Friday, August 24, 2012

A Peach Tree Grows In Brooklyn.

A Peach Tree Grows In Brooklyn
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     In life there are some occurrences that are both a delight and bewilderment - case in point the picture above. I live in NYC on an (most of the time) idyllic street in Brooklyn - but like any big city people love to litter especially on my front lawn. Long story short, unbeknownst to me (or my landscaper) a litter fairy tossed a peach pit onto my lawn and abracadabra two years later I have peaches! Now this has been both a blessing and a curse (I caught the mail courier 'snatching' a few peaches) I have to say it has just intensified my commitment to eating fresh, clean and healthy. 

 Since this is the first season that the peaches have fully bloomed and are currently ripening (YUM!);  I am concocting peach-tastic menus featuring  Strawberry-Peach Preserves from culinary Goddess Sarabeth Levine , a mean jerk shrimp + peach + arugula salad and endless peach smoothies! While the tree itself was not planned it is truly appreciated and has inspired me to convert my backyard into a full-fledged petite farm (I am moving the tree back there as well). With the my new farm (I brought the seeds people!) I am now seriously considering splurging on the new GE French Door Refrigerator to ensure that when my légumes start to sprout I will be able to store it without the worry of spoiling (like Ben & Justin's wild Freshpedtion - just without the alligators). With ultra-filtered water from the first ever hands-free dispenser, and micro-climate controls powered by TwinChill technology, the new GE French Door Refrigerator is engineered to push the limits of fresh.  And fresh I will be with all my decadent treats stored in my new refrigerator. While I detest the litter fairies who roam my neighborhood vandalizing the streets I must admit this time it was actually in my favor! 

 So by next year I will not only be a haute body girl (thanks to all the clean eating) I will be fully equipped with storage just in time for harvest... and Marva the mail courier won't be swapping my goods! 
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by GE via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of GE.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sports Chic!

Maybe it's the past Olympics or my new found love of fitness (again!) but I am all about dressing sporty (think Sporty Spice x Posh with a dash of Galliano luxe - I SAID It!). My new awareness reminded me of these sketches done for  Rooney Mara during the Superbowl brouhaha earlier this year. Who says me active can't be chic?

Photo by Courtesy of Bouchra Jarrar

Photo by Courtesy of Clare Waith Keller for Chloé

Photo by Courtesy of Olivier Rousteing for Balmain

Monday, August 20, 2012

Viva la Hosiery!

Photographed by Phil Oh

There is one accessory I missed all summer long and it's stockings! I can not wait to get my hands on the latest from Wolford, House of Holland and some wallet friendly finds around town... Viva la Hosiery

My Fall Wishlist!

Photographed by Phil Oh

This photo by Phil Oh from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012 speaks volumes to me - the color is so vibrant and her look is ultra luxe. This coming season I can't wait to get my haute-ness on! Here a a few of my faves from 

1. VERSACE Leather thigh boots $2,250; 2. EDDIE BORGO Gunmetal-plated and brass cuff $2,500 each; 3. BURBERRY PRORSUM Tinsel-striped pencil skirt $2,395; 4. DOLCE & GABBANA Leopard-print patent-leather iPhone case $175; 5. ROBERTO CAVALLI Printed silk-twill top $950

1. ANTONIO BERARDI Leather-trimmed bouclé and crepe jacket $2,820; 2. BURBERRY Leather-trimmed rabbit-felt fedora $575; 3. MULBERRY Mid-rise corduroy tapered pants $380; 4. SONIA BY SONIA RYKIEL Intarsia wool and raccoon-blend sweater $495; 5. VALENTINO Ruffled leather ankle boots $1,295; 6. EDDIE BORGO Gold-plated safety chain cuff $315

Pilates That Body Girl!

Let's be honest - it's easy to cover up a few extra pounds with a chunky sweater. But when the temperatures—and the hemlines and shirt sleeves—rise ( like this summer!), there's just nowhere for the pudge to hide. And honestly who wants to start putting on the pounds - we have to look HAUTE for New Years!  So instead of layering up on knits and frocks we suggest taking the time out for yourself and get to the sweating! Now mon petites, we are fully aware that working out can compromise your hair, busy schedule and your precious desserts and cocktails outings with your chic set but there is nothing like feeling and looking your absolute best! Why not invest in yourself and take a que from the ultra fit Lisa Hubbard, Pilates & GYROTONIC® Instructor who is internationally known for her ground-breaking work in fitness has a must have at home fitness program that will keep you sylphlike all year round (no more chunky sweaters!). 

Lisa Hubbard  


photo: getty images/dior haute couture s/s 2010 backstage

Mon petites, when it comes to truly serving up FACE it's all about the brows! When properly groomed it can transform a 'plain Jane' into a full-fledged VAMP -   with an outcome so unbelievable, all one can do is stare, mouth agape, from just how haute you look! For us here at LPB the top of the tops transformational brow kit not only enhances your face, it's long lasting, wallet friendly and the name alone brings a smile to our face: Boom Boom.
Brow Essentials: 1) Boom Boom Brow "Boostier" Powder, $20 ; 2) Boom Boom Brow Brush; 3) Boom Boom Push-Up Brow Highlighting Pencil, $18; 4) Boom Boom Brow-ssiere Brow Gel, $10

Boom Boom brow essentials come from the Eyebrow Goddess,  Malynda 'Boom Boom' Vigliotti. An absolute MUST when you want to transform your ordinary brows into something epic (like that photo above of that haute dame at the Dior show). Hyper-perfect eyebrows can be attainable with the help of her richly pigmented Brow ''Boostier'' powder, Highlighting pencil and finished off with brow gel that keeps your brows in place. If you are a novice and need additional assistance when it comes to brows Boom Boom has a ultra haute Brow Bar in NYC that can get you and your brows together. Trust the products are amazing and should be in every haute girl's arsenal of 
beauty fixes! 

To Learn More About Boom Boom Brow Essentials, buy

products are schedule an appointment with BOOM BOOM 

herself check out 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Photography Sonny Vandavelde 
Mon Petites it's no secret I have an intoxicating, mind-blowing love affair with red lips and this Sonny Vandavelde image of 3 ultra haute models from MANISH ARORA Fall 2012 show has permeated itself into my beauté visual rolodex! What I find so captivating about the photo is the display of women all of different races - looking absolutely beautiful with a crimson lip; dispelling that archaic notion that a bouche rouge was designed for some. Mon petites, an out-of-this world  lip is available for all and we know the perfect lip system that will compliment anyone who covets the ultimate red lip! 

Mally The Perfect Red Lip For Everyone 3-pc Lip System

Mally Roncal's Mally Beauty: The Perfect Red Lip For Everyone 3-pc Lip System includes:  Perfect Prep Lip Primer in White, Evercolor Shaping Lip Liner, and Evercolor Satin Lipstick available in the following shades -  Cool Red: a raspberry red,  Neutral Red: a ruby red, and Warm Red: a fiery red. If you aren't sure which direction you should go Haute Gal Mally offers a highly entertaining video that will school you on achieving your perfect scarlet lip!  The lipstick and liner has a rich pigment that perfectly coats lips and wears for hours with the aid of the primer. This trifecta works miracles and is an investment that is worth every coin. Cheers to that! 

Photography Sonny Vandavelde 

Red Alert

photo: nicholas moore
 'Red. Red. *Red*. *Red*, Charlie boy. *Red*! Is the color of sex! Red is the color of sex and fear and danger and signs that say, Do. Not. Enter. All my favorite things in life.' - Lola 
The quote from the truly entertaining movie Kinky Boots is one of my favorites as it correlates to the color of all colors: RED! From lipsticks, lip gloss to lip stains the color red just works on every complexion on this beautiful earth of ours. The hue works through the seasons, day or night and can make a gloomy day absolutely HAUTE ! Now mon petites, you know I just love sharing my favorites with you all - listed below are the best in red that every woman (and I mean every dame!) should have in her arsenal of hauteness! 

From Left to Right: YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in COLOR 9 Rouge Laque, $32 ; DIOR Rouge Dior Lipcolor in COLOR Blazing Red 638, $32; Mally The Perfect Red Lip For Everyone 3-pc Lip System, $31.82; MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge in COLOR 8 Iconic Red , $24

Paint The Town RED
RED Alert: This lip stain goes on sleek, never dries out and the pigment is so on point! At over $30 dollars it's a splurge but it's well worth it! Perfect for the nights you want to  paint the town RED! 
Price: $32

RED Alert: This daytime to nighttime lipstick is bold, but it's not offensively bright - ladies, it just works! The creamy and moisturizing lipstick is worth it's weight in hauteness... 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adorned with Love

When I started middle school I befriended this gorgeous, gregarious, and downright confident girl. There wasn't a person she did not captivate. Every girl wanted to be her friend and every boy (brave enough) wanted to date her. S, (that's what I will call her) had Alopecia, an autoimmune skin disease that caused her to be completely hairless. S,  did not let the disease define her. Her unyielding approach to being positive left me (till this day) awe-struck.  S was an inspiration to me and countless other girls who was blessed enough to be in her presence. So when I heard about Haute Hair Company -Follea's  philanthropic happenings as it correlates to the disease that  has touched me - I wanted to blog about it. 

 In honor of International Alopecia Day, taking place on August 4, and September's Alopecia Awareness Month, Follea Inc., the leading designer and manufacturer of natural, European wigs and hairpieces, including the renowned GripperTM Alopecia Wig, will give away 10,000 free Alopecia bracelets that bear the phrase, "Someone I love has Alopecia" embossed on it. Since I, too love a person with Alopecia the bracelet just seems so poignant. Not everyone has the confidence of S (although I wish we all did!) so supporting both men and women who live with this disease is a small gesture that will have a huge impact on so many lives. So remember mon petites, no gift is too small and this is one charity that is worth it! 

The first 10,000 people to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Follea at the address below, will receive a "Someone I love has Alopecia" bracelet. For more information, call 888-4-FOLLEA or 310-858-0100 or visit

Alopecia Awareness Initiative C/o Follea Inc.
208 South Beverly Drive #208 
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time to Chill With The GEt Fresh Crew!

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The day I decided to start my business was the day I learned a hard lesson: there will be sacrifices. I fully accepted the fact  I would miss major family events, outings with the girls, and date nights with the boyfriend but what I didn't fully process was that I would also sacrifice good ole' fresh home cooked meals. For entrepreneurs like myself or just people with hectic schedules/circumstances having a fresh meal can be somewhat of a luxury. Back in 2010 I decided that I would invest in my wellness and embark on an intense yet enlightening raw food detox  ; the experience left me a few pounds lighter but also with a new found respect and awareness of the importance of eating fresh foods. Fast track two years and here I am still learning how to navigate my bustling lifestyle of photo shoots, constant schlepping,  and traveling while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet of fresh foods. What I took away from my wellness escapade spearheaded by Karyn Calabrese (Raw food/Vegan Connoisseur and Wellness Goddess) was that with healthy eating - preparation is key and one will need the right tools, appliances, and sheer know-how to take charge and live a full, vibrant life (trust your body will thank you for it). 

 Now mon petites, being healthy does not necessary mean going raw and living on sprouts alone - it means making a conscious effort to ensure what goes in your body is a fresh as it could be. For me when my schedule permits I like to make all my meals using the freshest products available. Although I live in NYC I mostly buy farm fresh produce and surprisingly it doesn't break the bank either. And I am not alone - in the city there has been a resurgence of people like me who want non-processed foods and thankfully there's organic / farmer's market sprouting up everywhere making my at home food regime all the more accessible.  For instance my current go to lunch this summer has been an unbelievably yummy Ginger Swai Fillet paired with greens (pictured here with Brussels Sprouts), Mandarin Oranges from the Farmer's Market and my grand-mère's to-die-for vanilla infused lemonade. When I prepare these meals there is a sense of self appreciation that I experience knowing that I am being aware and mindful when nourishing this body of mine. With this awareness also comes with the realization when eating fresh/clean the appliances/tools are just as important as the produce itself. And when it comes to appliances especially in the terms of sustaining the freshness of the produce having a fully functioning  refrigerator is detrimental so when I heard about GE Freshpedition's  series I was instantly intrigued to learn more about the new GE French Door Refrigerator  
Copyright La PETITE Blog 2012
GE Freshpedition follows chef Ben Sargent (who's a total cutie - gotta love a man who can cook!) and GE engineer Justin Berger as they embark on a cross-country road trip to find farm fresh ingredients to prepare a ultra haute meal for  deserving Wildlife Biologist Ron Thompson whose occupation keeps him away from his home, family and access to fresh food. Along for the ride is a GE French Door Refrigerator - ensuring that all the ingredients maintain the freshness. I can't wait to see how these two men (whom seem like the 2012 odd couple) set on this quest to reward hard working Ron Thompson with a fresh meal. I for one can identify with the wildlife biologist (photo shoots can be brutal people!) and will watch with delight as he is bestowed with a soul nourishing meal! Here's a sneak peak of what's to come with the series...    

GE is continuing this same passion for fresh food with the Freshpedition Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes uses Pinterest, which means you can actually pin for a chance to win all new GE kitchen appliances.  
But wait, there’s even more to win! 
You can also enter each day of the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 VISA® Prepaid Card. Entering for this prize is fun as you’re asked to pin your favorite fresh foods or your own recipes. Also, these pins when hashtagged with your state (e.g. #GEfreshTX) become part of a “Best of Fresh” map featuring freshness from around the country. Be sure to follow Ben & Justin on their journey and GE Appliances on twitter @GE_Appliances & use the hashtag #freshpedition 
Explore the map here:

For official rules and to enter visit here:

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by GE via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of GE.