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No Introduction Neccesary .........

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Clad in skin tight, spell-bounding looks, the quintessential Rock & Roll Goddess - Joan Jett emotes pure raw emotions that has yet to be matched. Jett pioneered a lean, mean, louche aesthetic that revolutionized the world of rock music and introduced the world to the true femme fatale. For decades, Joan has been one of the most iconic women in music, with songs like "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"," "Bad Reputation," and "Do You Want to Touch Me," becoming anthems for multiple generations of fans. Now, in this intimate and uncompromising tome, one of the most renowned female rock artists of all time is immortalized as a musical treasure for years to come.
Copyright: © 2010 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS
Designer turned author Todd Oldham exposes Jett's extraordinary career, life journey and brilliant photographic history showcasing her kickass legacy. JOAN JETT (AMMO BOOKS) captures the supernova's rise to fame - from her breakthrough album with The Runaways through rock 'n' roll excesses to her unprecedented evolution Jett has solidified herself as a true artist in the rarest form.

Copyright: © 2010 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS

Hardcore glam debauchery, and unstoppable anthems made her rock immortality - in hundreds of photographs and stories the tome reveals Jett onstage, backstage, on tour, hanging out, and in studio a must-have album of photos and testimony on one of the most powerful and controversial woman in rock history. Page after page you are engulfed in the Jett world with all it's complexities, beauty and gut-wrenching honestly you fall in love with the woman on and off stage.

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Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS

Introduction by Kathleen Hanna

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big rocks, Big bucks, Big spender.....

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but the luckiest gals on the block are the ones with rocks adorning every appendage available without a thought in the world . Diamonds are attracting more attention than ever, spurred by celebrity purchases (think Kim Kardashian and that monster engagement ring) , explosions of wealth in China and Russia, and the general desire to own the exceptional. All around the world, a very affluent clientele is seeking and collecting rare things. And diamond jewelry are on top of the list. For those just finding their footing in the rarefied world of diamonds, it's pivotal to do your research and shop for the piece that speaks of your character showcasing it's radiance along with its own raison d'être. In this day and age prospective buyers have the luxury of the internet to aid them in their endless search for decadence. With just a click of the mouse you can quench your desire for the rare jewels in the comfort of your own home. Or put on your finest and hit the town and visit the most exclusive jewelers to get your hands on some haute rocks!
In the end, if you so happen to land that great paying job, hit it uber big time or married the price of your dreams we here at LPB espoused some advice: Buy the diamonds you love, buy the best you can afford and invest now before it's too late.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring x HAUTENESS ON NOWNESS

Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring on

The Shoe Designer Launched His  Boutique With a Collection Dedicated To The Pop Artist

Nicholas Kirkwood details the making of his new thigh-high leopard print and Swarovski crystal–encrusted roller skates in today's film. The dazzling boots are the highlight of the British shoe designer's one-off couture line of Keith Haring–inspired art shoes. "I've grown up with Keith Haring's work around me. It's so ubiquitous, you saw it before you even knew it was art," Kirkwood says of the 80s pop artist. "The bold colors, defined shapes and edges––that aspect of it, to me, made it perfect for a shoe." Having previewed the line at his first exclusive retail space in Hong Kong’s JOYCE in September 2010, the designer is exhibiting the collection in its entirety at his new London boutique until July 1. The architectural offerings, which also include heels emblazoned with the artist's “Radiant Baby” and "Safe Sex" renderings, mark the latest in a string of collaborations for the fashion world darling, who has joined forces with the likes of Erdem and Rodarte outside of his own namesake line. ... Pretty genius!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amethyst, Purple and Red Oh My!

 Put on Pieces Clip-In Color Strips , $8 each
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Techni-color ombre hair has been all the rage this season thanks to the models in the  fall Prabal Gurung show,  Lauren Conrad & the rest of the haute gals it's a look that has resonated with nearly everyone! Best part -  you can have the look too - without breaking the bank or your locks! In comes Put on Pieces Clip-in Color Strips - 16 inches of haute color you can clip in  whenever you fancy!  The pieces come in an array of jeweled tone hues to satisfy your crave for color without compromising the health of your own hair and at a mere $8 a strip you can afford to paint the town (and your mane) red, pink, purple or blue  too... 

Available in:  Amethyst, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple and Red

Feast For The Eyes... JANTAMINIAU Couture by Justin Wu

Directed by JUSTIN WU

Stylist & Art Director SIMON GENSOWSKI

Music Composed by The Effens
'Kamikaze Temptation'

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Fearless, exuberant, decadent, spell-bounding and glamorous are but a mere few adjectives that can be used when referring to the interior design tour de force otherwise known as Kelly Wearstler. From her highly sought after Los Angeles - based eponymous architectural interior design firm to her mouth watering products she creates perfection with each endeavor and her must have tome HUE (Ammo Books) is no exception. 

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS
Page after page you will be enthralled by KW's sophisticated aesthetic and her take on color and design. The tome showcases Wearstler's elegant eclecticism, dazzling color pallette versatility and genius design tenets will truly inspire readers (myself included) to create one's own luxurious spaces (albeit homes, offices - anywhere!). 

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS

Design Dame Wearstler views luxury and glamour as essential to every life well-lived, a way of appreciating and sharing our divine joy in existence, not the exclusive purview of the few (Amen to that - but who doesn't love luxe?!). From what I took away from the book - the designer encourages the reader to seek, aspire, and revel in luxury at home, work -every space you so happen to occupy in this lifetime however simple, adorned or out of this world. Embrace design, embrace color,  embrace your space with a joie de vie and all will be well - and not to mention a feast for the senses!

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS
Each project showcased evokes the many qualities of a distinctively Kelly Wearstler-esque Luxury practically expressed and fully enjoyed in each space (from work to home- I'm in love with the KWID offices!). Within these, the reader gleans insight from Wearstler’s superlative style and learns that luxury and use of color in design is about cultivating a state of mind as much as it is about the objects with which we surround ourselves. 

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS

Wearstler's attention to detail seamlessly blends high style, mid-century,  modernism, and classic Wearstlerism styles mesh together so seamlessly each space she creates is instantly timeless and classic. Her trademark use of electrifying color combinations, and mixing antiques, modern furniture, and abstract paintings/accoutrements are beyond genius and this tome is a testament to her work and legacy.  

© 2009 Courtesy of AMMO BOOKS

Exquisitely photographed, this vivid book is a must for anyone who loves sophisticated, ravishing interiors. The tome comes in both Hardcover and Limited Edition volumes - each a visual masterpiece to have for years to come!  

by Kelly Wearstler , Steve Crist (Editor)
Available at: AMMO BOOKSAmazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders