Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TGIE: Thank God It's Everyday!

Every Day a Friday
 How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week
 by Joel Osteen
It's a feeling we have all experienced in our lives - after a long week of schlepping, working our tails off and surviving the weekly grind there's this serene sense of calmness and  merriment that comes with the arrival of the proverbial Friday - a day that is synonymous with relaxation and liberty that just soothes the soul. A day that brings a smile to anyone's face no matter one's station in life from young to aged with perfection (old isn't a word we use here at LPB) the arrival of Fridays encapsulates what it means to happy with the liberty that the weekend brings . Now what if we can have that Friday sensation everyday? What is stopping us from being content on a hectic Monday or absolutely crazed Wednesday? Well according to acclaimed Pastor, Father, Husband, Author and Devout Believer Joel Osteen we can be happy every day of the week. In his best-selling tome Every Day a Friday:  How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week (FaithWords) Osteen delivers a message of emotional well-being that won't confuse, annoy or leave you feeling anything less then your absolute best. What we took away from the overall message of the book was that not being aware and mindful of our true selves can cause a cognitive dissonance that can wreak havoc on our emotional well-being. Being downtrodden by daily angst, negative thoughts -etc. essentially stifles our true selves and real personalities, which makes us in turn feel terrible and can be the very root to grave mental anguish and who wants that mon petites! Osteen teaches that not being true to oneself, constantly in a state of negativity and not having faith in whatever you believe in any form is honoring fear and that my friends breeds restlessness, discontent and a state that of sheer dejection that is killer to one's joie de vie. This tome is an experience in itself and no matter your denomination you can take away the message of happiness everyday that is not some mythical dream but a reality. 24/7 Happiness is the new black mon petites - let's all wear it! 

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