Friday, June 28, 2013

Kowtow to Kanye ...

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Mon petites, entertainment/music commentary is not a topic necessarily  broached on La PETITE Blog but there comes a time when the absurdity of society or the fascination of certain inane individuals should be discussed (we all need a good tee-hee now and then). Like the old adages says 'Truth is stranger then fiction' and it rings true with the tale of Kanye West. 
Photo Courtesy of La PETITE Blog | Getty Images 
Kanye Omari West - Donda's son, North's papa and Kim's paramour is a self-proclaimed tour de force. Not only is he a musical phenom, he is (according to the word of Kanye) the world's redeemer when it comes to art, design, technology, fashion and just about every aspect in correlation to the Universe itself. Kanye West is omnipresent (again according to Kanye).  The crux of the matter is - is Kanye a genius, a wunderkind amongst mere mortals or just a petulant man-child who wants the world to kowtow to him? 

- Kanye West to the NYT (quote breakdown on Vulture) via But You're Like Really Pretty | Ryan Casey
Photo Courtesy of La PETITE Blog | Getty Images 
Years ago I remember watching a documentary on the great master of art, Vincent van Gogh. His genius wasn't realized by his peers - what always stayed with me was the account of his work being used to patch a hole in a chicken-coop - a chicken coop! van Gogh like many other luminaries regardless of whatever medium they discovered, renewed or invented are rarely recognized - usually these innovators were praised postmortem and frankly Kanye West does not have time for that! KW wants us to marvel at his outfit choices, be utterly flabbergasted by his haunting arias and sing his praises on the mountaintops ''Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Ma, Ma Ma Coo Sa" (opps forgive me Kanye for referencing the KING). 

Photo Courtesy of La PETITE Blog | Getty Images 
The newly asserted God of all, Kanye West apparently have like minded cohorts from supremely beings to supermodels - how fun! 
  1. GOD
  2. Anna Wintour
  3. Axl Rose
  4. Henry Ford
  5. Howard Hughes
  6. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  7. Jim Morrison
  8. Jimi Hendrix
  9. Kate Moss
  10. Kobe Bryant
  11. Le Corbusier
  12. Marlon Brando
  13. Maya Angelou
  14. Michael Jordan
  15. Michelangelo
  16. Picasso
  17. Rick Owens
  18. Steve Jobs
  19. Walt Disney
For an innovator of all things Fashion Monsieur West seems to have replicated the look of Pussy Riot. Taylor Swift and now this?!
Photo Courtesy of La PETITE Blog | W Magazine | Getty Images 

North's father wants or rather needs the world to recognize just how awe-inspiring he is. And just how amazing is the great one? Beats me - no pun intended. 

Photo Courtesy of But You're Like Really Pretty | Ryan Casey
From my calculations the only people readily kowtow to Sir West is Kim Kardashian & co. along with her irksome mother Kris Jenner - that's another post altogether. 


JenD said...

LOL!!! Kanye really makes it easy for us to make fun of him, I can't imagine how North will turn out, the two parents are just....

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