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#TB HAUTENESS! Thierry Mugler’s 20th Anniversary Collection

Jerry Hall. Claudia Schiffer. Tippi Hedren. Julie Newmar. For his 20th anniversary collection, Thierry Mugler put on an unforgettable show featuring a host of leading ladies from different eras. Here's look back at the fashion spectacular, which culminated in a special performance by the Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown. There will never be another Thierry Mugler! Long Live ManFred!!!!! 

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Thursday, May 1, 2014



#GIRLBOSS, the new tome by Nasty Gal chieftain, Sophia Amoruso is slated to be a must have guide for not only female entrepreneurs but women everywhere who want to have the career of their dreams and truly invest in themselves. This message while not new is needed with legions of both men and women venturing out and creating jobs for themselves at this time of financial variability. With the influx of so many entrepreneurs there a need of resources that can further assist us all make our mark in the world. Since #GIRLBOSS isn't available until May 6th (you can pre-order the book HERE) - here we have some invaluable tips from Zenovia Andrews, author and business development strategist on the how to delegate and truly run things. 

Zenovia Andrews' Keys To Delegating Your Way To Success

  Understand that your team is made up of human beings. No one can work nonstop, so get your timing right. Know what each employee can handle, and never overwork them. Most people perform at their best when they are consistently busy but not rushed or pressured.

•  Focus on the strengths of your team. Delegation is not a dump-and-run tactic. Know your employees and how they fit into your business puzzle. Allow them to do what they do well, and give them responsibilities and authority. They’ll be happier and so will you.

•  Focus on your own strengths, then plug the holes. Few of us are great at everything! If bookkeeping’s not your thing, hire an accountant. If you don’t have marketing experience, find someone with proven skills. Trying to perform jobs that you don’t do well will require twice as much effort with less-than-satisfactory results. 

•  Be the resource king or queen. Your employees are only as good as the resources they have. Make sure that they are equipped to always do the best work for you on a daily basis. Running out of stock, not having new software and not shelling out for that desperately need printer is NOT good delegation.

•  Become the fire, ice and motivation behind your team. When they need guidance, give it to them; when they need appreciation, offer it to them. Inspire, motivate and lead by supporting your delegated decisions and following up on them often.

The 7th rule of being a #GIRLBOSS
Image Courtesy of SOPHIA AMORUSO | Nasty Gal
There you have it Mon Petites, if you are itching to create a space for yourself as a business owner or not these tips from both Sophia Amoruso and Zenovia Andrews are indispensable. Now let's get to business ladies! 

Rebel with a Corset

Mr. Pearl |Photo Credit: Pinterest | Graphics La PETITE Blog

Mr. Pearl is the illustrious pseudonym worn by Mark Pullin - master  corsetier to the Fashion world. His brilliance has been seen on runways for Dior, Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen, -  adorned by the likes of Dita Von Teese, Kylie Minogue and Mr. Pearl himself. I have always had a fascination with Mr.Pearl, how elusive he is, his famous physique and the outlandishly beautiful corsets he has produced for glamazons across the world.  A few weeks ago I was watching 'The View' and Sherri Shepherd question if corsets made a resurgence because of Kim Kardashian and I screamed 'blasphemy'  at the television! While KimK is known for her hourglass frame she does not encompass nor exudes the allure and sensuality of a true corset wearer.  Mr.Pearl radiates and oozes the poise, composure and sheer elegance a corset gives to one who commits to wearing that foundation. It's more then a garment, it's a lifestyle that might not be for all can be appreciated even from afar. 

Mr. Pearl laces up a corset swimsuit with white satin panels worn by Inna Zobova. Thierry Mugler Haute Couture Collection SS 1998
Mr. Pearl |Photo Credit: 

From Left: AGENT PROVOCATEUR Petunia floral-embroidered stretch-tulle corset , $790;  L'AGENT BY AGENT PROVOCATEUR Penelope boned satin corset, $240; AGENT PROVOCATEUR Demelza lace-appliquéd tulle corset, $790 all available via 
While we, mere mortals can not fax Mr.Pearl and order up a corset or two (or maybe you have that fabled number - if you do ...SHARE!) we can peruse these corsets from  that can give us the illusion of a tapered waist.