glass or aluminum bottle). 

Karyn's Kare Gourmet Psyllium, $18.95

Benefits: The Psyllium - Bentonite cocktail cleanses and purifies the colon from mucous-forming toxic waste. It also absorbs and aids in drawing out stool.
Detox Time: Take last thing at night. Wait at least 40 minutes before and after eating or drinking other foods.
LPB Notes: The drink has no taste and best if you drink it as soon as you mix it. Last night I made the mistake and let the drink sit for a second. It instantly turned into goo and was extremely extremely extremely (did I say extremely) difficult to drink! I've learned my lesson and from now on it's 1, 2, 3 & DRINK!!!!
* Karyn Tip* :  Karyn provides you with the Arise & Shine mix cup along with a top. On the DVD she advises you to prepare the drink in the cup - shake it and drink instantly. Do not let the drink sit or shake it too much - you will have a gooey goo libation that will not be a pleasurable experience (see above). The Bentonite can be used as a facial mask.

Here are additional products that were not pictured but were on the menu:
Product: Karyn's Kare Rejuvelac
Benefits: Rejuvelac helps clean the intestinal tract by loosening mucus, and it is good for stress. It contains protein, enzymes, and vitamin B12. It is a non-dairy form of lactobacillus.
Detox Time: Drink two 8oz. glasses per day or as much as you like. It can replace water.
LPB NotesRejuvelac taste a bit like an extra tart lemonade. It took me a few days to like the drink but I have since been  become acclimated to the taste and drink the required amount. I also use it in the Green Meal Shake too. Rejuvelac is like a wonder juice  - it refuels you after a workout and while I was crazed with traveling this drink helped with my digestion.

Product: Millet Rice Manna Bread, $4.49 
Benefits: This high fiber, yeast free bread is a carb substitution for the week.
Detox Time: As a quick + fast food snack anytime during the day.
LPB Notes: Where has this bread been all my life? You need only a slice and it is truly filling! The taste is great top the bread with the Dulse Flakes and Karyn's Lemon Dressing for an uber easy yummy treat!

Product: Dulse Flakes, $6.99
Benefits:  A source of protein it contains high levels of iodine, as well as calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium and zinc. It has vitamins A, C, E, and most of the B vitamins, including B6 and B12 this dried algae  is also known to keep your locks youthful and the grays away!    
Detox Time: Use with the Lemon Dressing and a slice of Manna bread for a quick treat. 
LPB Notes: Mon petites, I have been living under a rock! I had no idea that this algae existed and was so delicious.
* Karyn Tip* : The Dulse Flakes make eating on the run possible. You can make
Product: Karyn's Lemon Dressing, $8.99
Benefits:  Made with all natural, organic ingredients this vegan dressing is filled with nutrients, vitamins and is filled with flavor.
Detox Time: Can be combined with the Dulse Flakes and made into a delicious topping for the manna bread treat. Also makes an amazing salad dressing.  
LPB Notes: I traveled with this dressing and used it on everything! From salad to the Dulse Flakes sandwich it's an amazing addition to any and every dish. I am officially addicted.  

Product: Karyn's Kare Lecithin, $7.69
Benefits:  Lecithin is a lipid that consists mostly of choline, but also includes phosphorus, and linoleic acid. Lecithin helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, protects against cardiovascular disease, improves brain function, helps keep the liver and kidneys healthy, aids in thiamine and vitamin A absorption, and can even help to repair liver damage --this nutrient is essential to every living cell in the human body.
Detox Time: Mix this with the Green Meal for a oh so yummy smoothie.
LPB Notes: This isn't my 1st experience with Lecithin. When my grandmother was detoxing she was advised to use Lecithin and has for the pass three years. You can add it on your meals for an added boost -- your body will thank you.

So there you have it - Along with this capsules, drinks and smoothies I mostly ate Karyn's vegan dishes along with a few of my own I will share with you shortly.

All these products are available at and can be shipped right to your front door!

I would love love love to hear from you too! Tweet us (@LaPETITEBlog) with the hash tag #KDPRAW or if you are up for the challenge do the detox with me (be sure to consult your physician beforehand)!

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Product Photos courtesy of Karyn's Raw. Photo courtesy of Magnus Unnar & Barneys New York. Magnus Unnar, Kirsi Pyhonen & Barneys New York do not endorse the blog or detox.

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Being Healthy Is The New Black!
As You all know for the next 30 days I will embark on a raw food + vegan detox program helmed by the legendary Karyn Calabrese, the Holistic Health expert who for well over a decade has changed legions of lives the world over (literally) with her vegan/raw food approach to life. Karyn' s 4 Week Detox Program : Nature's Healing System is a weekly detox process where you obstain from certain foods - my friends this is my 1st official week on being on 'the green' and I love it! 

For those of you new to my detox process here's a refresher on the program: The four week detoxification program is for every & anyone looking for a new level of health, well being or those yearning for a change in their lifestyle.  It focuses on helping to restore the body's true indigenous balance and it's natural rejuvenation process.The program will show you step by step how to detoxify yourself with powerful tools like nutrition, holistic therapies and good ol' self-determination.  You won't have to count calories and in the process learn how to treat your body the way nature intended.

Before I get into my 1st week experience I would like to share with you another reason why I was so enthralled with doing this process and sharing with you all. Not only was I looking for a change but I witnessed first hand how detoxifying one's body can do a world of difference. A few years ago my grandmother (whom I call gramere) was diagnosed with Alhiemer's and Parkinson's Disease - she was extremely ill and while she was being cared for by a respectable physican I felt that more could be done for her (her symptoms literally came overnight and went from a vibrant woman who had a busy social and active life to being nearly comatose)  and through intensive research found a holistic doctor who speacilized in geriatric medicine - long story short he put my gramere on a 40 day detox and took away her legions of medication. She began to walk, talk and till this day is able to recognize my entire family (she turned 93 this past September). That was my first experience with detoxing and ever since then it was something I always wanted to do but feared I would not be able to see it to fruition.  Thankfully I have overcomed that self deprecating fear and I am truly grateful for the experience and hope you all can take something away from it to like I did when I witnessed my gramere's detox.

Back to the LPB Detox: for those like me who live outside the Chicago area where Karyn is based a DVD packaged is sent with your Week 1 bag (more on that later) - the DVD is basically an introduction detox class featuring Karyn herself and does she look good! After subsiding my seething jealousy over her amazing figure (I kid, I kid) I get down to business taking my notes on what not eat (all animal products a.k.a. animal secretions) so out are dairy, meats, processed foods and white sugars and flours. Luckily for caffene  and wine afficiandos you can still have your cup of joe or glass of wine (for this week!). Since I was pretoxing I already gave up most of these products so the 1st week has not been too much of a stretch for me.  What has been a stretch is remembering to take the various tablets and drinking enough fluids during the day. During the DVD Karyn talks about being selfish and I've noticed that when it comes to properly nourishing myself and making sure I am taking in all the proper foods to maintian a healthy and optimal lifestyle I am lacking because I am running to an appointment, making sure clients have frocks to wear or listening to my bff lament over a guy - the past 4 days has shown me that in the past I do little if any TLC for my body. And like Karyn says 'If you can't live in your own body where else are you going to live?'.

On the Week 1 DVD Karyn gives you 3 vital rules to use while detoxing - I'll share them with you:

This my friends is my longest post ever!  Not to bore you will my musing I will end it here. Next I will share with you my Week 1 menu, along with the haute vegan products straight from Karyn herself!  I will blog and tweet about it so I would love love love to hear from you too! Tweet us (@LaPETITEBlog) with the hash tag #KDPRAW or if you are up for the challenge do the detox with me (be sure to consult your physician beforehand)!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

LPB Detox Challenge Update: My Pretox Detox - Taking Off The Mask

It's no secret that for the next 30 days I have committed to do the Karyn's Detox Program- Nature's Healing System  a  weekly detox process based on Karyn Calabrese's vegan raw food theory - no animal protein, no dairy, no wheat, refined sugars, and pretty much everything I have overindulged in my entire life. Before the detox I did a pretox detox set up for me by the uber fab Karyn  and her lovely assistant Jamie McKeown.  While it is not part of the program to pretox before embarking on Karyn's 4 week program I wanted to adjust my diet while traveling and wanted to slowly acclimate myself to the vegan lifestyle. I am thankful I decided to do the pretox and that the team at Karyn's was so accommodating. Jamie suggested before doing the detox I should begin to eliminate white sugar and flour, animal products and begin taking Karyn's Kare Enzyme and Karyn's Kare Rejuvelac.
She told me I would instantly see a change and I did - I was not constipated while traveling (sorry t.m.i.)  and I did not have my usual bout with jet lag which is amazing because I am usually lethargic as they come off of any flight! Jamie also suggested I should purchase a blender, juicer and while it's not necessary a dehydrator -  check, check and definitely later! Jamie gave me tips on dining out and to my surprise I discovered quite a few amazing vegan restaurants (mostly not raw food but hey I wasn't doing the detox yet...don't judge me!). When not dining out at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant I would order meals and ask the waiters for specific deductions - surprisingly my requests were met and I did not have a problem at all adjusting a restaurant's menu to my diet.

While I worked on my dietary habits I watched the 1st week DVD accompanied with the products and in it Karyn talks about the state of society and how being healthy has some negative connotation (i.e. being called a 'Health Nut' - when living a healthy lifestyle) and how we wear these 'mask' we hide behind - masks that inhibit us from living a fruitful, healthy, and vital life. This phrase hit close to home - during my pretox I realized that while I am discipline in some areas in my life (my career) I have been lackadaisical on what's truly important - my health and overall well being.  There were countless times - years even where I would put a deadline or photo-shoot before having a proper breakfast or drinking water during a work day. This past September during Fashion Week in NYC I was dressing clients for the shows and on Fashion Night Out while running around dressing one client and prepping for a video shoot the next day I did not eat nor stop to use a rest room ... all day - that night I got home around 2 am and was up by 4 heading to a set. By no means am I complaining as I am grateful for all the opportunities that have been allotted to me but I have put all these things (jobs, people - etc.) before myself and Karyn pointed it out as clear as day. I am beyond elated to invest 30 days into myself for once and see the outcome. I'm taking off the mask...

I will blog and tweet about my journey so I would love love love to hear from you too! Tweet us (@LaPETITEBlog) with the hash tag #KDPRAW or if you are up for the challenge do the detox with me (be sure to consult your physician beforehand)!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trending Topic: Prints

With the year coming to an end we decided to take a look back at some of the bold prints that where all over the runways and how you can a runway look and make it your own...
From Left to Right: Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tao

Borrowing prints from around the globe designers made tribal the norm and you can too! From ethnic patterns and designs to more organic looking jewelry you can incorporate an otherworldly feel with just the right piece. When it comes to your beauty regime nothing says exotic like healthy bronze skin (not the Snookie!!!) - throw on some bronzer, layer on the jewels and you are good to go!

1. NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo in Orgasm/Laguna - $39
Missoni Patchwork knit dress - $1,368.14
Philippe Audibert Zacharie gold-plated cuff - $430
4. MayaBags Plaid Handbag - $450.00
Ann Demeulemeester Combat Boot - $609

From Left to Right: Rag & Bone, Jean Charles de Castelabajac, Junya Watanabe
2010's military trend was all over the place from dresses, outerwear to shoes. Now the print can be a not if worn incorrectly so instead of donning the camo print from head to toe you can take the hues of the print or incorporate a piece or two into your look for a full on a ten hut look! Don't forget a killer mani too!

1. Zoya Nail Polish | Edyta - $7
2. Fallon Sound Bite Earrings - $110.00
3. Alexandre Birman Suede lace-up boots - $567.47
4. Elizabeth and James Rabbit-trimmed stretch-jersey blazer - $765
Kotur ‘D’Abo Maltese’ Minaudière - $746.26
From Left to Right: Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Leonard
Floral Boom
Bold floral prints were precedent all year long! While we love this trend if worn wrong you can look like a blooming mess so if you go head to toe floral - mon petites, own it! We can't get enough of the dimensional floral pieces like the haute Nina Ricci shoes or the Lanvin belt so if you decide to dress like a beautiful floral nymph be sure the fit is right and you'll turn heads...

1. Jonathan Saunders Hollis floral-print stretch-silk skirt - $1,075
Nina Ricci Floral Maryjane Pump - $779.00
Aude Lechère Large Flower ring with Sapphire - $6,141.07
4. Lanvin Belt with washed-satin corsage - $450.86

So what pattern trends did you love in 2010?
Runway Photos Courtesy of Imaxtree

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It seems like everywhere I look dolls and gents are unabashedly hitting the bottle - no not that bottle but the David Kirsch 48HR Super Charge Cleanse. Cleanses and fasts  were once nothing more than glorified starvation diets—nowhere near  healthy, let alone safe. Thanks to David Kirsch and his ingenious 48HR Super Charge Cleanse  the fitness guru has  cleanse enthusiasts,  DK afficiandos and haute bodies across the globe getting slimmer, healthier, and re-energized —one sip at a time.


Renewed vitality and better health in 48 hours? With the all liquid cleanse the answer is an astounding YES! The delicious 48HR Super Charge Cleanse replaces all meals and like DK says “If you’re chewing, you’re cheating!”.  Packed with top colon, liver, and kidney cleansing antioxidants- including acai berry, milk thistle, and cranberry extract- in addition to digestive-supporting Fibersol-2®, appetite-suppressing Chromium Picolinate, and energy-boosting Vitamin B-12 the drink will satisfy you and rid your body of the toxins you've indulged in for so long.

Here's how it works:

  •  Boost your immune system and improve your digestive health by taking one capsule of David’s Probiotic Balance™ daily and staying away from foods you’ve found addictive in the past. Follow David’s Five-Meal-A-Day plan. Eat lean proteins such as skinless grilled fish or chicken, and fiber-rich veggies, such as quinoa, lentils or beans.
We here at LPB did the challenge before the holidays and it was an amazing experience - actually a revelation. We have a busy and very social lifestyle and during my 48HR cleanse I attended two parties, a sports game and dinner out with friends. Not once did I cheat now did I feel deprived. With the cleanse  you will trigger your internal alchemy and feel instantly better. Once the cleanse is over simply take the Probiotic Balance™ for the next 30 days and you will be renewed and feel accomplished (we did!).
From the most austere of raw food acolytes to burger and red wine crowd looking to cleanse their palate the cleanse regime is truly for everyone!


David Kirsch - the man responsible for some of the most hautest bodies in the world was so gracious to give us mere mortals tips on the cleanse, staying fit through the seasons and win the battle of temptation....take notes!
LPB: How often should one do the 48HR Super Charge Cleanse?
DK: I recommend doing it once a month while in weight-loss mode or once every 2-3 months. Do it anytime you need to flush out toxins, rest your digestive tract or to kick-start clean eating. The cleansing experience will help strengthen your mind-body connection and raise awareness of what you are putting in your mouth.

LPB: Once you complete the cleanse what is the ideal meal you suggest one should eat?
DK: Post-cleanse, stay away from those foods that you’ve found addictive in the past! Start fresh, with a “lean, clean and green” diet full of green veggies and lean proteins such as skinless grilled fish or chicken and fiber-rich quinoa, lentils or beans. I recommend eating five times a day. Be sure to take a probiotic capsule, such as my Probiotic Balance™. From fighting the flu to combating the stresses of the season, these disease-fighting probiotics will equip your body with “friendly” bacteria to defend overall health.

LPB: With the holiday season over and bikini season upon us -  what are your 5 rules on staying fit?
1. Whenever possible, keep it lean, clean and green -- your food, that is! Stick to premium fuel like lean proteins and green fiber-rich veggies.
2. For every holiday dinner and cup of eggnog give me 25 push-ups and 15 lunges.
3. Keep your cheer clear – if you have to drink, stick to white wine or plain vodka soda.
4. Schedule your workout -- even if it’s just 10 minutes in your day. A simple cardio-sculpting plan of crunches, sumo lunges, plie squats and push-ups for example, will give you “No Excuse” to miss this important date.
5. Get your cardio fix wherever you can. Jog the stairs. Shake your booty at the holiday soiree. There’s nothing like a spin on the dance floor to lift that butt.
6. Stay calm. Anytime you feel frenzied or find yourself craving candy, stop what you’re doing and take three deep breaths. Live in this moment.

Kirsch acolytyes who commit and complete the 48HR Super Charge Cleanse  will take away with them three things: mindful  eating habits, stronger sense of overall well-being and the undeniable urge to GET KIRSCHED

To learn more about David Kirsch and his products check out his site, twitter, facebook and youtube.