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Christened "The Body" by Time Magazine in 1986 Elle Macpherson  dominated the editorial world with her sun-kissed curves of the 36-25-35 variety and efficacious presence that alluded to a healthy image of beauty. Her look reigned supreme in the eighties and early nineties and mon petites it's a look that still evokes a strong, feminine, curvaceous look of the ulitmate healthy and active physique! 

Elle Macpherson 
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Like anything this haute hard work comes into play and mon petites we have all the resources needed to get the Best Body around. Who needs Elle when you can be the Preeminent YOU!


With a body like Elle's it is all about getting long lean lines with zero bulk (which Ladies won't happen unless you train specially for bulk - don't believe the hype!). Get fit, firm, and a  graceful body that even Elle herself would yearn for! 

From Left: ❶ Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt, $16.99  ❷ CANDO 24lbs Dual Handle Ball, $71.05 ❸ Voss Artesian Bottled Water,$35.80 for a case of 24 ❹ The Original DOD Fitness Knee Donuts, $19.99
We may not have the epithet of 'The Body' but that doesn't mean we can get the physique of our dream! Here are 4 must haves we should all have in our arsenal: 

❶ ELLE RÉGIME: Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt, $16.99

It's safe to say that Elle (or any haute body gal for that matter) has some sort of fitness regime. Now we all don't have funds to secure a high-end fitness trainer and frankly we don't need one. With thousands of online programs and dvds that are effective and wallet friendly there's no excuse to not get into shape. Our ELLE Body dvd of choice is the outstanding Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt (Acacia Lifestyle) — you will literally work out every bit of your form from top to bottom while you gain core strength. The dvd program allows for a higher-resistance workout. The sequences includes lots of  lunges, planks, and weight movement – all of which is done while continuing constant interchanging movement with weights , so your body never stops moving. The dvd is an intense fusion of cardio and strength training, and guarantees you’ll sculpt the perfect core while you break a sweat. It's a challenge but oh so worth it! 


❷ ELLE ACCOUTREMENT: CANDO 24lbs Dual Handle Ball, $71.05

Now mon petites, when it comes to transforming your figure one will need to revolve to evolve! Training  can become rudimentarily so it's vital to keep your fitness regime fresh and engaging (as Elle surely does!). With CANDO 24lbs Dual Handle Ball, you can literally turn your workouts into something entirely new! From beginner to advanced, individuals at any skill levels can improve their cardiovascular conditioning and strength training by using the Dual Handle Ball. Mon petites, incorporate it into group fitness classes, sports performance training, or rehabilitation, or simply perform traditional medicine ball actions without the hindrance of possibly dropping the ball because of the ingenious handles.    The CANDO  Dual Handle Ball will intensify any exercise. Use it alone or combine it with other equipment for greater versatility. From strength to circuit training it's the perfect equipment to have in one's arsenal.  There are no limits to what you can do, and getting started is as simple as the turn of the handles. 


❸ ELLE LIBATION: Voss Artesian Bottled Water,$35.80 for a case of 24 

Mon petites, there is a hush-hush top secret elixir beautiful people have long used and like magic these ravashing creatures have never incurred telltale wrinkles or extra pounds. What is this elixir from the Gods? Beats me - when you find out let me know! What I do know for sure is there is nothing like H2O . Newsflash ladies and gents:  water is a great source of essential nutrients that our bodies need daily. The medicinal properties of H2O is endless - so if you want to get that ELLE body sip some much needed water throughtout the day to stay hydrated! 


❹ ELLE APPARATUS: The Original DOD Fitness Knee Donuts, $19.99 

 When in comes to exercising it is imperiative to be mindful of preventing injuries. And we have found some great preventative tools that can be integrated into any workout (or everyday activity for that matter). Further more we highly doubt that 'THE BODY' has scrappy looking knees! In comes Dod fitness tools - invented by Haute Mom Gretchen Zelek are ingenius tools that protect your appendages while you train. With the knee donuts you can protect your joints as you   strengthen and stretch your muscles simultaneously to elongate and tone the entire body! 


      Now we may not be named ELLE but with these 4 haute items and dedication to our well-being we can achieve the aforementioned 'BODY'.  Mon petites, it's all  about the sensation of the motion of exercise, feeling your presence, having the right form and proper diet. It takes patience, discipline, self-esteem, and creativity to achieve your perfect you... What are you waiting for?

REMEMBER: Consult your doctor before engaging in vigorous exercise. 

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