Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Photography Sonny Vandavelde 
Mon Petites it's no secret I have an intoxicating, mind-blowing love affair with red lips and this Sonny Vandavelde image of 3 ultra haute models from MANISH ARORA Fall 2012 show has permeated itself into my beauté visual rolodex! What I find so captivating about the photo is the display of women all of different races - looking absolutely beautiful with a crimson lip; dispelling that archaic notion that a bouche rouge was designed for some. Mon petites, an out-of-this world  lip is available for all and we know the perfect lip system that will compliment anyone who covets the ultimate red lip! 

Mally The Perfect Red Lip For Everyone 3-pc Lip System

Mally Roncal's Mally Beauty: The Perfect Red Lip For Everyone 3-pc Lip System includes:  Perfect Prep Lip Primer in White, Evercolor Shaping Lip Liner, and Evercolor Satin Lipstick available in the following shades -  Cool Red: a raspberry red,  Neutral Red: a ruby red, and Warm Red: a fiery red. If you aren't sure which direction you should go Haute Gal Mally offers a highly entertaining video that will school you on achieving your perfect scarlet lip!  The lipstick and liner has a rich pigment that perfectly coats lips and wears for hours with the aid of the primer. This trifecta works miracles and is an investment that is worth every coin. Cheers to that! 

Photography Sonny Vandavelde 

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