Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chauffeured Pursuits: What's Driving You?

Mon petites, I can honestly say that I have lived my life thus far with passion, tenacity and just enough resilience to not give up after the constant hurdles, obstacles  and set backs along the way - much like a high-octane motor vehicle. Most enthusiasts can vividly recall the significant instance when they realized their passions.  I too can remember the moment I fell in love with la mode, I was little girl going through countless fashion and collections magazines while my grandmother would hand sew on beads to the  incalculable wedding gowns for her clients. It was those occasions where I would collect the scraps of the beautiful fabrics and envision a glamorous dream (usually on my barbies but that is another post altogether). Fast forward a few years and here I am steering my way through life as a fashion stylist \ costume designer living my fantasy on my terms. While I wish I could share that it has been an effortless journey down a magnificent terrain - it has involved roadblocks, detours, diversions and just about every setback one can incur along the way. 

Behind the scene shot from a spread I styled for L'Officiel Ukraine.
Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
This drive I have for creating beauty is such a desire that words never seem to suffice,  this passion, fervency of zeal and fanaticism has literally kept me going after the long , sometimes hazardous expedition that ensues when going after your dreams.   I’m sure it is easy to conform, follow the pack but I am certain the odyssey to figuring out what you truly want out of life is the greatest voyage one can experience. Like the all-new Nissan Versa® Note™ my exuberant quest for creating a world of beauty has fueled my life and trust me it’s worth it! 

Another Behind the scenes shot from a spread I styled for BG Magazine.
Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 

Much like the Nissan Versa® Note™, my drive and vigor stems from my those bygone days of my childhood, the nonstop fascination of beauty and the need to create will keep me focused on my course in life. Like any pilgrimage to one’s own Elysium we can sit back and be chauffeured with the hope we will get to our Mecca. No, mon petites we have to grab those keys and get moving! With its outstanding MPG, advanced technology and ample cargo capacity, the all-new Nissan Versa® Note™ is designed to be the perfect partner in your pursuit to do more of what you love. The all-new Nissan Versa® Note™.  Your Door to More™.  Mon petites, what’s driving you? 

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