Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MANE EVENT : Hair Love With Tracee Ellis Ross

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Not a fan of your God-given texture? Well Tracee Ellis Ross -  actress, daughter of the Legendary MISS DIANA ROSS, thespian and all round aesthete is here to testify that you are not alone! No matter what your hair woe is from frizz, flatness, coarseness, unruly curls, or all of the above, it only takes true acceptance and a bit of know-how to get the most gorgeous hair for you. TER was inspired to address this issue after an instagram post of mane envy was addressed to her. While I am natural, I am not privy or up to date with all the the latest brouhaha in the mane arena but I am glad she spoke up about her own issues with maintaining her hair and growing to accept her tresses for what they are (and aren't). Take a peek at her stirring response to the issue and be sure to check out her website it's a must read! 

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