Saturday, August 23, 2014

Reading Session Has Begun!

SUBTLE SUBVERSION Campbell wears a laser-cut leather ruffle jacket and organza dress with a matching headpiece, from spring 2012. Photograph by Karim Sadli. Styled by Joe McKenna. | T, The New York Times Style Magazine

Les Petites, there is nothing like a lazy weekend where you indulge, relax and read a good article or two! Here at LPB we absolutely adore all this STYLE and look forward to the moments we can immerse ourselves in a haute issue of  T, The New York Times Style Magazine. Here we share some must read links that deserve at least a gander. If nothing else look at the pretty pictures and have an amazing weekend! 

The Genius Next Door: Shy, unassuming and nice, Sarah Burton, the Alexander McQueen designer, is everything that her magically haunting collections are not. 

 Sign of the TimesStraightforward, commercial clothes used to be the antithesis of high fashion. Now, they are the benchmark, writes Cathy Horyn.

Brunch at Tiffany’s: As the storied jewelry house’s first female design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof is imbuing modern luxury with an unexpected hint of bohemianism — perhaps the result of her recent move to Brooklyn.

Vogue Magazine By The Numbers: Here, a look at the facts and figures behind fashion’s foremost franchise.

Cindy Sherman’s Wigs: These 156 wigs were shot in the artist’s New York City studio. See them all in 24 seconds in this stop-motion video.

Ai Weiwei and the Apocalypse: Despite inflated budgets and egos, the art provocateur makes his film acting debut.

Take Two: A dual review of what’s new starring Jenna Lyons and Courtney Love

The latest issue of T, The New York Times Style Magazine is Fall Women’s Fashion and it's not to be missed! 

Credit | T, The New York Times Style Magazine

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