Friday, January 27, 2012

From Cyprus To Eternity

© HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan, Rizzoli New York, 2011
Hussein Chalayan, the designer who has been revered and respected for his experimental, innovative and technical achievements has now been published for our literary pleasure! Mon Petites,  Rizzoli New York's HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan is the monograph worth splurging on.  Hussein, the boy from Cyprus has grown up to become the unorthodox designer who brilliantly  articulates  symbolisms, inspirations, and influences into avant-garde pieces of wonderment.

© HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan, Rizzoli New York, 2011

From working with an animatronic design team to producing an entire collection using  Tyvek paper -  Chalayan is  technological couturier and for the first time we get an intimate look at his inner-working.

© HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan, Rizzoli New York, 2011
Chalayan - the intellectual designer has built a reputation for being inspired by architecture, art, politics, nature and sculpture and translating into clothes. Ever the showman his collections continue to God smack the world. 

© HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan, Rizzoli New York, 2011
In this truly must have tome you revisit designs that have proved to be some of fashion's most experimental: with frock coats that build themselves ( autumn/winter 2007-08); coffee tables that morph into skirts (autumn/winter 2000-01); dresses with wings to mimic those of aeroplanes (spring/summer 2000); and pieces that can be folded up into an envelope (spring/summer 2000-01) he has challenged the notion of fashion.

© HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan, Rizzoli New York, 2011
 Ever the inventor he seems to push the boundaries on what one can truly wear. His brilliance has been overlooked by the masses (my opinion) and this book literally puts you in the Chalayan world - you will be immersed, intrigued and wonder why in the h.e.double hockey sticks you weren't fully versed in all things Chalayan.

© HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan, Rizzoli New York, 2011
For Chalayan it's not just what's the next hottest trend, it dress or the perfect LBD he designs these showpieces that are beyond it's time. His fixation on details and seeing his visions to fruition is beyond amazing.

© HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan, Rizzoli New York, 2011
Chalayan has an extraordinary legacy of his work to draw on, so the revisiting in this tome is an amazing one. From the distinctive, striking, minimalistic and technical proficiency  to the sensuous  dresses embodied the designer's now-signature blend of intellectual rigor and appeal to the senses. If you are a design enthusiast this book is for you!

© HUSSEIN CHALAYAN by Hussein Chalayan, Rizzoli New York, 2011

Hussein Chalayan by Hussein Chalayan is a masterpiece in of itself. He  has combined his own past, present, and—presumably—future in one opus that he defined on his own terms and like his creations it's one of a kind. 

Hussein Chalayan
by Hussein Chalayan
Edited by Robert Violette
Contribution by Judith Clark, Susannah Frankel, Emily King and Sarah Mower

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Good Read!

Nostalgia in Vogue
 Written by Eve MacSweeney, Foreword by Anna Wintour,
 Contribution by Joan Didion, Margaret Atwood and Patti Smith
 Rizzoli New York 

For the millions of devoted Vogue readers - the 'Nostalia' column is an amusing, engaging and provocative read documenting the coming of age memoirs of the who's who or the art, fashion and pop culture worlds.  In the RIZZOLI NEW YORK  tome Nostalgia in Vogue  we take a walk ( actually a read) down memory lane and revisit the life changing moments for taste makers, designers, models and the sort. The tome chronicles the extraordinary moments that have devised—and transformed—the world for a group of people who have inspired legions of people and shaped the world in one way or another.  Not only are the stories intriguing but the photos that adjoined them as well add to the allure  to  the history and stories themselves. From the eccentric, amusing and nonconformist there's a scenario that will delight, fright or inspire you. It's an amazing tome ~ take a look for yourself... 

For more information abouNostalgia in Vogue  please visit RIZZOLI NEW YORK

Monday, January 23, 2012


Savage sophistication, distressed leather, exposed hardware, black-centric palette, and avant-garde perfection are but a few adjectives that can be applied to the American-born, Paris-based designer's designer Rick Owens.  
Since 1994 Owens, a native of California (surprising no?) has romanced the world over with his asymmetrical dresses; long, clingy T-shirts; embellished outerwear; kickass footwear and viciously luxurious furs to cult like proportions.

Owens distinctly Gothic vision which highlights the beauty of form, imperfections and a suppleness that can only be attributed to luxury is on full display in the Rizzoli New York produced tome RICK OWENS.

At first glance some might sum up Owens work as lugubrious or monotonous, but as the arresting book exhibits (and those of us lucky to own pieces from the line can attest)  his collections are  sexy, beautifully made and supremely comfortable.

From his eponymous line to his work with Revillon, Owens' aesthetic have never deviated and the clothes exemplifies that. The components are brilliant—most obviously, the rough-hewn, bias cut shearlings and leather jackets. Irresistible pieces like the fierce cropped sheepskin gilets and boleros - pieces die hard RO acolytes, fashionistas and celebrities have in the wardrobe arsenal. His vision has been the same since he began his collection and it's truly a tour de force to see in the book.

Sinuous silhouettes, a mysterious enigma and an perception that is truly one of a kind - everything that comprises RICK OWENS is on full display in this tome. Like the man this book too is one of a kind and a total investment that will pay for itself (just like one of his furs!)....

Rick Owens
 Written by Rick Owens 
Contribution by Francesco Bonami, Olivier Zahm
 and Maria Luisa Frisa
Rizzoli New York 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY BEAUTÉ: Creating Your Signature Look

The Start of the New Year is one of the most high-pressured time of the year: You know it's coming for, well...a year, and you're supposed to make a conscious effort to improve your current la vie for the better. But when you find yourself scared, discouraged or just utterly confused on achieving said goals —you might end up scraping your resolutions until unfortunately — next year. Mon petites don't let a bit of trepidation block you from realizing your full potential! With all this talk of resolutions I will share with you one of mine - to always be camera ready everyday! It was inspired by a recent Mally Roncal Ustream episode where Mally along with her MB superteam, mallynistas and yours truly shared our New Year's resolutions. The resolutions  varied from dream vacations, being true to one's self and false eyelashes so while I have a plethora of goals on my New Year's Resolution To Do List  - achieving a no nonsense signature look will be my first one to tackle.   Here's how I plan to make 2012 #GORGOIS :
Photo: Alessandro Garofalo /
My inspiration: Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2012 RTW collection - the fifties's inspired looked really resonated with me as did the red lips. The models' faces were  flawless , amazing lashes, spectacular skin and out of this world lips - why shouldn't I look like this in some varied form everyday? 

From Right: ORIGINS Make A Difference™, $38.50 ; BIOELEMENTS Multi-Task Eye Oil, $36; RAPIDLASH, $49.95 ; KALASTYLE Happy Balm, $6.50
Mon petites, with everything in life it's always best to prep for success and when it comes  to beauty that notion is key! From hydrating your body,mind & soul with ~H2O+ and a healthy diet (cheetos won't give you a glowing complexion) to following a daily beauty regime will ensure your pores stay intact, your eyes are not puffy with water retention and your lashes are luscious. Here are some of the products we pledge our allegiance to:

P4S Item ORIGINS Make A Difference™
Why we love it: A beauty staple for sleep-starved fashionistas and frazzled behind-the-scenes types, ORIGINS Make A Difference™ refreshes and brightens in seconds.
Daily Prep: Use twice daily —trust us smoother skin is imminent.
Price: $38.50

P4S ItemBIOELEMENTS  Multi-Task Eye Oil
Why we love it: The elastin-building peptides and plant extracts in BIOELEMENTS Multi-Task Eye Oil make the puffiness, bags and crows feet a thing of the past .
Daily Prep: I love using this cooling rollerball at night. It feels like it's just been pulled from the freezer - love!

Why we love it: Haven't you heard? Nonprescription lash enhancers are an absolute must for your lashes (and brows too!) - polypeptides, proteins, vitamins, and moisturizers sums up this magic elixir that will have your lashes healthier, thicker & appearing fuller ...  to epic heights!
Daily Prep: Use twice daily before applying your make up and at night right before bed. It's an investment that pays for itself! 
Price: $49.95

P4S ItemKALASTYLE Happy Balm 
Why we love it: This lightweight Happy Balm, which has a subtle sweet scent, has an incredibly smooth formula and is packaged to look like an adorable bff - you will be a bon vivant with this balm! It makes lips look luscious by hydrating them and leaving behind a healthy sheen. When worn under lipstick, it also helps color stay put, no peeling skin and reduces feathering.
Daily Prep: Use it whenever, wherever! I like to dab some on before I do my face so it gives my lips the extra TLC it needs before applying my gloss or lipstick for the day.  It glides on smoothly, and quickly softens and soothes chapped lips. It wears insanely well; you can go hours without reapplying.
Price: $6.50

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
The magic is in the make up ... tools! The right brush doesn't just make it easier to apply makeup; it can also enables you to be more precise insuring you are camera ready! 
From Right: Japonesque Brow/Lash Comb, $4.99; Japonesque Kubuki, $4.99; Japonesque Brow/Lash Comb,Japonesque Bent Liner Brush, $4.99;  Japonesque All Over Eyeshadow Brush, $4.99; Japonesque Starter Set, $12.99
Having the right set of brushes is detrimental to a great makeup application—or mediocre one.  While it is always best to invest in an amazing set there's nothing wrong about a wallet friendly set of brushes that not only save you a few coins but space in your cosmetics bag too. Artist Tools by Japonesque ($4.99 - $12.99) the interchangeable set of brushes works with both liquids and powders. The versatile brush set can be used to apply make up on evenly. Its angled bristles enable you to reach every nook of the face, and the sleek handle makes it easy to stash in any makeup bag (added bonus!). What I adore about the set is that while there are a few days I may leave without a face on (gasped) - this compact set works wonder when I have to do a five minute face in the cab  (don't judge me). 

LPB Tip:   Keep it clean boo! Once a month, mix warm water with a little soap and swish the head of the brush around in it. For synthetics like the Artist Tools, simple dish soap will work (we like using a gentle shampoo). Once they're clean, rinse them well and blot with paper towels, then lay them flat until they dry completely. Don't stand them up in a cup to dry—gravity will go to work on the wet hairs and pull them out of shape like our waist lines we don't want our brushes out of shape!

Shop List:

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
How flawless is Jourdan Dunn's complexion? While we all can't have a team of beauty Gods beating our faces we can still look like it!
From Right: Mally 24/7 Concealer, $35;  Mally Ultimate Performance Professional Foundation, $40.00; Mally 24/7 Professional Blush System , $35

When I think about the trifecta of foundation + concealer + blush (sometimes bronzer too - that's another post kids) I aim to achieve a finish that gives my skin a dewy, diffused natural glow, while evening out tone and hiding imperfections with the blush instantly brightening my skin.  Here's my trifecta to a perfect face:

Concealer :  Mally 24/7 Concealer
Major FACE Factor:  Mally & Co. were on to something when the brand named the product 24/7 Concealer - the product disguises flaws and illuminates with a natural-looking finish and does not perform a 'disappearing act'  - it is the ultimate coverage that lasts the test of time.   
Price:  $35

Major FACE Factor:   The multifaceted cream foundation looks great all over the face  or just on patches and spots that need coverage . The foundation feels light and can it be possible to be in love with the Japanese foam applicator? My only wish if it came in darker shades but crossing fingers it will very very soon - 
Price:  $40

Major FACE FactorBlush is so often overlooked— for some it doesn't have quite the sex appeal of a red lipstick or smoky eye. But once you find the right shade,mon petites it can be the only thing you put on - trust!  In comes Mally's 24/7 Professional Blush System,this powder compact contains two blendable colors - whether swirled together  or worn separately, the lightweight, nongreasy shades always make your skin look like it's glowing. Unlike other brands  you don't need to reapply it throughout the day - this bullet proof blush will have your cheeks radiant from the moment you put it on to the moment you take it off.
Price:  $35

Shop List:

*** You have the products now learn the technique : Check Out This Too Haute For TV Tutorial From Mally herself - ***

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
Eyeshadow is a controversial issue - there are smokey eye acolytes, cat eyed devotees (myself included) and those who like to skip this step altogether. For the days I just want a lovely soft lid I will definitely go this route like the make up artists did for the show.

From Right: Boom Boom Brow Brush, $11 ; Boom Boom Brow Bar Aretha - Brow "Boostier" Powder, $20; Mally Brightening Shadow Duo, $25; d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash, $24
The eyes are pivotal when achieving a head turning look. Here's a few items that will have you turning heads. 

EYEcon Status:  For us here at La Petite Blog (i.e. - ME) when it comes to brows I like to epitomize that old adage "big is beautiful" (think vintage Brooke Shields, Camilla Belle & 80's supermodels) . While I do have some brow pencils that I absolutely adore the Brow 'Boostier' Powder is a true contender when it comes to achieving a natural full brow look.  This lightweight coverage formula was designed to be smudge-proof and comes with various shades to ensure the perfect brow color.
Price: $20

EYEcon Status: The angled brush applies on the brow powder to perfection - absolute perfection!
Price: $11 

EYE Spy: Mally Brightening Shadow Duo
EYEcon Status: This Mally eye shadow duo is a long-wearing formula gives eyes a smoldering, come-hither look the brightening effect is an added bonus.
Price: $25

EYEcon Status: This jet black volumizing mascara by d.j.v. beautenizer™ turns lashes into dramatic, exaggerated fringe. This mascara converts even the skinniest lashes into dramatic, exaggerated fringe—thickening, lengthening, and blackening to a hyperbolic degree - it's also gentle on the eyes - an absolute must have!
Price: $24

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
Stéphane Marais,  the make up artist behind this look wanted to channel Guy Bourdin images and a certain "Saint Laurent sophistication," Marais applied a precise coat of the bright crimson pigment before swinging it around and dipping into its high-shine clear gloss - I'm obsessed!
From Right: Mally Lip Fence,$12.50; Mally The Perfect Red Lip For Everyone 3-piece Lip System, $35; Mally Lip Brush, $15

Of course to add to my obsession is the bullet proof must have lip products from my beloved beauty Goddess Mally. Not only will you define and enhance your pout the high wattage color will Godsmack all who are lucky enough to glaze their eyes on you.

LIPtastic Must Have:  Mally  Lip Fence
LIP Appeal: The wax formula keeps lipsticks of all colors from smudging past the lip line—with no obvious trace.
Price: $12.50
Shop List:

LIPtastic Must Have: Mally The Perfect Red Lip For Everyone 3-piece Lip System

LlP Appeal: Long-lasting,  luxurious, moisturizing, opaque and conditioning are but a few adjectives to describe The Perfect Red Lip For Everyone 3-piece Lip  System. This kit which includes a primer, lip liner & soon to be cult status lip stick demands to be worn both day & night.
Price: $35 
Shop List:

LIPtastic Must Have: Mally Lip Brush
LIP Appeal: Unlike other brushes, this super Lip Brush has a tapered tip that cleanly outlines every curve and arc of the lip, and the uber cute pink casing is petite enough to slip into any clutch.
Price: $15

Don't believe me? Watch Mally turn it out with the Lip system yourself here - 

Want to see my first try at this look  ( fyi - I didn't have lashes and my eyes were a bit puffy) - 

Let me know what your new years new you resolutions - cheers to a  GORGOIS 2012!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Basics

Today, we’re giving thanks to the fact that we discovered ELEMENT: HATHA & FLOW YOGA FOR BEGINNERS (Anchorbay Entertainment) before the nonstop-fashion week hoopla-work assignments and traveling stress became too much. Staying true to its namesake, the yoga dvd led by Namaste Guru Tamal Dodge introduces the numerous benefits of yoga. Featuring two thirty minute routines focuses on different physical and mental aspects of yoga, such as building strength, improving flexibility, reducing stress and more! Never before has a has a single introductory dvd contained so much valuable information to help you explore the healing, invigorating, joyful world of yoga. Be inspired and motivated with this amazing library that will grow with you for years to come. For us just looking at the serene backdrop is enough to get us through the hectic weeks ahead.