Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mane Attraction | Tools Of The Trade

Michele Moros/ Luca Cannonier / InDigitalteam |GoRunway

With Fashion week taking over the globe we have dreams for FW2013 of rich hues like azalea pink, fuchsia, and a Riviera blue that will make our wardrobe all the better - we  can't help but be fixated on the haute hair that has graced the runway from New York to Milan. All the better we have the tools of the trade that will transform your hair from subway to runway and you won't break the bank! 

Haute Hair Looks From St. John FALL 2013 READY-TO-WEAR Collection
Photos: Amanda De Simone/ InDigital | GoRunway
Don't have the insider connect like that dashing Ann Dello Russo who rocks those hauter then haute frocks straight off the runway. While we are currently inspired to save our coins for those frocks (Tom Ford anyone?) we can indulge in some cheap thrills that we give us a new look all the same. While we absolutely loved the looks for the FW2013 RTW St.John show the hair was to die for! Those retro waves with that ever so perfect sheen was a hit here at LPB. It's a standard in hair that truly never gets old. Our solution to achieving these look you ask?
Donna Bella 20" Full Head Human Clip-In, $150
Donna Bella Hair Extensions of course! When it comes to realistic, shake what ya mama gave ya realness - my friends look no further then the haute hair extensions from Donna Bella! The wefts have just the right amount of fullness and the clips are sturdy. Also at just $150 you can have a full mane and none will be the wiser. Here's a few tips we scored from Allure for the extension novices out there. 

Create a good base. You need to give the hair some grip so that the combs on the back of the extension have something to hold onto and don't just slip out. We recommend spraying a medium- to strong-hold hair spray and using a comb to tease the area where you'll apply the clips. For natural hair girls like me (i.e. no relaxer) I skip the spray because the moisture will curl up my hair - so do this with caution! 
Be a master of disguise. Fine-haired ladies need to be more careful that the top of the extension doesn't peek through the natural hair. Teasing the section of hair just above the clip and just below it will provide the necessary coverage and also give you some extra hold.
Use your heat tools. The most important step is to blend your natural hair and the extension together. We here at LPB wrapped both our hair and the extension around the flatiron, to make sure they flowed into one another and to ensure that each layer had the same loose, wavy texture. Use a large-barrel curling iron for bigger curls or, if you want everything to be superstraight, run a flatiron over both your hair and the extension in the traditional way.
Shake it up. When you're finished, use your fingers to shake your hair and the extension, allowing it to fall naturally into place.

Photos: Gianni Pucci/ InDigital | GoRunway

It's no secret that here at LPB we LOVE all things Francesco Scognamiglio! From his ultra sexy looks to that Kurt Cobain meets Rita Hayworth hair we are absolutely besides ourselves over achieving this effortlessly chic look! 

Target Exclusive Revlon Limited Edition Python Conical Iron, 29.99

We searched, we tested and we have to admit - we LOVE the Revlon Limited Edition Python Concial Iron! The tapered-barrel cone-shaped curling iron is lightweight and has a ceramic surface that prevents hair from slipping as well as prevents damage. Because the conical rod creates curls that are larger near the root of the hair and narrower at the end, the result is more natural-looking than you'd get with a typical curling iron. Added bonus for you fine hair dames - the iron's surface hold hair in place, so it works extremely well on tricky to curl hair.

Photo Courtesy of Wes Gordon

The Wes Gordon show made us salivate from the rich hues to the the must have fur pieces the collection was a standout during NYFW. What we truly loved was the grunge hair that just works! While all the models wore the same look, in the form of unfussy ponytails, haphazard center parts, and clean hair that looked not-so-fresh it was legendary! While true 90's grunge gangly locks weren't calculated, these polished but not really polished looks definitely were and were on point!
Sam Villa 8 Piece Comb Set w/Case

There's an easiness to this rumpled ponytail that is just so chic to us. And when one covets runway hair one goes to the brand used by literally all the runways of the world - Sam Villa! From the genius flat irons to the combs and brushes there's an execution of sheer precision that only can be done with Villa products! Sam Villa's 8 piece comb set should be in literally every fashionista, beauty acolyte and street style Goddess - home! That along with the flatirons will give you that perfect not really curled, not really straight but extremely beautiful texture that will turn heads wherever you go. The set comes with the most smoothest, flexible and heat resistance combs this side of fabulous that works well with hot irons so no worries at all when styling your hair.  And remember mon petites - not all grunge is gritty and with Villa products in your arsenal you will be more glitz then grit and still look hardcore. Done - but not quite.