Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don't Go Crazy This Halloween & Trick Out with USLU Airlines!

Bring on the 80's as Boy George, Madonna or David Bowie. 
Photo Credit: Jean Paul Gaultier | Allure Magazine 

From New York to Paris, the runways, red carpets and fetes the world over are full of Halloween inspiration. If you’re going to put on a wig, some tights and tacky jewelry and call it a costume, then take notes from Jean Paul Gaultier's S/S 2013 collection, who se models sported a true to era headpieces and on trend make up. Since you don't want to invest in the costume we highly recommend investing in the make up and look no further that USLU Airlines!  

From Left: EAR, a bright matte orange; WOR, a bright ivy green; SUM, a sunny matte yellow; FRA, a holographic plum; CMJ, a bold matte white; CCS, a daring deep crimson red - all $25 via USLU Airlines

To take a page from the legendary 'enfant terrible's book (oh how I will miss him during the RTW seasons) choose a rocker and glam out. For instance do androgynous tailoring for Boy George, star bodysuits for Bowie and of course corsetry - lots of corsetry - for MadonnaAdd a pair of false lashes to complete the glamorous rocker effect. Want to get into the spirit, but keep things subdued? Think Boy George, faux locks, matte lips and sure to  slick on an opaque nail lacquer à la every haute girl and guy on instagram and work those paws! 

From Left: PSG, a glow in the dark neutral yellow collaboration with DJ, Ed Banger; BOO, a dark navy blue nail lacquer, $16 via USLU Airlines 

With USLU Airlines, you can trick out on Halloween and get back to business the next day - the hues are rich, the texture outstanding and there's no need to worry about wierd ingrediants either. What's not to love. Now tell me les petites, what will you be this Halloween? 

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