Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's delightful, It's delicious, It's de-yümmy!

 Mon Petites, I don't know about you but when I indulge in some absolutely delectable fares I can not help myself and start singing the legendary Cole Porter tunes. Now loves, I am a snack fanatiqué and when I heard that Müller yogurts are now stateside I broke out in a melody that would of made Mr. Porter proud (my singing is another matter but I digress).  Müller  yogurts are my absolute fave when I am overseas working in the City of Lights (by day I am a fashion stylist) - the taste, texture and waistline friendliness is so addicting that I can have my Müller   and eat it too! 

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When it comes to anything yogurt for me it's about taste and texture - I can forgo those watery or chalk-like yogurts that are so tart you would think you are sucking on lemons. With Müller , the probiotic goodness is truly at it's best - the texture is creamy, the taste is literally intoxicating and the caloric intake will not make fitting in those Isabel Marant leather pants all the more possible! 

Clockwise From Left: Müller™ Greek Corner,  Müller™ Corner, and Müller™ FrütUp
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 With Müller  yogurts your palate will experience a beautiful marriage of flavorful deliciousness that is  nutritious, and completely guilt-free - these snacks helps support a healthy immune system and may help regulate digestion too (score!).  From the Müller Greek Corner , Müller Corner & the perfect 'on-the-go' meal Müller FrütUp  is sure to be the must-have snack (mon petites it's wallet friendly too!). 

Now available at a grocery store near you indulge in the de-yümmy offerings from Müller
  • Müller Corner and Müller Greek Corner offer a new way to enjoy yogurt in an exclusive two-chamber with add-ins you can flip, stir or dip. Varieties include Strawberry, Blueberry, Crunchy Granola, Crispy Crunch, Choco Balls and Choco Flakes. The Greek-style varieties include Caramelized Almonds, Strawberry, Blackberry &; Raspberry, and Honeyed Apricot. 
  • Müller FrütUp has creamy low-fat yogurt on the bottom with a vibrant layer of fruit mousse on top. Müller FrütUp is a new yogurt experience that you can scoop or swirl to your delight. With a delicious fruit mousse on the top of yogurt, there is nothing like it. Müller FrütUp varieties include Peach Passion Fruit, Splendid Strawberry, Blueberry Bliss, Radiant Raspberry, Luscious Lemon and Very Cherry.

So mon petites ,when you are in the mood for a de-yümmy snack that will appease your sweet tooth and will not compromise your haute body Night & Day  Müller  is the one...  
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