Monday, June 30, 2014

My Summer In This City!

Photo Courtesy of La PETITE Blog 

Les petits, we have survived the Polar Vortex! While the rich and famous are out luxuriating at spas across the world and jet setting to lush exotic lands this summer I am here in New York City toiling away but don't cry for me Argentina! I am just happy I can put away the snow boots and get some much needed Vitamin D from the Sun  right here on these gorgeous city streets. My plan is to seize the day each and everyday during the summer season to ensure that when those first flurries of the blizzard (yes, blizzard!)season arrives I will be toned, tanned and ready for the Old man winter. Enough of with this cold chit chat, I am so excited about my staycation in the city that I want to share with you just how I will be fab in the boroughs. 

So first things first, I plan to start my 28 days of freedom this summer by venturing to haute spots all over town, libations that will hydrate me during the sweltering heat and skin so smooth you will think I am a bronzed Goddess.  
Photo Courtesy of  La PETITE Blog 
Being a native New Yorker it’s all about knowing the all the hot spots. Now while I am not a big on clubs I like more mellow settings, luxurious lofts, penthouse and the like. The only crowds I plan to encounter will be during the summer series across the city from free concerts and plays in the parks. Other then that les petits I take joy going to  places where I can relaxed and truly be one with myself and there’s no lines. I love taking in the views sipping on some infused  H2O. 

Photo Courtesy of  La PETITE Blog 

And since everyone is usually out of town during the weekends I get the best dibs on some über chic pied-à-terre with views that will have you believe you are in Elysium with the Gods. 

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
Now, let's talk about the body darlings, the physique! With the constant fetes, musical festivals and rooftops to be perused one needs to be well prepared! Here’s a secret petits (don’t judge me!) but during the harsh winter months to say I get a bit lazy with my ‘upkeep’ is an understatement (my sister’s use to call me Wolverine but that’s another article altogether) so when the weather breaks I unleash my get haute arsenal and my latest addition is the Veet Wax Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Hair Remover, Legs & Body. This at home hair removal has proven to be long - lasting, wallet friends (LOVE this), and so on trend for dolls and gents who need a quick fix.

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
So while I love to be writing to you about my jet setting lifestyle that is non existent ;  I will cherish my summer with free concerts in the parks around town, fun weekends at top secret locals and looking like a phenomenal woman with glistening skin. With my secret weapon, Veet® helps you feel smooth all summer long. There's nothing like the feeling of freedom that summer brings.

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