Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Run for IT!

Photo by Miles Aldridge, from Beauty in Vogue, May 2008

Whether you’re a casual weekend runner who enjoys heading into the woods for uncharted trail runs, or if, like me, you’ve gamely decided to tackle this great fete called running (my ass off but that's another post altogether), I have discovered some haute finds that will be essentials for me to achieve my sprinting dreams.
All you need to get off the couch and into a haute trailblazer!

These are my picks of running essentials  that will keep you light on your feet and looking good, whether you’re on your fifth marathon or simply watching the salacious gym action from the treadmill.
From Left: NIKE+ FUELBAND, $149; NIKE LIGHTWEIGHT HYDRATION RUNNING PACK $32; NIKE Air Max leather sneakers $120

I have learned when it comes to running one needs to be prepared and by prepared you need a few accouterments that  will best assist you on your run and for us here at LPB we like to track our workouts, stay hydrated and comfortable at all times. Here are our 3 top running essentials:
  1. NIKE+ FUELBAND, $149 :   Nike+ FuelBand measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. It tracks calories burned, steps taken and more.  Nike+ FuelBand tracks running, walking, dancing, schlepping around town and dozens of everyday activities. Added bonus it doubles as watch - now if it can book our hair appointments it would be divine!
  2. NIKE LIGHTWEIGHT HYDRATION RUNNING PACK $32 : Staying hydrated is extremely important regardless if you are training or not. But when you are exerting yourself it is imperative that you have a supply of H2O near by and this chic belt which felts perfectly does just that. It's not cumbersome and is great accessory for a run. Added bonus you can fit a lip gloss and your credit card in there too! 
  3.  NIKE Air Max leather sneakers $120 :  When it comes to running it's all about the cushioning and stability of one's footwear. This varies according to one's preference but the Air Max have never disappointed me. From the ultra comfortable fit to the chic look , these trainers work - on and off the track!

DVD Every Runner Should Own: Christine Felstead's Yoga for Runners™ DVD, $21.95

Who wants to fix their poor flexibility, core strength, balance, and posture? Mon petites, we have the answer and it's the must have DVD  Christine Felstead's Yoga for Runners™ DVD, $21.95.  Felstead's ingenius program uses yoga as a precursor to one's running regime. Using basic yoga principles and discipline imparts flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength, creating improvements in one's running form, efficiency, and power. In addition, she brings attention to concentration and breath awareness which helps improves mental focus and mental endurance to be used as assets when inconjuction to running. The dvd isn't designed for beginners but if you are a novice don't fret you can still learned a plethora of tips from this program - I have. 

Christine Felstead's Yoga for Runners™ DVD, $21.95

The hybrid between everyday clothes and workout gear is one amalgamation that I truly adore! Combining sportswear with luxe is the new black and it has never looked better. And if you are like me you want to look good in and out of the gym. Looking cute while sweating your tuchus off does something to one's psyche and the hauteness of LUCAS HUGH and  ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY does just that! Mon petites you can go for a jog and meet up with the paramour for a après workout libation and look haute off the runway! And when it comes to actually running these pieces compress, support and shield you to perfection. 

As bikini season is upon us (take a deep breath - it will be ok!) there's no need to panic - just put on your haute running gear and hit the streets. You will be in (haute) fighting form in due time! 

REMEMBER: Consult your doctor before engaging in vigorous exercise. 


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