Friday, September 26, 2014

Sweet Libations : #HelloKeurig !

I grew up in a Haitian home where café reigned supreme. I can not tell you how the scent of freshly brewed café instantly brings me back to those wonder yesteryears of my youth when my grandparents  were alive and well discussing everything from politics, my gramere's thriving business or salacious soap opera dramas much to my grandfather's chagrin (my grandmother loved General Hospital!). 

While I am not a café enthusiast like my grandparents were (who would wake up a dawn for a tasse of café) I can appreciate a good brew and even more so a simplified way to making coffee thanks to my new (and gratis thanks to my friends over at InFluenster) Keuring 2.0! 

My family swears by making café using the old school way involving various apparatus and skill that I have yet to master. With the new Keuring 2.0 it's completely seamless - choose a pod, fill it up with some H2O , press a button and brew away. There isn't much of a science to it and for someone constantly on the go I love this! 

While I will forever miss those moments waking up to the smell of Cuban café and my hearing my grandparents voices - I can easily recollect those times with my Keuring and for that I am grateful. 

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