Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Basics

Today, we’re giving thanks to the fact that we discovered ELEMENT: HATHA & FLOW YOGA FOR BEGINNERS (Anchorbay Entertainment) before the nonstop-fashion week hoopla-work assignments and traveling stress became too much. Staying true to its namesake, the yoga dvd led by Namaste Guru Tamal Dodge introduces the numerous benefits of yoga. Featuring two thirty minute routines focuses on different physical and mental aspects of yoga, such as building strength, improving flexibility, reducing stress and more! Never before has a has a single introductory dvd contained so much valuable information to help you explore the healing, invigorating, joyful world of yoga. Be inspired and motivated with this amazing library that will grow with you for years to come. For us just looking at the serene backdrop is enough to get us through the hectic weeks ahead.



Carol said...

I just discovered your blog! and I must say that I really like! I love your style, compliment is very special and inspirational! if you golook at my blog there is also a giveaway:

Dream Sequins said...

I'm getting into yoga too! Happy new year doll :)