Thursday, February 7, 2013


A Life
By Stacy Schiff
Little, Brown and Company
Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt - the one person on Earth who has stood apart from both men and woman.  Her legacy - a paradox  that encapsulated strength, cunning wit, beauty and pure unadulterated lust whose presence has outlived her contemporaries yet even still she remains an enigma yet to be solved. I first was enamored with the story of Cleopatra from reading the Margaret George tome The Memoirs of Cleopatra: A Novel - a riveting historical novel written in the 'vain' of Cleopatra's voice. That tome is a must have and a  great introduction to the world of Cleopatra - so richly detailed it quenched my thirst into learning more about this Queen who has been both glorified and vilified through the ages. In comes Cleopatra: A Life (Little, Brown and Company) by Pulitzer Prize Winner Stacy Schiff - a book that has been celebrated since it's 2010 release; a book that is on my short list of Cleopatra tomes to tackle. So mon petites, would you be interested in doing a book club with me with this book? Tweet me your thoughts and let's get the dialogue going. 

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