Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Pops of Color, Candy Colored tresses, techni-color shoes it's all about pigments! Seen on just about everything from the ever present Ombré hair, nails and make up trends to the latest frocks and gems to adore oneself with it's all about the hue!

Image courtesy of The Beauty Department 

From soft pastels to rich jeweled inspired hues it's time to embrace all that is tinted and mon petites, we have! The options of incorporating color in your wardrobe is limitless from temporary clip in extensions like the ones from Donna Bella Milan to the must have Summer 2012 nail lacquer Beach Collection from Zoya you either add a pop of color to your standard neutral wardrobe or go for the gusto and get jiggy with it (yes, I went there)! It's all about the saturation of color - and as long as the fit is correct you can combine it all ! Here's some Patone inspired frocks, rocks and the like .....

 From The Left: Zoya Surf Collection Sampler, $48ERICKSON BEAMON Modern Mughal gunmetal-plated Swarovski crystal clip earrings, $565; MIU MIU  Dark Coral Suede pumps, $580; MIU MIU  Dark Spearmint Suede pumps, $580; BOTTEGA VENETA Degradé cashmere and silk-blend scarf, $920; DOLCE & GABBANA Leather python & calf hair patchwork shoulder bag, $2,275; Current/Elliott Boyfriend short in multi airbrush, $168; Rag & Bone Lambretta sunglasses, $350 

With all these amazing hues the future looks bright!


Ombré or No-mbré That Is The Question

The Ombré trend has taken hold of the masses for seasons now and it's just getting started. From haute hipsters to Hollywood darlings -  all ventured in the land  of Ombré which has me thinking should I too switch it up and have some fun with my mane. 

Like many guys & dolls I live in my clip in extensions and would actually prefer going the faux route when in comes to the Ombré trend. My current clip in extensions of choice is Donna Bella Milan Hair extensions - the extensions transform my mane instantly and the hair feels and looks like Facebook just acquired it for a billion bucks! I recently saw some pictures of Ciara (below) which made me want to try then leave the trend altogether! Let's discuss....


What makes the whole ombré look so appealing is that it's effortless - the cascading of color, the 'grown in appeal' and there's a certain essence of the hair color that doesn't need to much styling - a look I fancy --- a lot!
Donna Bella 20" Full Head Human Clip-In, $150
How would I achieve this look you ask? Donna Bella Hair offers a plethora of colored clip in extensions that can be mixed and matched to achieve this trend. My sister over at DEESSE MAGAZINE  actually dyed her clip-ins to achieve this look and the end result was outstanding (check out her twitter for visuals). The dying process was not too intense and I am mulling over the idea - will keep you posted (pun intended) if I do decided to dye my beloved clip ins!


There's something harsh, and utterly too fake looking which turns me off the whole idea. While I loved her side swipe look above this doesn't not fit the bill - I would love to hear from you all what do you think? Ombré or NO-mbré ........


getty images

How amazing did so&so  look last night while you all were out for dinner and drinks? Did you skip dessert hoping that with discipline, spin class and possibly wiring your jaw shut you will have her fabulously flat abs? Mon petites don't fall into that trap! Yes,  Ms. So&So looked amazing - (bravo to you girl!)-  but her waist size should not be a concern of yours (unless your significant other is checking her out .... that's another post altogether) focus on your own well-being and trust you will get to the size you desire. 
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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy , $19.99
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