Monday, August 20, 2012

Pilates That Body Girl!

Let's be honest - it's easy to cover up a few extra pounds with a chunky sweater. But when the temperatures—and the hemlines and shirt sleeves—rise ( like this summer!), there's just nowhere for the pudge to hide. And honestly who wants to start putting on the pounds - we have to look HAUTE for New Years!  So instead of layering up on knits and frocks we suggest taking the time out for yourself and get to the sweating! Now mon petites, we are fully aware that working out can compromise your hair, busy schedule and your precious desserts and cocktails outings with your chic set but there is nothing like feeling and looking your absolute best! Why not invest in yourself and take a que from the ultra fit Lisa Hubbard, Pilates & GYROTONIC® Instructor who is internationally known for her ground-breaking work in fitness has a must have at home fitness program that will keep you sylphlike all year round (no more chunky sweaters!). 

Lisa Hubbard  

Element: Total Body Pilates (Anchor Bay Entertainment), $21.98 —which include a mix of Pilates, floor work, small weights (mini-ball), and near-impossible abdominal work  is a vigorous full body work out that strengthens and stretches simultaneously making it an extremely efficient practice to incorporate into your weekly 'Haute Body Get It Girl' routine.  Lisa teaches you that core strength is the foundation of the program,this creates improved posture, coordination, strength and flexibility not to mention a 24/7 feel good fix that only wellness can achieve. So this Fall instead of letting yourself 'go' grab this DVD, mini ball and your mat and get to work. Your body will thank you for it! 

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