Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Good Read!

Nostalgia in Vogue
 Written by Eve MacSweeney, Foreword by Anna Wintour,
 Contribution by Joan Didion, Margaret Atwood and Patti Smith
 Rizzoli New York 

For the millions of devoted Vogue readers - the 'Nostalia' column is an amusing, engaging and provocative read documenting the coming of age memoirs of the who's who or the art, fashion and pop culture worlds.  In the RIZZOLI NEW YORK  tome Nostalgia in Vogue  we take a walk ( actually a read) down memory lane and revisit the life changing moments for taste makers, designers, models and the sort. The tome chronicles the extraordinary moments that have devised—and transformed—the world for a group of people who have inspired legions of people and shaped the world in one way or another.  Not only are the stories intriguing but the photos that adjoined them as well add to the allure  to  the history and stories themselves. From the eccentric, amusing and nonconformist there's a scenario that will delight, fright or inspire you. It's an amazing tome ~ take a look for yourself... 

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