Saturday, December 13, 2014

When A Glamazon Sings


This video was from the summer of 2013 when the immaculate Toni Braxton performed in Brooklyn. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey Big Spenders!

The Most Expesnive House In The World Beats Even The Royal Palace In London
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Seize The Chic: Get Joan Smalls Look!

In this episode of seize the chic we have the alluring Joan Smalls who looks absolutely perfect for the fall/ winter season. From the sleek hair to the exquisite lips Miss Smalls looks ne plus ultra ! Here we share some must have items that can transform any mere mortal into visually fascinating creature that oozes a come-hither visage that is sure to draw legions of admirers. 

Seize these treats! From Left: bareSkin® Pure Brightening Serum FoundationBroad Spectrum SPF 20, $29 | MAKE UP FOR EVER158 Double Ended Sculpting Brush, $53 | LORAC Pro Brow Pencil, $19| Benefit Cosmetics  Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner, $20 | MAKE UP FOREVER HD Blush in Tangerine, $26 | Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar - Matte in Black Dahlia, $18 

Seize these treats!

Let's Talk Serious Coverage: This is magic in a bottle! It doesn't just conceal pores- it also absorbs grease and the mattifying effect lasts all day. Depending on what you want from full coverage to a light dusting this is it! 

Let's Talk Master Strokes: You could look at this brush—which we have to admit is slightly intimidating— or you could add this brush to your own arsenal and quickly realize that it blends foundation, blush, and bronzer so precisely that even a slapdash morning routine can look closer to a pro job. The optimal word here is "blend," though. For a flawless face like Joan's run the bristles over your cheekbones, jawline, and chin to make it all totally seamless. 

Time To Say Good Buy: LORAC Pro Brow Pencil, $19
Let's Talk Stunning Eyebrows: I want to sing from the mountain tops about this wonder pencil! The tiny tip allows you to draw fine strokes, so the result looks natural, not obvious or fake. Plus, the smooth, waxy formula goes on easily, adding fullness and definition that really last. 

Time To Say Good Buy: Benefit Cosmetics  Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner, $20
Let's Talk Alluring Eyeliner: This black Benefit Cosmetics    liquid eyeliner lasts all day without smudging, flaking, or fading - it's a dream come true. The eyeliner brush is thin and narrow; the inky black formula goes on smoothly and dries to a slick, glossy finish just as it should and it's worth every penny!

Time To Say Good Buy: MAKE UP FOREVER HD Blush in Tangerine, $26
Let's Talk Seductive Blush:  The intense shade gives a warm tint to cheeks that's far more luscious and summer-esque than plain old pink. Our LPB tip: a dusting along the cheeks, temples, and bridge of the nose warms up the skin.

Let's Talk Enticing Lips: This has the thick, slightly sticky consistency—and the applicator wand—of a gloss, but the bright, saturated color of a lipstick. It turns lips a gorgeous fully pigmented, liquid deep violet of pure perfection. It's a must have for the season!


Monday, November 3, 2014


From Left Gerard Lipsticks and Lip Glosses price starting at $19 

Les Petites, have you heard? Gerard Cosmetics is the answer to every haute dame (and gents) lippy dream. Bright lips are beautiful, but they also have a tendency to smudge, smear, and fade quickly, not so - with Gerard Cosmetics the color is pigmented, it's wallet friendly and sent from beauty Gods. Les Petites, we have found the absolute perfect 

lipsticks and lip glosses with Gerard Cosmetics—it  will win 

you job interviews, first dates, and maybe even gets you 

out of a few speeding tickets (hypothetically speaking) all 

the while keeping your lips moisturize and pout ready. Les 

petites it's time to say Good Buy! 

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks & Lip Glosses are available via 

Seize The Chic: Look Like A Diva!

Les petites, Halloween might be over but that doesn't mean you can't dress up and show out! With Gerard Cosmetics & Mia Beauty you can become the vivacious vixen of your dreams! 
Flower Power from Left: Lana Del Ray, Mia Beauty | Fashion Flowers |  Peonies with White Lights  | $29.22, Gerard Cosmetics | 1995 Lipstick | $19.99
As of late we've noticed the ''it girls'' have these  subtle, striking and outstandingly gorgeous faces that really requires a defined brow, a bold lip and a mane sent from the heavens.

Purple Reign clockwise from Left: Lorde, Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss in Bermuda | $24 Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go | $28
 Lucky for you les petites, we have two resources every dame should have in her arsenal. Gerard Cosmetics beauty line is every haute girl's dream. It makes luxurious make up accessible with it's wallet friendly prices and stellar products. The lipsticks and lip glosses are pigmented to perfection and the brow bar is simply superb add those haute hair accessories from Mia Beauty and the world is literally yours! With Gerard Cosmetics and Mia Beauty - the pairing so perfect it almost seems as if it's a gift from the Beauty Gods! So the next time you want to look like your fave diva look no further then Mia Beauty and Gerard Cosmetics.... thank us later! 
PokerFace Clockwise from Left: LadyGaga,  Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Lipstick  | $19.99 |  Mia Beauty Hair Bow Harmon stores | $10.00 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don't Go Crazy This Halloween & Trick Out with USLU Airlines!

Bring on the 80's as Boy George, Madonna or David Bowie. 
Photo Credit: Jean Paul Gaultier | Allure Magazine 

From New York to Paris, the runways, red carpets and fetes the world over are full of Halloween inspiration. If you’re going to put on a wig, some tights and tacky jewelry and call it a costume, then take notes from Jean Paul Gaultier's S/S 2013 collection, who se models sported a true to era headpieces and on trend make up. Since you don't want to invest in the costume we highly recommend investing in the make up and look no further that USLU Airlines!  

From Left: EAR, a bright matte orange; WOR, a bright ivy green; SUM, a sunny matte yellow; FRA, a holographic plum; CMJ, a bold matte white; CCS, a daring deep crimson red - all $25 via USLU Airlines

To take a page from the legendary 'enfant terrible's book (oh how I will miss him during the RTW seasons) choose a rocker and glam out. For instance do androgynous tailoring for Boy George, star bodysuits for Bowie and of course corsetry - lots of corsetry - for MadonnaAdd a pair of false lashes to complete the glamorous rocker effect. Want to get into the spirit, but keep things subdued? Think Boy George, faux locks, matte lips and sure to  slick on an opaque nail lacquer à la every haute girl and guy on instagram and work those paws! 

From Left: PSG, a glow in the dark neutral yellow collaboration with DJ, Ed Banger; BOO, a dark navy blue nail lacquer, $16 via USLU Airlines 

With USLU Airlines, you can trick out on Halloween and get back to business the next day - the hues are rich, the texture outstanding and there's no need to worry about wierd ingrediants either. What's not to love. Now tell me les petites, what will you be this Halloween? 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Les petites, ZOYA is the purveyor of all things nails and this season they literally nailed it with the haute  limited edition MATTEVELVET collection. These richly hued polishes do not need a top coat, base coat or speed dryer - it's truly a wonder in a bottle. The lacquer gives the look of luxurious crushed velvet along with a subtle shimmer finish. Perfect for your new fall / winter wardrobe these are a must have! 

Zoya MATTEVELVETcolors are available exclusively on and in ULTA beauty stores 

Monday, October 6, 2014


Photo: Raymond Meier, SPECT Scan image Courtesy of the Amen Clinics, Inc.
iClouds, syncing, uploading, scheduling, blogging, styling, LIVING, to say that I am for the most part overwhelmed with being overwhelmed is an understatement. I am more then certain that my overall quality of life has been compromised and that is not okay. It's not right that in this day and age we aren't generous with ourselves, instead we obsess over things we can never control (don't fret over those body images ladies and gents!) and showing kindness to our very beings seems like a daunting task. Let me rephrase that, I am not being kind to myself, I am not being generous with myself and I want to make a conscious effort to truly take care of me in the here and now. 
Anchorbay Entertainment 

While I do not have the fund$ to make all my problems go away (who does besides Bill and Melinda) I now have a tool that I can use at home, travel with and utilize when I need to be kind to my mind, body and spirit. Les petites, I took a moment and was generous with myself and purchased ELEMENT: Yoga for Energy & Relaxation (Anchorbay Entertainment), $9.12 (under 10 dollars people!) which features Yogi Tamal Dodge in two restorative programs that releases tension in the joints, enables you to inhale your intentions for a better life and exhale your worries - this 74 minute DVD does not disappoint. With the many facets of life including hardships and set backs there should be a time where we stop, be kind and take care of ourselves. For me this dvd does just that. 

Seize The Chic: Get Anais Mali's Look!

Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful you are not green with envy but so inquisitive as to how she achieved this level of wonderment you simply must seize the chic for yourself? If you haven't take a gander at haute girl Anais Mali at the Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2013 runway show. The flawless makeup, the simple hair (reminiscent to the Goddess Sade) is such a exquisite look that we here at LPB have put together easy steps on how to seize the chic! Thank us later. 

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
From Left: Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade $18, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12 $18; tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer $24; BECCA The One Perfecting Brush $49; CC Cream | Smashbox Cosmetics $42; the original beautyblender® $20
STEP I: Let's get down to the face darlings, it's all about the visage and any dame worth her salt knows that when you really want to make a statement the illusion of 'less is more' can transform any plain Jane to a drop dead gorgeous vixen! With that being said to achieve this epic status of gorgeousness focus on a define brow, bright, vibrant eyes and skin as smooth as silk. Les petites you can't go wrong with the items mentioned above, you simply can't! 

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
From Left: Eylure LONDON Texture 159 False Eyelashes $9.08; tarte Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers $19; Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick $21; Zoya Nail Polish in Carmen $9
STEP II: Now les petites, once you have the foundation (no pun intended) layed down it's all about the accoutrements, from eyelashes that accentuate the eyes to scarlet lips that could give anyone fever just by looking at you. Most importantly finish off the look with the perfect manicure - it's never cute to look like a million bucks and your nails look like trash. 

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
From Left: Alexandre Vauthier Draped Shirt Dress $2,861; Lanvin Pewter-plated crystal clip earrings $995 ; Byredo Python Eau de Parfum Travel Case $295; Tamara Mellon Duty Free High cutout stretch-suede thigh boots $2,495; Charlotte Olympia Fantastic tasseled gold-tone cage clutch $1,995;  Antonio Berardi Goat hair jacket $12,390; all available via Net-A-Porter & farfetch
STEP III: While it's ideal to have the complete mind, body and soul intact it would be nice to have a wardrobe to reflect that as well. Anais looks absolutely ravishing in her LBD we can certainly look amazing too and when you go all black you can really play around with textures, lengths and truly express yourself. 

There you have it les petites, a three step tool on how to look like Anais - no glam squad required. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Throw Some Glitter On It!

Photo Courtesy of

On your nails that is.... 

Let's Dream a Technicolor Dream!

Dream Series
Photo Courtesy of Gray Malin
Dreams by definition are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. These dreams can be beautiful, bewildering or simply perplexing at times but for the most part to dream is a gift to us all. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to dream fully awake and gift other in the process? Well now is truly the time!

Dream Series
Photo Courtesy of Gray Malin
Gray Malin, the virtuoso behind the bewitching ''Dream Series'', a collection of photos capturing the breathtaking beauty of the Australian farm country with brightly hued sheep as the focal point. 

Dream Series
Photo Courtesy of Gray Malin
What I love about this series is that you can invest in beautiful art, donate to a worthy cause and dream in color for a good cause - and check out his new "Dream Series" which benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and inspires all to dream big!

Dream Series
Photo Courtesy of Gray Malin

Dream Series
Photo Courtesy of Gray Malin

Pink It This Month!

Les Petites, it's common knowledge that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's not just the month to purchase all things pink in hopes that your conscious expenditures will make a difference - non, non, et non! Breast Cancer Awareness month  is a reminder that cancer (of all forms people) is a vicious disease that needs to be eradicated from all our lives. It's imperative that everyone gets checked, be of support for those in the battle and donate when you can. Here are a few treats that are definitely worthy of your hard earned coins. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time To Say Good Buy: Eyewear!

Les Petites, to say I have an affinity for eyewear is an understatement. Not only is it imperative that you protect your orbs from harsh environmental elements, weird individuals on the street and that guy from college you simply can't remember his name (sorry pal!) but sunglasses literally adorn your face and when you find the perfect pair all is well with the world. Here are some styles we here at LPB are salivating over. 

All summer long every haute girl, celeb and fashionista across the globe have adorned their visages with this luxurious sunglasses by Italia Independent made with the ingenious Uv Lux® treatment, which makes the surface of the frame soft to the touch as if it was covered with velvet.  The styles are on trend, the prices will make your hear sing and the product itself is well worth the investment. 
 Beyoncé Knowles wearing Italia Independent model 0096VR-009.B75  | Photo Courtesy of Italia Independent
Beyoncé Knowles in the Etnia Barcelona Wild Love in Africa Limited Edition AFRICA06 HVBK | Photo Courtesy  of Ethnia Barcelona

While I am all for being green, I will be the first to admit that most eco-fashion lines have not peeked my interest in the least (don't judge me folks). 

Cate Blanchett in the Etnia Barcelona Wild Love in Africa Limited Edition AFRICA4 HVTQ |  Photo Courtesy  of Ethnia Barcelona

The  Etnia Barcelona Wild Love in Africa Limited Edition Collection a collaboration with famous photographer Steve McCurry (known for the infamous ‘Afghan Girl’ image which graced the cover of National Geographic in 1985) The Wild Love in Africa collection is inspired by the African Savanna in all it's glory. Not only are these frames haute, with each purchase Etnia Barcelona’s Wild Love in Africa collection along with the NGO Africa Rising Foundation donating a percentage to all it's sales. So while you splurge you also being philanthropic - it's a win for everyone! 

Garrett Leight California Optical  x Amélie Pichard | Photo Courtesy of  Garrett Leight California Optical 

What happens when a haute shoe designer teams up with an eyewear brand? Some seriously chic eyewear courtesy of Garrett Leight California x Amélie Pichard! What I personally love about the collection is the inspiration behind each style - from the bold Grace Jones, the coquettish Juliette Lewis and the enternally sexy Pamela Anderson there is a look for every dame. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sweet Libations : #HelloKeurig !

I grew up in a Haitian home where café reigned supreme. I can not tell you how the scent of freshly brewed café instantly brings me back to those wonder yesteryears of my youth when my grandparents  were alive and well discussing everything from politics, my gramere's thriving business or salacious soap opera dramas much to my grandfather's chagrin (my grandmother loved General Hospital!). 

While I am not a café enthusiast like my grandparents were (who would wake up a dawn for a tasse of café) I can appreciate a good brew and even more so a simplified way to making coffee thanks to my new (and gratis thanks to my friends over at InFluenster) Keuring 2.0! 

My family swears by making café using the old school way involving various apparatus and skill that I have yet to master. With the new Keuring 2.0 it's completely seamless - choose a pod, fill it up with some H2O , press a button and brew away. There isn't much of a science to it and for someone constantly on the go I love this! 

While I will forever miss those moments waking up to the smell of Cuban café and my hearing my grandparents voices - I can easily recollect those times with my Keuring and for that I am grateful. 

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of  Keuring | Influenster. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Photography Max von Gumppenberg and Patrick Bienert Editor Carine Roitfeld Makeup Frankie Boyd using M.A.C Cosmetics Hair Jordan M for Bumble & Bumble Manicure Tracylee
Photo Courtesy of CR Fashion Book 
There's something about a Chanel bag that is timeless, eternally on trend and an investment most women (and men) dream of. Purchasing one of these purses is like a rite of passage that I have yet to experience myself. While I wait patiently to invest in one (fingers cross it will be a BOY Chanel bag or one of those insanely chic minaudières) I will appreciate the bags from afar on you haute dolls and gent. 

Images Courtesy of CR Fashion Book 

Haute Body Report: FITSTAR 10 DAY Back To School Challenge!

Les Petites, it's time to get your bodies HAUTE for the Fall with FITSTAR's 10-Day Back-to-School Workout Challenge. Maybe it’s just the sobering reality that summer is ending,  that puffy coats will soon be replaced our wardrobe of  nothing-to-hide-behind swimsuits, crop tops and dresses but everyone—myself included—usually puts on a few pounds once the leaves start to fall and unlike the past years we now have a reason to be on a workout bender (and gain incentives too!). The 10-Day Back-to-School Workout Challenge runs from August 22nd to the 31st and is led by renowned former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez. To begin the program, download FitStar Personal Trainer for FREE from the App Store and follow along with the workout plan detailed above. There will also be daily workout reminders on the Home Screen in-app.

One lucky Challenge participant will also be eligible to win a “New Gear for a New School Year” prize pack featuring a year of FitStar Premium, FitStar t-shirt and $150 gift card to Nike! For more details see the Facebook page after the Challenge.

So Les petites, we have our contingency plan on staying fit this fall and it's FITSTAR!  

The beauty of Life.

Nautica LIFE - $62.50, Macy’s
Les Petites, there's a new scent in town and it's bound to be your new signature aroma for years to come. NAUTICA has released LIFE, a fragrance with notes of Living Sea Salt, marine Seamoss and Natural Violet Leaf,that will revitalize your senses and dose yourself with the allure of seduction. This clean fragrance is elegant, timeless and worth the splurge. 

To try out the Nautica LIFE,  head over to Macy's, it's definitely time to say good buy! 

Reading Session Has Begun!

SUBTLE SUBVERSION Campbell wears a laser-cut leather ruffle jacket and organza dress with a matching headpiece, from spring 2012. Photograph by Karim Sadli. Styled by Joe McKenna. | T, The New York Times Style Magazine

Les Petites, there is nothing like a lazy weekend where you indulge, relax and read a good article or two! Here at LPB we absolutely adore all this STYLE and look forward to the moments we can immerse ourselves in a haute issue of  T, The New York Times Style Magazine. Here we share some must read links that deserve at least a gander. If nothing else look at the pretty pictures and have an amazing weekend! 

The Genius Next Door: Shy, unassuming and nice, Sarah Burton, the Alexander McQueen designer, is everything that her magically haunting collections are not. 

 Sign of the TimesStraightforward, commercial clothes used to be the antithesis of high fashion. Now, they are the benchmark, writes Cathy Horyn.

Brunch at Tiffany’s: As the storied jewelry house’s first female design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof is imbuing modern luxury with an unexpected hint of bohemianism — perhaps the result of her recent move to Brooklyn.

Vogue Magazine By The Numbers: Here, a look at the facts and figures behind fashion’s foremost franchise.

Cindy Sherman’s Wigs: These 156 wigs were shot in the artist’s New York City studio. See them all in 24 seconds in this stop-motion video.

Ai Weiwei and the Apocalypse: Despite inflated budgets and egos, the art provocateur makes his film acting debut.

Take Two: A dual review of what’s new starring Jenna Lyons and Courtney Love

The latest issue of T, The New York Times Style Magazine is Fall Women’s Fashion and it's not to be missed! 

Credit | T, The New York Times Style Magazine