Friday, June 21, 2013


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Mon petites, where does the time go? I have to admit with my busy schedule there are some days where I miss a workout and believe me I loath those moments especially when I feel my best when I do in fact get a workout in. I have now made a firm commitment to myself and my well-being that on my crazed days I will make an effort to exercise and i have discovered the perfect fitness find to assist me. It's concise, it's energetic, and it's only 10 minutes long! 

10 Minute Solution: Cardio Hip Hop
My no-time go-to fitness regime is 10 Minute Solution: Cardio Hip Hop (Anchor Bay Entertainment), $12.99 is designed to deliver fast results in less time. What I love about this program  you can get your groove on with this DVD - regardless of your fitness level and challenge yourself in a fun yet progressive way. The added bonus of 10 Minute Solution: Cardio Hip Hop is the instructor, Fitness Haute Gal Heather Graham will lead you into dazzling hip hop moves that trim extra inches, build lean muscle and best of all, gain strength and confidence on and off the dance floor. The fast 5 (my epithet for the featured workouts on the DVD) can be customized to your fancy so if you only have ten or fifty minutes to burn it can be done!

Now mon petites, on those days where you think it can't be done just remind yourself that you can burn countless calories, stimulate your entire being and get rewarded with a haute body (don't forget the new dance moves!) with the must have 10 minute solution!

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