Friday, September 30, 2011

On The Inhale.

Have we reached total yoga saturation yet? Preschoolers, senior citizens, even dogs are doing yoga these days, and studios seem to be opening on every corner. Even so there is always an element to the practice that can be bring new meaning to the age old tradition  - and with BreAthe: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing (Yantra Yoga) you will learn that well-being can be achieve one breath at a time. 

BreAthe: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing
Yoga Breathing DVD with
Fabio Andrico & Yamila Diaz
If you’re just looking for a quick sweat,  then this dvd is probably not for you. Fabio Andrico, the legendary yoga instructor accompanied by the stunning Yamilia Diaz - introduces an ingenious dimension to yoga and it's simply breathing.  Andrico brings light to the ancient traditions of yantra yoga, more importantly— breathing techniques and meditation. With easy to follow instructions and the beautiful cadence of his voice, Andrico enlightens you on how to realign your body with on precision inhalation and exhalation.  The result is better posture, ease of breath, ease of movement and less overall tension in the body. The dvd features various sequences so you can tailor the program to your schedule. It's an investment that cost close to nothing. By just pressing 'play' and taking just one deep breath you can forever change our life. How amazing is that?

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Style and Substance: Jimmy Choo Laptop Cases

Image Courtesy of Raymond Meier
Being tech savvy has been in vogue for ages now - there's nothing new with that. Now it's all about outfitting your laptop, ipad, smartphone - kindle etc. With said cases: you need them but it can be virtually impossible to find one that matches your sartorial style ; at least that's my case - no pun intended. I've been in an endless search for the all purpose laptop case and now thanks to Net-a-Porter I can say the search is over!

Image Courtesy of Raymond Meier

All over the city you see these impeccably dressed guys and dolls who roam the town haute to death all toting these amazing cases. From the fun neon neoprene ones from Marc by Marc Jacobs or the graphic wonders from Emilio Pucci these stylized sleeves/cases are the perfect complement to your electronic wardrobe but for me I wanted pure luxury, like the latest from Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo
Ryan patent-leather laptop case, $575

Sometimes you want something that makes a statement without making a statement. Enter Jimmy Choo's computer case. It's made of durable, high-quality leather and uber luxe snakeskin outfitted with a strong, sturdy oh so chic zip.

Image Courtesy of Raymond Meier

It looks good on its own as an accessory or sliding out of a carry-on at the airport security check, these haute cases will make you the envy of the office, next blogger meet up or at your nearest coffee shop. Both styles are sleek, classic and will last the test of time - or when you get the latest macbook!

Jimmy Choo
Ryan elaphe snakeskin laptop case , $795


You’ve found the perfect man, have an magnificent job and just brought your dream home. If your dream life also include being in top shape, use this workout regime by Supreme 90 Day Plan featuring Fitness Maestro Tom Holland.

Supreme 90 Day Host Tom Holland 
Tom Holland, known for his enviable frame and fitness prowess is a force to be reckoned with! The ultra haute fitness trainer has blessed the masses with SUPREME 90 Day the revolutionary DVD designed to be performed daily,for three months, with sessions lasting  under an hour. 

Alternate between your body weight, dumbbells and stability ball to sculpt your body to perfection. 
The body slimming minutes of this workout program builds on the progress you've made after each work out week after week. The regime will sculpt your body like never before - don't believe us just ask any one of the Supreme 90 Day acolytes. What we absolutely LOVE about the program is that this DVD system costs just $19.99 an investment that will cost you next to nothing and the payoff is priceless.  The set comes with an eating plan and workout schedule so you can track your progress from day one. 

Tom's instructs you in this no holds bar fitness regime. Beware he will make you sweat!
Need additional help? Do the following to insure your New Supreme You: 
  • Visit your doctor. You need his or her OK before starting any diet or exercise plan.
  • Keep a journal. Start by writing down your workout goals, and make them as specific as you can—think "I want to lose five pounds and tone my shoulders."  
  • Size yourself up. Measure your waist, hips, thighs and arms. Step on the scale to find your starting weight. Finally, calculate your body-fat percentage (or body mass index) at Record this info in your journal, then weigh and measure yourself every week after.
  • Pen it in. In your planner, block out time each day for exercise just as you would for an important meeting.  
  • Get in tune. Load your MP3 player with songs that motivate you.  
  • Equip yourself. You'll need cross-training shoes and a supportive sports bra. If your budget allows, consider a heart-rate monitor, floor mat, high step and weights. 
  • Stay Informed. check out the Supreme 90 Day' website for updates and more body transforming  tips.
  • Follow the leader. Follow Tom Holland on Twitter (we do!) for fitness tips and talk to the man himself @tomhfit 

SUPREME 90 DAY Plan includes 10 DVDS, Success Chart and Nutrition Plan. 

With the new year approaching who doesn't want to look and feel your best? With Tom HollandSupreme 90 Day  it's possible...

Let's All Get Stress...FREE!

When it comes to looking good and staying fit, we're always hunting for great new talent. Meet the expert soon to be on your speed dial.
Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner, M.A.,  can cure gym junkies, couch potatoes and the most tragic of procrastinators from various set backs - including self doubt with her ingenious yoga  regime —and that’s just the beginning. Her heart felt workshops, yoga sessions, book and DVDs starts with life changing affirmations and heart-pumping blend of Yoga moves lunges, and strength training. Part of the fun is rising to the challenge with Ashley as she instructs you on movements, breath, mantra, chants , form and realizing your self-worth - her services, workshops & dvds are worth every penny! There’s no shortage of inspiration with Ashley at the helm giving you reassurance and life altering direction to reshape your mind, body and soul to perfection. 

Endlessly moving and always flowing, ELEMENT: YOGA FOR STRESS RELIEF + FLEXIBILITY (Anchor Bay Entertainment) is an exceptionally graceful approach to a yoga session of exceptionally well-sequenced set of varied body-sculpting exercises that only Ashley can deliver. Comprised of two sessions (one to reduce stress and the latter to improve flexibility) the moves are very well transitioned with no wasted, between-move downtime. Ashley’s cuing is very hands-on; she’s both commandeering and supportive - she pushes you to the max and the results will be astounding! Pair this DVD with her amazing with her book and other dvds for heart-pumping, gratifying routine that will leave you revitalize and ready to face the world! 

Parisian Luxe At Your Fingertips


Every so often a woman comes along with enough skill to fascinate every person in the room, enough charm to seduce any mere mortal, and enough good sense to make you believe she just might stay a while and often enough it's a French woman! These French supreme beings exude a certain je ne sais quoi that does not end with their allure and seduction. While many try to demystify these rare specimens few are successful. Mon petites, we have found the ultimate resource on how to capture the radiance, sheer magnetism and best yet insider french shopping hunts that will make any dame a true Parisian thanks to the supernova otherwise known as Inès de la Fressange

© Ines de la Fressange from Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange with Sophie Gachet Flammarion, 2011

In Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Inès de la Fressange (Flammarion) gives us an insider view on how a true Parisian conducts oneself in all areas of life.  Her entertaining and personal narrative will engage you as you immerse yourself with the haute repartee of a the mythic Parisian .The former model,Chanel alum and creative consultant for Roger Vivier -  de la Fressange knows how to make women feel sexy and powerful - much like herself. 

The timeless beauty also understands the power of the French woman can wield, which is why she collaborated with Sophie Gachet a fashion  journalist and created a charmingly illustrated book of inside information for women who appreciate fashion, beauty, and shopping— the French way. 

 Better yet you don't need a black Amex account to obtain the style and grace of de la FressangeVibrant art courtesy of the author complements the book’s tips on living the luxe life without spending a fortune emulating the French in the most authentic way.

A lover of life, style, art, furniture, and décor, de la Frassange knows that the chicest of Parisians are inspired by the heart as much as the mind. The tome is designed to spark both, with gorgeous photographs of  hauntingly beautiful shops, and inspired aesthetic details to incorporate into your life no matter the location. 

Sumptuous cuisine and charming home decor tips are also essential features of the book, engaging all readers the chance to vicariously savor the sensuous pleasures and effortless chic of this region.  de la Frassange and Gachet's captivating words and scenes open the doors of inspiration for all who cherish the French way of life.

Inès de la Fressange (pictured above) arguably one of the most stylish women in the world, has long been known for her sleek, sophisticated demeanor. This inspiring and ultra chic volume takes us on a life changing tour just by opening up the book. These luxurious and easy to follow tips on how to shop, dress, entertain and live will truly add to your lifestyle! de la Frassange's spectacular yet accessible suggestions will make you feel right at home you will identify with the French in no time.

Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange

Haute Stock

Emilio Cavallini
Edited by Benedetta Barzini

As a fashion stylist there are some items that are essential for me on nearly every project - topstick, safety pins, my favorite driver (I loathe schlepping!) and hoisery by the legendary Emilio Cavallini. For decades the brand has revolutionized the concept of haute hoisery and literally every season I am awestruck by the new and innovative way hoisery is produced (I'm still verklempted over the houndstooth long sleeve dress/stocking combo!). EMILIO CAVALLINI (Skira) is the first book that documents decades of ground-breaking fashion, art and history by the renowned Italian designer Mr. Cavallini, including the work of his private design studio;  extensive creative innovations, and large scale art works. Among the many features of this unprecedented book with its immense images featuring Mr. Cavallini's genius at work, stills taken from his artwork documenting the craftsmanship and images of the unique fashion that encompasses the brand. Barzini does an exceptional job at engaging the readers in an in-depth overview of Mr. Cavallini's  rich history, the most influential pieces of work , photographs of the final products , celebrated designs this rich book is a must for enthusiasts of all things Cavallini
Red Suspension
Fashion designer Emilio Cavallini launched his eponymous company in 1980, and with his family built it into one of the world's leading and innovative fashion and design companies in it's genre. 

Orange Abstract Diagram
160 × 160 cm

Mr. Cavallini brings to his work a deep commitment to the visual and arts, and an openness to new materials and ideas.  The monograph both chronicles and epitomizes the achievements of one of the world's most influential and enlightened fashion and design companies.
Yellow Spiral Structural Bifurcation
180 × 180 cm
The fusion between fashion, technology, design and art is more dynamic than ever before and this monograph featuring the genius Emilio Cavallini exemplifies this. What's truly fascinating is his approach to textile and hoisery and how his ideas and concepts come to fruition - sheer brilliance! 
Emilio Cavallini
Edited by Benedetta Barzini

Featuring the work of one of the most innovative fashion designer, EMILIO CAVALLINI (Skira) is essential for all those who want to stay in the 'know" on how luminaries like Cavallini merges fashion, technology, developments in textiles and art into the magnum opus that is his legacy - a true testament to his profound body of work. The book is an investment for all design lovers. 

Available at Rizzilo New York

What Does You Lips Say About You?

Lips, lips, lips! The bold hues seen on the catwalks, red carpets, and train pavements have captivated and inspired us here at LPB to no end! From jewel tones to pops of neon flash it's all about the lips.

When it comes to make-up especially lipstick no one could ever accuse Maybelline of being a one-trick pony. Already an influential beauty purveyor, the last few seasons have seen the brand turn NYFW into the beauty olympics with it's vast array of looks seen on just about every runway. Now Maybelline has extended it's reach even further into the world of haute lips with the legendary Color Sensational® Lipcolor LIP COLOR collection. Mon petites, these lipsticks offers to you the power to define your whole look, the luscious lip shades range from bare nude to a rich deep plum and also features a fiery, signature red shade that's certain to convert even those who are usually reticent of trying out strong colors. With that being said have just one question to ask... What does your lips say about you?
From the fierce Primal Queen to Glamour Vixen Maybelline's genius line of lipcolors can help you achieve your true self. If you need a little assistance we've put together looks with the adjoining lipcolor. Thank us later...

Color Sensational® Lipcolor LIP COLOR: Pink Satin
What Does Your Lips Say: You are the Queen of the Jungle. You make statements without uttering a word!
Wardrobe Essentials: Primal prints, royal jewels and tons of Fur!

Color Sensational® Lipcolor LIP COLOR: Fifth Avenue Fuchsia
What Does Your Lips Say: Traditionalist be damned! You are your own classic , forever timeless.
Wardrobe Essentials: Statement jewelry, Sharp outerwear and the dress of all dresses.
ShopList: , , ,


Color Sensational® Lipcolor LIP COLOR: Fuchsia Fever
What Does Your Lips Say: Trends come and go but you set the standard with your fresh take on looking effortless.
Wardrobe Essentials: Stella Hats, fun dresses and unbelievable shoes make your closet hautter then fire!
ShopList: , , , 


Color Sensational® Lipcolor LIP COLOR: Ruby Red
What Does Your Lips Say: Marlene Dietrich , Liza with an A and all the other great screen sirens from the past influenced you but when it comes to your style you are a one woman show!
Wardrobe Essentials: From award worthy tuxedo separates to drop dead gorgeous frocks your closet is stocked with some blockbuster pieces.

Mon Petites, there are no rules when it comes to your style and with these wallet friendly lipsticks you can be whatever you want!

For more information and to find locations to purchase the products check out

Bye Bye Belly Bye Bye

Saying Goodbye To That Muffin Top Will Put A Smile On Anyone's Face!
Photo courtesy of Getty Images 
Convet an uber flat mid section? Who doesn't - even if you don't have the 'great abs gene' you can still look & feel stunning in whatever you wear! 

Consider this mon petits: stomach flab is easier to lose than padding on your butt and thighs; commit to shedding a few pounds and the ones around your waist disappear first. Once they're gone a judicious mix of ab moves (thanks to Denise Austin, Patricia Friberg,  Craig and Matt Lewandowski,and Amy Bento & Co.  - respectfully) you can carve out smooth, visible muscle overtime ! Here we put together the best way to get a flatter stomach - involving a few clever changes to your lifestyle & 4 uber luxe work out DVDs sure to have your waist lean & svelte !


Without the right diet, even the most rigorous cardio regimen is useless. Do the following and be amazed at your ever shrinking waist: 
  • Cut Calories - unless you train like Michael Phelps there's no need to consume over 1,200 - 1,500 calories per day! 
  • Drink Coffee - while I do not drink cafe, coffee can be a part of a weight loss diet - it can trim the stomach slightly, and the caffeine may speed up the metabolism.
  • Add Dairy - getting 3 daily servings of dairy can help build bone density and Ladies it's never to early to start! 
  • Avoid the following: Calorie filled cocktails, white - starchy carbohydrates like white bread, pasta and potatoes and high sugar treats.....

Denise Austin: Shrink Your Flat Zones Pilates 
 You will be motivated by the legendary Denise Austin with this low impact/ high energy - core focused Pilates workout. The 46 minute workout is carefully structured to burn calories as you tighten every abdominal muscle possible from your obliques, abs and waist line all the while engaging your core to a fabulously sculpted mid section!

10 Minute Solutions: Best Belly Blasters

This well-cued, well-sequenced 10 minute workouts lead by some of the famed 10 Minute Solution alums  will tone your core to maximize results! There's never a wasted moment - Amy Bento, Suxanne Bowen, Jennifer Galardi, Lara Hudson, and Jessica Smith are ab-busting pros; each dame has carefully designed the various programs to maximize efficiency. You will trim your waist while learning some belly blasting moves.  Do the dvd 3 to 4 times a week and be amazed!

Flabs2Abs: 30 Day Body Transformation 

Craig and Matt Lewandowski - Fitness Extraordinaries have created an astounding abs work out with FLAB2ABS.  A solid 30  day workout taught by the brothers Lewandowski's precise cuing and well-designed structure makes it easy to master. The dvd not only covers fitness routines but also nutritional aspects one should incorporate to fully benefit from the program. The brothers starts with some classic moves and finally introduces a huge variety of combos and leads you in more challenging and waist slimming techniques. 

Patricia Friberg Volume 2:  Postnatal Fitness and Busy Mom Workout
Haute Moms did you think we forgot about you? We know you are short on time so we have the perfect fitness find that will trim your waist and having you looking better then ever! With Patricia Friberg's Belly Beautiful Workout this haute mama uses precise, sculpting abdominal and butt exercises designed to work deep into the core and lift the rear. Friberg's method will help you to create flat abdominals and get rid of the dreaded muffin top and have you ready to feel your best self possible and shower your baby with love! 

Haute Stepper: Get Ready for the Sky High Heel

Alejandro Ingelmo 7' Heel... Care For A Stroll? 

Angie Miller, Jill Miller (wonder if they are related?), and Jari Love have the kind of figures women dream of and men dream about. More importantly they know that a well toned physique is detrimental when strutting your stuff in 6' heels!  Learn how this fitness Goddesses reveals the secrets to whipping yourself into a catwalk worthy shape and better yet how to walk in those runway shoes...

Angie Miller's Crave Results , $19.95 
WHY PRESS PLAY   Angie Miller has created  a body sculpting routine that provides a full-body workout using a combination of cardio and toning to get the maximum result in no time flat. 
WALK THIS WAY As the market crashes the height of heels have sky rocketed to epic proportions! The dvd teaches the foundation to  strengthening your entire body building up your endurance which can be applied to walking in high heels. The fast paced DVD gives solid tips and exercises on the proper way to get into shape and more importantly strut your stuff - enough to make Kate and Naomi jealous!

Yoga Tune Up 
Quickfix Rx Kneehab with Jill Miller
, $19.95 
WHY PRESS PLAY Whether or not you wear heels the health and well-being of your knees is truly important for your overall health in general. The DVD targets those who are recovering from injuries, improve mobility and improve knee strength. 
WALK THIS WAY Jill Miller has tapped into an untouched area for women. While heels have been around for ages there isn't anything to really prepare you for what walking in 6' stunners will entail!
BUY IT $19.95 - 

Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped!
Revved To The Max, $14.99 

WHY PRESS PLAY Jari Love, the renowned trainer is committed to getting big results - fast. As your own personal trainer, Jari will guide you through her exclusive Interval System that combines strength, cardio and abs to blast through calories for a dramatic workout regime. The program includes two complete 30-minute workouts which progress by level of intensity. Start this program and in no time you'll achieve a lean, ripped body.
WALK THIS WAY  With all the squats, lunges and kicks Mrs.Love will have your legs ready to walk the walk in the highest heels ever! 
BUY IT $14.99 -  

So there you have it! The upcoming season (according to the runways) is all about celebrating endless legs, so it’s not altogether surprising that high heels have reached previously unimagined, skyscraping heights. So while stepping into a pair of vertigo-inducing heels might seem unavoidable this fall, you can at least minimize the damage those Balenciaga fur boots inflict on your body, particularly the lower half, by being physically prepared. Thank us later ...