Monday, July 30, 2012


Poise Strong and Sexy  $19.99
Ever wonder   how other people   stay in shape?   Admit it you've checked out the girl at the office who never seems to gain an ounce or the your friend from high school who still wears the same size from high school! It's daunting and to be honest we have all been guilty of this - looking at other people's physique, comparing our own and somewhere down the line feeling a bit dejected. Well mon  petites, I am here to quiet that annoying inner voice and give you a gift of reassurance that no one (not even that Glamazon at the club) could deter! 
The gift my dear friends is Dr. Teri Jory, the International Health and Fitness Life Coach and her life changing DVD - Poise Strong and Sexy , $19.99. The 3 part DVD will tighten the belly, sculpt the waistline, contour your arms and lift those buns .    Each fat-burning move is specially designed to keep your heart rate up and help you get into fabulous shape. What's genius about the program is Dr. Jory's approach to finding and cultivating one's own inner and outer strength. She guides you in  becoming aware of your own confidence -to  find beauty within and to elevate your own sense of self which is truly priceless. So instead of scrutinizing over Gisele's legs or Kate's abs invest in yourself and gain a sense of inner perception that only comes with time and POISE

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