Thursday, February 26, 2015

Protect Your Mane Attraction This Winter With Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection

Compensation was provided by P&G via Mode Media.

What a whirlwind its been here in NYC these past few weeks! From NYFW, the never ending Polar Vortex to a lackluster Valentines day (well for me at least), to say I need to relax, relate and release is an understatement!  With this horrid winter season I am not in the mood for anything pertaining to hair and thats where protective styling made its glorious ascension into my life.

Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection | Photo: La PETITE Blog

What is protective styling you ask? Well les petites, its an ingenious approach to haircare that involves the standard treatment of ones hair from shampoo, conditioner and treatments- blah, blah, blah but with a little something extra like extensions, wigs or sew-in weaves which alleviates the stress of daily styling - a timesaver on days when its a blizzard outside and you need to quickly schlep to the store before you are snowed in (which has been just about every other day this winterMother Nature, we need to talk!)  This winter my protective styling regimen has included Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection and its been a game changer! On days when I am too spent to lift a finger and co-wash (omitting shampooing and using conditioner only for you dames and gents not familiar with mane jargon), to the ones where I go the full gusto and do all the steps needed for a haute mane of hair I use the Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection of shampoo, 2-in-1, co-wash and scalp soother all enriched with  vitamin E , almond oil, coconut essence and dandruff-fighting ingredient zinc pyrithione (ZPT) that has transformed my mane just after a few washes. What I adore about the collection is once the product is activated with some good olH20, the formula targets the scalp and penetrates into the surface skin - dry, lifeless hair and an ashy, itchy scalp you will not have when using this set  -trust me! For instance this last NYFW I had absolutely no time for anything so I got wiggy with it and used the collection on my mane and it was haute!
My Protective Style two wigs that I absolutely love! | Photo: La PETITE Blog

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Les Petites, let's all face it MAYBELLINE New York rocked this F/W 2015 NYFW collections! From bold brows to electrifying lips MAYBELLINE delivered looks that us mere mortals can emulate thanks to these sleek turtorials. Take  a look les petites and thanks us later! 

Let's Get Fur Real!

It's beyond artic here in NYC and all I can do is snuggle under dozens of blankets with my ipad in tow and look at these drop dead gorgeous furs from Blumarine courtesy of Moda Operandi - a site that I am absolutely obsessed with! These three coats area must have but alas they are sold out....fingers crossed by this time next year a few will be in the M'O boutique (do you hear me Style Gods!)

In a New Me State of Mind

Compensation was provided by NISSAN ALTIMA via Mode Media.

The world is literally filled with amazing women, these glamazons who roam the earth fulfilling their life’s purpose, changing the way we view the world and being true to the sheer brilliance of living an exuberant existence all the while doing it in style and grace! Now les petites, we have all encountered one of these epic dames (or you just might be one) and are truly amazed how they impeccably exude this towering level of sophistication from their homes, their careers - their essence.

How do these women do it and have it all? It’s simple, les petites: with determination, clarity, a true sense of self, style and a really good eye for sales, it’s accessible to each and every one of us! Like these women, it’s our divine right to live the quality of life we dream of. I for one truly believe that the notion of ‘having it all’ starts from home and why not create the world you want to exist in and let that universe envelope you and unfurl itself to every aspect of your life.    

There are a plethora of women who have created these universes and why shouldnt we? I am undergoing a renewal of sorts; from renovating my Brooklyn home, coping with the lost of my mother and re-launching my stylist career, to say I have a lot on my plate is an understatement but it doesnt mean the plate shouldnt be pretty!  While most of my home (and my life) is literally under construction I have ensured my bedroom is serene and peaceful and my chic chevron window treatments help me with getting as many zs as possible. Another aspect of my world that I hold dear to me is my dream box that I just acquired.

This dream box holds all my Haute Haven aspirations and I know for sure that I am on the road to fulfillment, success and creating the universe that I want to live in. With its stylish looks and premium interior, the Nissan Altima is just as much an individual as you are. Not fitting into one mold is what makes the Nissan Altima not only unique, but very exciting!

Having it all is possible; all we have to do is turn the key and drive to our desires!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Time To Say Good Buy: Dr. Jart+

Photographed by Irving Penn, Vogue, February 01, 1999

Les petites tis the season for dry dehydrated skin and who has time for that with NYFW, Valentine's Day and our divine right to have flawless skin! Before you resign to the notion your skin will resemble a crocodile we have four haute items that will transform your skin to epic proportions. 

Now les petites we have these four Dr. Jart+ finds that are truly a must have from the clarifying Dermaclear™ Micro Water  the all-in-one cleansing water removes makeup and impurities while toning and brightening skin, creating a fresh base for a hydrating mask or moisturizer.  The  Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask  is über light and refreshing, the Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask  delivers a concentrated, hydrating serum containing chamomile flower water, collagen, and other magical ingredients that hydrate and soothe the skin- it's an experience to be had especially during this arctic season.  From endless holiday parties to Fashion Weeks events worldwide to Valentine Days all that make up application and removal can cause serious irritation, but thank the beauty Gods we are saved by the quick, soothing relief of Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Cream and Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Liquid . Jam-packed with micro-encapsulated ceramides, these powerful moisturizers soothes and soften the models' dry, itchy skin, helping to creating the perfect visage to be adorned by anyone that lays eyes on your (with or without make up). Trust us les petites when we say it's time to say good buy to Dr. Jart+

Dr. Jart+ is available at 

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Les Petites, it's time that I spread my entrepreneur wings and grow La Petite Blog. Since 2008 we have reported on trends, haute finds and items that we must say 'Good Buy' to and now we want to deliver that to the masses. We have decided it's time to expand our little site to a full on online boutique and with the help of FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and I need your help. 

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For Lover's Only

All out of Valentine's Day gifts for your paramour? No need to break the bank on lavish gifts when you can give the gift of sensual touch to your love that will leave a lasting memory for years to come. Here Josie Feria, the Director of Operations at Lapis, the spa at Fontainebleau shares with us serious massage moves that will make this V-Day an epic one! 

All you need les petites. From Left: Kiki de Montparnasse | Le Chambre Candle |$65 KIKIDM.COM,  Kiki de Montparnasse | Massage Oil $65 KIKIDM.COMKiki de Montparnasse | Massage Candle $50 KIKIDM.COM,   Kiki de Montparnasse | Sleep/Fuck Pillowcase Set $295 KIKIDM.COM
Environment; Set the Setting-
  • Lower lights
  • Light candles
  • Warm the room to a comfortable 72 degrees
  • Burn a fragrant candle or incense

  • Use a pillow as a bolster to prop up the legs
  • Oil for massage – use a carrier oil like almond, avocado or grape seed oil and add a few drops of essential aromatherapy oil

Massage technique-
  • Slow rhythmic movements done in a series will produce a sense of relaxation and nurturing
  • Starting on the back left side use long and consistent strokes (effleurage).   Begin at waist and move up to the shoulder – do this 6 / 9 times with sufficient pressure to stimulate circulation and bring a rosy tone to the surface of the skin
  • Move to shoulder and perform slow, rhythmic kneading and rolling motion on the shoulder and the neck with emphasis on muscle from neck to shoulder which undergoes a lot of strain due to office work and bad posture.  
  • Be consistent by counting the number of strokes you use in each area and varying the pressure as you sense the tissue becoming more relaxed under your hands
  • Reapply oil as needed to maintain slip and movement of the hands. 
  • Continue to right side and repeat entire process
  • End the work on the back using both hands in sweeping upward motion through middle of back to nape of neck.  Apply pressure to the spinal column – gently with both thumbs
  • Now on to the scalp/head massage – this is important to massage as the scalp and face hold a lot of stress
  • Turn guest over and place a rolled hand towel – heated in your microwave wave under the neck and one (not rolled) under the back to give warmth and further relax – proceed to add a small amount of oil to your hands and perform a scalp massage by using thumb to apply pressure to temple- center of head and the bridge under the eyes – use the counting method to remain consistent in strokes

Dress him up in Love: #Perfectfit Giveaway with @Dockers

Calling all lovers! Dockers wants to give your man a brand new pair of pants this Valentine’s Day. It’s really like giving yourself a gift. I mean, who doesn’t love a well-dressed man?! What better gift to give yourself than your beloved beau in sleek, chic Dockers, sans sweatpants or ripped jeans.

Les petites to  score a new pair of pants for your guy I will host a one day twitter contest! All you lovers have to do is nominate your boy toy via twitter @LaPETITEBlog   with the statement Just like @Dockers, my Valentine is the #PerfectFit because _________.and the winner will be announced by 8pm on 2/13/15. Good luck lovers and the contest is open to US residents only. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

In VOGUE: Cheap Thrills

There's nothing like a cheap thrill les petites, nothing.

Les petites don't you just relish in the moment you find the an item that's haute and under $100? Be it from a sale, presale, cheap chic - what have you wallet friendly retail therapy is such a treat and we've found 100 (actualy 101) items that will have you say ''Good Buy'' without draining your bank account. 

From Left: Karen Walker Optimist square-frame acetate sunglasses $82  THEOUTNET.COM | Stella McCartney Square-frame acetate sunglasses $100 THEOUTNET.COM | Le Specs Hermosa D-frame acetate sunglasses $50 NET-A-PORTER.COM | 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Mirrored Acetate Sunglasses $68  BROWNSFASHION.COM | ILLESTEVA Sophia Rounded Acetate Sunglasses $90 BROWNSFASHION.COM | 3.1 PHILLIP LIM ‘Frosted Typhoon’ Acetate Sunglasses $98 BROWNSFASHION.COM | Le Specs Olympias tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses $40 THEOUTNET.COM | Marc by Marc Jacobs  Square-frame acetate sunglasses $73 THEOUTNET.COM | Karen Walker  Soul Club cat eye acetate sunglasses $94  THEOUTNET.COM

Why throw shade when you can wear fab ones! 

Get these jewels! From left: Noir Jewelry Gold-plated faux pearl earrings $22 | THEOUTNET.COM ; Kenneth Jay Lane Rhodium-plated cubic zirconia ear cuff $50 | NET-A-PORTER.COM ; Kenneth Jay Lane Gold-plated faux pearl necklace $50 | NET-A-PORTER.COM ; J.Crew Gold-tone crystal necklace $88 | NET-A-PORTER.COMMarc by Marc Jacobs Bunny Hop gold-plated cubic zirconia necklace $68 | NET-A-PORTER.COM | J.Crew Rectangle gold-tone crystal necklace $100 | NET-A-PORTER.COMMarc by Marc Jacobs Locked Up gold-tone cubic zirconia bracelet $100 | NET-A-PORTER.COM ; J.Crew Gold-plated crystal necklace $68 | NET-A-PORTER.COM ; Maria Black Hero gold-plated phalanx ring $90 | NET-A-PORTER.COMMarc by Marc Jacobs Gold and gunmetal-tone hinged ring $80 | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Yes les petites, you can adorn yourself and eat too! 
I'll get you next time Gadget! From Left: Marc By Marc Jacobs Gold Crinkled Foil iPhone 5 Case $40 SSENSE.COM | MOSCHINO Drink Moschino iPhone 5 Case $85 MOSCHINO.COM Polaroid PIC-300P Instant Film Analog Camera $100 AMAZON.COM | Studio Axel Pfaender 'Berlin' Boom Box Kit $59 NORDSTROM.COMSmythson Panama Inspiration and Ideas textured-leather notebook $80 NET-A-PORTER.COM | Marc by Marc Jacobs + Urbanears Humlan Oil Slick headphones $60 NET-A-PORTER.COMValentine Goods Python Ipad Air Leather Back $35  MODAOPERANDI.COM

From headphones to ipad cases these hit the mark!


While I make no apologies for loving fur these faux pieces are so chic they need to be in my wardrobe! 

With all these options of wallet friendly shoes there's no reason why one can not be a haute stepper for 2015! 

If you are a follower of LPB you know I've had this love affair with all things RIZZOLI New York since the inception of this blog. The tomes are luxurios, beautifully and able to transfix you from the moment it's in your hands. These six tomes are all noteworthy and a must for any haute library! 

From Left: Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Facial Cleanser $16.95 | Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 $32 SEPHORA.COMFirst Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream $38 SEPHORA.COM | Tony Moly Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick $10 SEPHORA.COM | Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement - Hair & Nails $25 SEPHORA.COM | GLO Science GLO One Night Stand Kit $14 SEPHORA.COMBliss Fabulips™ 'Pout'-o-matic Spa Powered Lip-Perfecting System $48  SEPHORA.COMSpa Sonic Pro Skin Care System Face & Body Polisher - 8 Piece Professional Kit, Orchid Zebra $41.99 drugstore.comboscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal $15 SEPHORA.COMShiseido Facial Cotton $9.50  SEPHORA.COM 

Flawless skin shouldn't bankrupt you and these beauty finds are worthy every penny!

From Left: BCBGENERATION Chocolate Anise Convertible Snake Tote $50 C21STORES.COM | Nike Victory Gym Tote $100 ZAPPOS.COM | River Island Purple lock front scarf cross body bag $38 RIVERISLAND.COMDanielle Nicole Jenna Crossbody $36 MACYS.COM | River Island White leather studded tassel cross body bag $76 RIVERISLAND.COM | Nike Young Athletes Classic Base Backpack $20 ZAPPOS.COMBETSEY JOHNSON Black Betsy's Chain Crossbody $50 C21STORES.COMALDO Cermignano $34.98  ALDOSHOES.COMUNIQLO Sprz Ny Tote Bag (Andy Warhol) $20 UNIQLO.COMCoast Mono Fur Clutch $84  COAST-STORES.COM | ALDO Enroelid Bag $34.98  ALDOSHOES.COMMANGO Croc-Effect Cross-Body Bag $27.99  MANGO.COM | VINCE CAMUTO Python Embossed Horn Minaudiere $99.99 C21STORES.COMLa Regale Lucite Box With Metallic Pouch $74.99 MACYS.COM    | Foley + Corinna Tassel Charmer Crossbody Bag $90 LASTCALL.COM | New Look Mermaid Clutch Bag $23.83  ASOS.COM | FOREVER 21 Side-Zip Envelope Clutch $19.90 FOREVER21.COMZAC Zac Posen MIlla bow-embellished leopard-print faux leather clutch $90 THEOUTNET.COM

Bags, clutches and totes all under one hundred dollars, oh my! 

There's no excuse to being a haute specimen with these hats readily available for purchase at these prices, not one excuse les petites!